Chapter 25: Come To Hell’s Kitchen At Night To Prove Yourself

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The door to the restaurant was pushed open and Foggy and Matt walked in.

Foggy complained as he walked, “Matt, I said we had to be early, you were wasting too much time for that girl, and Alvin’s steak is definitely already sold out at this point.”

Matt smiled and ignored Foggy’s complaints.
He looked fine and seemed to have rested well in the last two days. The guide stick made a fancy turn in his hand and tapped lightly on Foggy’s waist.

Foggy jumped like an electric shock, waved his hands, and shouted, “OK OK, our great lawyer Matt is a dedicated lawyer, you definitely didn’t delay because that girl was hot.
Oh, and the voice was hot too!”

Foggy jumped out of Matt’s attack range, and walked like a clown he walked the fat tiger version of Jackson to the front of the bar. He greeted Michael and Scott cheerfully, and shouted at Alvin: “Alvin, you have to save me, my stomach tells me that it needs you to save it now.
Whatever it is, I need it now to fill it up.”

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Ginny had been sitting on the bar stool in the bar.
Misty’s intimidation didn’t frighten her.
Instead, Foggy’s antics caught her attention.
She put her chin on her hands and looked at Foggy with interest.

Foggy noticed Ginny’s attention, and he exaggeratedly covered his face with his hands, and ran fast with his feet in place, like a fanatical fan, screaming softly “Wow, is this our little princess from Hell’s Kitchen? My God, you are so beautiful, you look like a real princess!”

Ginny laughed, giggling at Foggy, hugged her belly, and slipped off the high stool.

Alvin caught her quickly, and Ginny, who was about to sit on the ground with a smile, was held in his arms and he glared at Foggy. Ignoring this live clown, he greeted Matt, “Hi Matt, your face looks good!”

Matt wore dark red sunglasses, probably because he had a good rest, his face was particularly rosy, he came over and said with a smile: “The last two days have been very good, there is a group of cute birds always flying in Hell’s Kitchen, Alvin, do you know about it?”

Alvin snorted and laughed: “Maybe the crumbs I sprinkled on the roof played a role, who knows? But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?”

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Matt smiled lightly and said, “It’s a good thing, at least I slept well for two days.” After that, he took off his sunglasses, revealing gray eyes, and made a face at Ginny in Alvin’s arms.

Ginny was very curious.
This was another different person, which made her very happy.
In the past two days, she had met several different people.
She felt that these people were her own kind.

Misty was left to the side, and her angry face had begun to turn blue. What stopped her to not do anything was the little police instinct she had left. She may have also sensed that something was wrong.

Alvin doesn’t know what’s going on with this Misty? But you, a newly appointed chief, have offended two police officers who can be said to be the best at the Hell’s Kitchen Police Department. She even came to the Peace Restaurant to show her prestige, but her brain didn’t seem to be very good.

With a sigh, Alvin didn’t want to embarrass her, after all, she was a police officer, looked at Misty, and said, “Officer Misty, I hope you can withdraw your accusation against me.
Everyone in the whole block knows that last night I was here, and I did not go anywhere.
If you doubt me, please take out the judge’s warrant, and I will cooperate with your investigation.
Don’t put a charge on others, maybe you’re used to doing it in other places, but, this is Hell’s Kitchen.
It won’t work here!”

Misty’s face was blue and she said coldly: “Yesterday you negotiated with Bloody Johnson’s subordinate Black Bear.
After the negotiation broke down, Black Bear and his subordinates were all seriously injured and hospitalized.
At the same time, Bloody Johnson’s Long Island villa was attacked and 36 people were killed and no one survived.
You are telling me this has nothing to do with you? I don’t care about you people being beaten and killed, but there were a few innocent servants and gardeners among the 36 people.
Don’t let me find evidence, or you will pay for it !”

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Alvin looked at the police chief of New York City speechlessly.
The old fox held the lemonade glass and looked hard as if he hadn’t heard the conversation between Misty and Alvin.

Alvin ignored this impulsive female police officer, smiled, looked at Chief George, and said, “You must hate her so much that you transferred her to Hell’s Kitchen.”

George could not be indifferent to this kind of accusation and said sternly: “Ms.
Misty Knight, is a very good police officer.
We believe that her arrival will bring changes to the law and order of Hell’s Kitchen.
That’s why we put her here.” That serious nonsense resembled the president of the United States who always appeared on TV.

George’s words were so insincere that Misty could hear them. She finally felt that she might have done something wrong. Glancing at Michael and Scott, she saw that they bowed their heads and looked at Director George with ashen faces.

Being stared at like this by his subordinates, George couldn’t bear it no matter how thick-skinned he was and said with a wry smile: “I know you, Alvin, I have read all your information.
You are an amazing guy.
You arrived in Hell’s Kitchen for just a year.
The changes were more than what our police have brought in the past ten years.
But the maintenance of law and order still depends on our police.
The position of police director of Hell’s Kitchen has been vacant for more than a year, and Misty is the most suitable candidate for the director in my opinion.
So I came here with her today to get to know you.” Looking at Misty and Michael and Scott behind her, he shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I’m a little doubtful now that she can do it anymore.”

George’s words were sincere, and Alvin didn’t doubt that he had the heart to trouble himself. He looked at Michael and say, “Michael, for god’s sake! Tell your new director where I was yesterday.”

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Michael rubbed his nose in embarrassment and said, “Mr.
Alvin was in the restaurant yesterday, during which he had a negotiation with Black Bear.
The content of the negotiation was to keep the other party away from the children in the school and the minors in the community.
And Black Bear is now in good condition, and I have reason to believe that Mr.
Alvin has nothing to do with Long Island.
Because there was no need.”

Misty looked at Michael suspiciously and did not speak with a pale face. She felt very stupid now.
She could feel the rejection and distrust to her by the police officers in the police station.
She impulsively chose a completely wrong target as a show of power and showed a stupid sight in front of her boss.
Was there anyone else who cut a more sorry sight on their first day in the office?

Alvin looked at Misty and said, “Officer Misty, I welcome you to Hell’s Kitchen to be the chief of the police station, but you must first prove that you are a qualified police officer in order to let everyone listen to you.
It’s the rules of Hell’s Kitchen, whether it’s the street or the police station, it’s the same.”

Misty looked at Alvin and said coldly, “So, how can I prove that I am the right person?”

Alvin laughed and said: “It’s very simple, come to Hell’s Kitchen at night to prove yourself.”

Misty said incredulously, “Is it that simple?”

Alvin said with a smile: “In a week, as long as you don’t die or run away.
I’ll take the lead and welcome you to Hell’s Kitchen!”

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