Chapter 2: Need a Lawyer?

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The famous black widow would obviously not take the threat of a restaurant owner to heart.
Although Alvin was very tall, so what?

Natasha said solemnly and in a straight voice: “I represent S.H.I.E.L.D.
and now I ask you to cooperate with my work.
Or I will arrest you on the charge of illegally hiding weapons and take over your restaurant to carry out my work.” She took it for granted so she didn’t give Alvin any room to refuse.

Alvin really did not expect that the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
actually behaved like this! Treating an ordinary person so overbearingly! Although Alvin was indeed not an ordinary person and illegal possession of weapons was also true.
But this was Hell’s Kitchen.
Most of the people who live here have their own self-defense weapons to fight the dangers that might appear at any time.
Using this charge to arrest a resident of hell’s kitchen was something the police in Big Apple City would not do.

Alvin for a moment was disappointed with Natasha’s attitude, the character of the Avengers did not seem to be as good as in the movie!

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Alvin, who didn’t want to be entangled, looked at Natasha coldly and said coldly, “I don’t know what department S.H.I.E.L.D.
I don’t care.
If you want to charge me with a crime, please call the police or FBI to come over.
Oh, don’t forget to ask them to bring a search warrant.” After Alvin finished speaking, he turned to open the back door of his restaurant in the alley, walked in, and when the door closed, he thought about it again and said, “This is Hell’s Kitchen.
My restaurant welcomes guests, but if anyone enters the second floor of my residence, I will exercise a citizen’s right to enforce self-defense.”

“Bang~”, the iron door was slammed shut!

Natasha had an ugly expression on her face.
To have to eat dirt in front of an ordinary person.
How long has she not experienced it? She couldn’t remember anymore.
This Alvin first ignored her beauty, and then ignored her threats, which made her feel provoked.
Especially when in her earphones, a woman’s voice laughed at her, “The famous black widow also fails?”

Natasha whispered a swear word, turned around, and walked out of the alley.
When passing by the knocked-out gangsters, she kicked the head of a black gangster who had just woken up.
This unlucky guy slammed his head into the trash can next to him and made a loud bang and fainted for the second time.

Natasha seemed to be in a better mood after kicking and knocking out the gangster.
As an elite agent, the situation just now could be considered a trivial setback, simply because she miscalculated Alvin’s personality.
In the traditional sense, Chinese people should be reluctant to confront government departments.
Although Alvin lived in Hell’s Kitchen, the most chaotic place in Big Apple City, he still ran a small restaurant safely.
This showed that he had a little ability, but Alvin’s ability to ignore Natasha’s threat and to get into a verbal counterattack was completely unexpected.
However, the task must be completed, Natasha slowly walked out of the alley, turned right to Alvin’s restaurant, and walked in.

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Alvin’s restaurant was a small two-story building facing the street.
The first floor was a restaurant, the second floor was where Ye Qing lives, and the basement was a warehouse.
This was the only legacy left by Alvin’s parents in this world.

A Chinese signboard “Peace Restaurant” hung above the wooden gate of the restaurant and on both sides of the gate were red lanterns with Chinese characteristics.
Underneath each lantern, lay a giant, black dog with a shoulder height of more than 120 cm.

In fact, an experienced person could tell that these were two giant wolves with amazing physiques, but nearby residents passing by the restaurant door were not afraid of them.
A few naughty children even hugged the necks of the two giant wolves to play with them intimately.
Whenever the two wolves encountered a brat, they will interact with the child in a very human way, and then use the front paw to pat the child’s buttocks to drive them back to their parents.

Natasha was very surprised.
It was ten o’clock in the evening, and this was Hell’s Kitchen.
After 12 pm here, even police patrol cars did not dare to enter.
However, this street seemed like an ordinary residential community.
From time to time, nearby residents were strolling around and taking a walk.
This was absolutely impossible to see in the other 24 blocks of Hell’s Kitchen.
After 8 o’clock in the normal Hell’s Kitchen, there were very few pedestrians on the road.
Standing under the dim streetlights were either drug dealers or pimps.
This was a place where even prostitutes were not willing to take customers on the street.

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The street in front of Natasha is completely different from Hell’s Kitchen in her impression.
She knew there must be something wrong with the information given to her.
But she was a person who was dedicated to solving problems.
She had an accident on a mission last month.
This time, the mission was an observation and evaluation mission with a vacation nature.
The goal of this mission was to live in this neighborhood.
Unexpectedly, the task had not started yet, and unexpected situations had already appeared one after another.
This made her feel very interested, making Natasha, who had always been uninterested in the task, interested in dealing with things, not interested in the target person, but the restaurant owner Alvin.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the tranquility of this street must be related to this restaurant called “Peace Restaurant”.
Almost all people would slow down when they passed by the entrance of the restaurant.
Even if they didn’t go in, they would say hello to the two giant wolves at the entrance, “Hi Sol, hi Dom.” And the other guys dressed like gangsters, even though they passed across the road on the sidewalk, passed quickly, avoiding the sight of the two wolves.

Natasha walked to the entrance of the restaurant with great interest, and greeted the wolves like the other passersby, “Hi Sol, hi Dom.”

The two giant wolves sniffed in the air and obviously did not like the smell of Natasha’s body.
They stood up and gave out a low growl, obviously full of hostility towards her.

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Natasha was stared at by the two wolves, although she was not afraid, she was a bit nervous.
She did not carry a gun today and only had some small gadgets for self-defense, which would obviously not work on the two wolves.
She didn’t know why the wolves, that were very friendly to others, were so unfriendly to her.
If the two wolves attacked her, she was not quite sure that she could leave here in a whole piece.

“Miss, I advise you to take two steps back.
Sol and Dom are not easy to mess with.” A young voice sounded from behind Natasha.

Natasha turned her head and found that it was two young men who came together.
One was a young fat man with curly hair who was smiling, and the other was a young blind man with a guide stick in hand.
The one talking was the curly-haired fat man.
While talking to Natasha, he approached the two wolves enthusiastically and greeted them, “Hi Sol, hi Dom.” He reached out to touch both of their heads and shook the giant wolves’ front paw.
Glancing coldly at Natasha, the two giant wolves slapped the fatty’s thigh with their front paws as a greeting, turned back to both sides of the gate, and lay down again.

The enthusiastic fat man turned around, looked at Natasha, grinned sincerely, and said, “It’s rare to see strangers in Hell’s Kitchen so late, especially a beautiful girl like this lady, I think you may have met some trouble.
My name is Foggy Nelson, a lawyer at the “Nelson & Murdoch” law firm, I look forward to serving you!” After speaking, Foggy took out a business card and handed it to Natasha.

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