DoM – Chapter 31: No Nobel Prize In Mathematics

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Director George looked at Alvin suspiciously and said, “Do you know where there is such a thing?”

Alvin smiled mysteriously and said, “I have an informant in Hell’s Kitchen, he knows some things, and I will be able to dig the thing out of its nest soon.”

Chief George said worriedly: “If you have found it, you have to notify me, I will arrange for the police to cooperate with you.
I know you have a few good guys under your command, especially Frank Castle, but that kind of thing is very dangerous, I don’t want to an accident happen.” When George mentioned Frank, his face was not very good-looking, and he seemed to be someone who knew the inside story of the matter.

Alvin smiled lightly: “It doesn’t matter, dealing with that kind of thing, on the contrary too many people will be a hindrance.
If my guess is true, as long as we find the right way, our little Ginny can also deal with that kind of thing.” He pinched her little nose, and then said, “Once I grab that thing, I will notify you to come and visit.
But you have to be prepared, if my guess is right then this matter will be quite troublesome… for you! “

Chief George was a little puzzled and said, “Why is it troublesome to me? What about you?”

Alvin picked up Ginny, swung her around in the air, and said meaningfully: “Because about that thing, I can kill as many as they come, but I need to remind you, that thing may have existed for many years, and there should be a large ethnic group, but why do you not know anything about them?”

Chief George sucked in a breath, hammered the table, and scolded in a low voice, “S.H.I.E.L.D.
sons of a bitch, they must know something, but they dare not tell me.” After speaking he looked at Alvin without confidence and said, “Your guess may not necessarily be right, is it?”

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Alvin shrugged and said, “Yes, that’s why I have to personally verify that if there is such a thing, then Hell’s Kitchen is their grave.”

Director George was a strong-willed guy, and he might easily see what Alvin talked about, and he also said that if you found a way, that thing was not difficult to deal with. Although there may be big troubles in the future, he chose to get himself a beer for now.

Alvin handed the beer to Director George and asked a little nervously: “George, my buddy, the thing we talked about yesterday, have you considered your daughter’s matter?”

George, who was drinking beer, squinted at Alvin and said strangely: “I only remembered after I went back yesterday that the Nobel Prize does not have an award for mathematics.
Dude, you have to check, the professor you talked about, was it a fake resume?”

Alvin scratched his scalp embarrassedly, this was the disadvantage of going to school less. If you make up a story, it is easy to be exposed. But looking at Jessica’s ignorance when she heard about Nobel, Alvin felt a little more balanced.

“Slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue.
When this matter is over, I invite you and your wife to visit our school.
What? Your daughter will go too? There’s no need for that! Children only need to go to school with peace of mind.
Picking a school is best left to the parents’ arrangement.” Alvin instigated Chief George.

Director George was a little moved.
The conditions that Alvin said before were very attractive to a father with a beautiful daughter. After all, he couldn’t watch his daughter every day, there were too many bad boys nowadays.

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After thinking about it, George said, “Then wait for this matter to pass, and I will arrange some time to visit.
Friend, I hope what you said is true!”

Alvin patted his chest and assured: “Trust me, no parent can turn away my school after a visit.
It will be the cradle of the Ivy League.”

“I hope so!” Chief George drank the beer in his glass and left the restaurant.

Looking at the director who left after drinking and then drove, Alvin snorted with contempt, ‘Bastard who knows the law and violates the law, next time I break the law, I will report your name.
If you don’t solve it for me, I will report you.’


Late at night, in the lobby of the Peace Restaurant, Alvin and JJ were sorting out some equipment.

Alvin took a shotgun, that was remodeled into a net gun, and said, “Is this thing strong?”

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The excited JJ was equipping the rifle clips on his body.
Hearing Alvin’s question, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, boss, as long as the target is caught in the net, even an elephant can’t break free.”

Seeing his excited look, Alvin thought for a while, thinking about what he might encounter. He pulled all the weapons from JJ’s body and handed him an old-fashioned Remington shotgun and an old Springfield 1911 pistol.

“If you don’t catch it, just use this to make short work of it.” He didn’t explain much and hung a Glock-17 pistol on his waist.

These guns have been modified by Alvin and were inlaid with the rune “Eld”, which would cause huge damage to undead creatures, which was the right medicine. What? With silver bullets? That’s what the rich used.
Alvin definitely didn’t have that kind of money, but didn’t this daddy have a cheat?

However, silver-plated knives could be brought with them.
The depressed JJ obeyed the boss’s instructions and carried a silver-plated knife that was only the length of his palm and the width of his fingers. He still remembered that this was a gift from old Kent.
He used to sell stolen goods for others.
After washing his hands off of the business, all those nice tablewares were given to Alvin.

When everything was ready, Alvin went upstairs to see his sleeping daughter and kissed her on top of the head, and tucked in the quilt for her. He went to look at Nick as well, this kid could kick the quilt away with one leg, and he would definitely have something to get back some interest.

Looking at Jessica’s closed door, Alvin smiled and shook his head, went downstairs to meet JJ, and went out.

Next to the old pickup truck, Frank leaned heavily on the co-pilot’s door. He said impatiently: “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, why are you so slow?”

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‘Dude, did I let you come?’ Alvin complained in his heart, but he felt very at ease. This was the feeling of the family, ‘I don’t ask you, what’s the matter, if you fight, I will accompany you to fuck them.’

Alvin looked at the equipment on Frank’s body, two FN SCAR automatic rifles, two specially shortened versions, two pistols, and the tactical vest was full of magazines. JJ, who was full of envy in his eyes said, “Dude, this is not Iraq, and we are not going to war, we are just going to fight a small animal, don’t make such a big fuss!”

Frank looked at the equipment of the two, and then looked at his own.
He thought it was a bit too much.
He smiled awkwardly and said, “Take it with you.
You can put it in the car if you don’t need it.”

JJ on the side nodded desperately, drooling at Frank’s equipment. See what we are using? An old-fashioned Remington and what looked like a second-hand 1911.
Then he compared it with Frank.

Alvin nodded with a smile, let him go, turned around, and went to the basement of the restaurant.
When he came back, he threw Frank a Remington similar to JJ’s, and said, “Your gun is not good for those little animals.
Take this, it’s more useful.”

Frank fiddled with the shotgun in his hand, without questioning Alvin’s judgment, he just nodded to show that he understood.

JJ drove, and Alvin sat in the co-pilot to guide the way. Frank sat in the back seat and removed his guns, leaving only a Colt 1911 on his waist. He pressed the bullets of the Remington shotgun into the magazine one by one.

Alvin stretched his hand out of the window, knocked rhythmically on the roof of the car a few times, and said, “Let’s go.”

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