Chapter 28: We Are Family

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GP7-9 minutes 28.06.2022

Seeing that George’s heart was moved, Alvin tirelessly stirred his tongue and brainwashed him. He knew what a girl’s father wanted to hear most, safety, focus, and quality teachers, all of which the community school could provide.

Matt, who had finished eating, walked over and said, “I can guarantee that what Alvin said is true.
I don’t think students from that school will fail the university entrance exam.” A school similar to a concentration camp would produce machines for learning and exams. Matt asked himself, that if this was the school he went to at the time, he wouldn’t have gone to Columbia Law, but Harvard Law.

It was rare that Matt would take the initiative to speak up for himself, and Alvin in a good mood decided that he could be given another few months of welfare.

After finishing the work, Chief George drank another beer and left. He didn’t see him having a driver, but he was the chief of police in New York City, there should be no one who wouldn’t bat an eye for driving while drunk and looking for trouble with him.

Seeing George leaving, Matt looked like he was hesitant to speak out. Alvin took out two cigars, handed him one, and pulled him out of the restaurant door.

After lighting the cigar and showing some affection to Thor and Dom, Alvin said with a smile, “Matt, just say it.”

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Matt thought about it carefully and said, “If what Director George said is true, then there are such things as vampires in Hell’s Kitchen.
And I may have dealt with such things.”

Alvin was a little surprised, there were vampires in Hell’s Kitchen? Why had he never heard of it?

Alvin said sternly: “Where? When?” He couldn’t tolerate such dangerous things near his school, they were completely outside the rules.

“About half a year ago, there were several times when I heard the movement and rushed over.
The victim was already dead, I don’t know how, but there was very little blood at the scene.
The last time I arrived, the thing was not there yet.
So, the victim was still alive, and I drove that thing away.
The victim said it before he died, vampire.” Matt recalled carefully while describing.
As he couldn’t see, he could only rely on listening, there were many details missing and he couldn’t describe the thing clearly.

Alvin touched his chin and asked, “How is that thing’s combat effectiveness? Is it easy to deal with?”

Matt thought for a while and said, “It’s hard to deal with, that thing is almost unkillable.
The speed and strength were excellent.”

Alvin didn’t know if the vampires here were the kind he knew. But he would soon know and he contacted his crows and let them pay attention to people who were suspicious at night, especially those who brought a person back to their residence late at night and never went out during the day. Matt didn’t say anything about a recent encounter, either the thing had left Hell’s Kitchen or it was eating in a secluded place.

After the conversation was over, the two returned to the restaurant together.

Ginny was giggling at Foggy in the dining room. Alvin walked over and picked up his baby and kissed her. Looking at Foggy, he said, “If you’re fine today, don’t go yet.
I’ll treat you tonight.
Nick found his father and we have to celebrate.
We also have enough drinks.”

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Foggy cheered and said, “That’s great, Alvin.
Mate, this is really something to celebrate, I have to get myself drunk today.
I didn’t even have the money to get myself drunk lately.”


That night, the Peace Restaurant closed early, and at 8:00, the restaurant’s formal dinner began.

Two long tables were joined together to form a large square table, and here sat Jessica, Ginny, Nick, JJ, Frank, Matt, and Foggy.

Alvin stood up first, raised his glass, and said, “Today’s meal is to celebrate Nick finally finding his father, Frank.
I’m very happy that we have one more family member.” He tilted his head and looked at Frank, “I don’t care whether you agree if you are one of us.
You are Nick’s father.
I will consider you my family.
There is only one family motto.
Don’t betray the family.”


Jessica was excited about her family status and downed a big glass of beer. With a red face, she looked at Alvin with a smirk and said, “Then you are my brother?”

Alvin patted Jessica’s head with a smile and said, “Fool, I’m your boss brother and you are my waiter sister.
No one can change it.”

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Jessica was a little confused and asked, “What does this mean?”

Nick, who had a big mouth, shouted viciously: “Alvin is still the boss, you are still the waiter, Jessie, you are so stupid.
You will have a hard time finding a boyfriend in the future, no one will like a fool!”

Ignoring Nick, who was seeking death, Jessica pulled his ears and he cried out in pain.

Alvin raised his glass to Matt and Foggy, “You guys are my best friends in Hell’s Kitchen, may the friendship last forever!”

“May the friendship last forever!” The three of them clinked glasses and drank happily.

“JJ, you bastard, when will you get Temple back, we can have one more family member.
And from tomorrow, move over to next door, and remember to clean up the utility room for me before leaving.”

“Thank you, boss!” JJ pretended to wipe away his tears and had a toast with Alvin. Alvin clearly saw that this guy was crying, and he had to do something to avoid the situation becoming weird.
Forget it, I won’t expose you.

Looking at the precious daughter Ginny who was holding a glass of apple juice, Alvin said “Oh, of course, and my baby.” He said, bumping the big beer glass with the small water glass, and they cheerfully toasted.

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Ginny looked at Alvin happily and said, “Dad, happy, Ginny, happy.

This girl was too sensible, and that stupid kid Nick didn’t know how strong she was. He didn’t see his real dad, he watched him get beaten up by Jessica, and he didn’t say anything.

After sorting out Nick’s stinky mouth, Jessica sat next to Alvin, pouted, and didn’t speak angrily.

When women generally behaved like this, men had to be honest, admit their mistakes, and coax them, otherwise, the consequences would be serious. This was the experience of a married person who had exchanged blood and tears for this information.

Rubbing Jessica’s head, Alvin said with a smile: “No matter what you think, I have always regarded you as my sister.
You have always been my relative, and you stayed with me when I was in my most difficult period.
The world is cruel to us, it made us lose our blood relatives.
But it was fair, and it made us find each other after that.”

Jessica made some emotional remarks with tears in her eyes.
She lowered her head and didn’t look at Alvin, but murmured in a low voice, “I don’t want to be a sister.”

Alvin pretended not to hear, patted Jessica on the shoulder, and was about to turn around to find JJ for a drink when Jessica hugged him and kissed him fiercely. Alvin smiled and didn’t say a word.
He wouldn’t lose a piece of meat when he was kissed by a beautiful girl!

Nick, who was looking for death, was about to use his poisonous tongue when Frank quickly covered his mouth. He had a hunch that if his son made trouble now, his other leg would not be able to be saved.

Ginny watched Jessica kiss her dad, and she wanted to, too. Alvin picked up Ginny, let her kiss him fiercely, and kissed back contentedly. He felt like his life was complete.

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