Chapter 32: I Am Not Scary, Am I?

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On the edge of Hell’s Kitchen, near the dock. JJ pulled over to the side of the road. Not far away, a few giant wolves, like ghosts, avoided the dim street lights and surrounded a warehouse.

Alvin noticed that on the top of an adjacent warehouse, there was a figure wearing red and black tights. He waved his hand in his direction.

Alvin complained in his heart about this guy’s clothing taste. Was it really okay for an unmarried young man to wear tights?

Ignoring this, you had to come to join in the fun as a reserve team.

Alvin contacted the crow and frowned. There was a gathering point for stowaways, and there were many people staying there.
Several target creatures, treated the people like animals, picking and choosing, and they happily followed them up to the second floor when they were selected.

‘You all have the ability to smuggle people into New York, what are you still doing here?’

The target was in the office on the second floor inside.
There may be a dozen or so.

JJ told Frank about the situation inside and asked what should be done.

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Frank grinned and asked, “Do you want to catch them all alive, or just catch one alive?” He spoke like a seasoned slaughterhouse worker, asking if you wanted tenderloin or rib.

Alvin thought for a while and said, “Catch two! Just to be safe.”

Frank nodded and said, “Then JJ and I will go up to the second floor and chase the two down.
You will lock the warehouse door first to prevent the people inside from escaping in the crowd.” Frank’s tone made people think that he was going to catch a few chickens.

Alvin shook his head and said: “I’ll go up with you, Thor and the others can just stay outside.
I thought it was just one or two small shrimps, but I didn’t expect it to be a meeting with many shrimps.
I really want to play with these things!” He waved the khukuri in his hand, like a gangster who was anxious to hack people.

Frank didn’t know how Alvin’s fighting power was.
He glanced at JJ, who was his own kind, and saw that JJ looked like a star-chasing fool, looking at Alvin with admiration, and coveting the three feet long khukuri.

There should be no problem.

Frank pulled out a U-shaped lock from the car, quietly came to the door of the warehouse, and locked the door from the outside.

The three walked up the iron stairs outside the warehouse to the second floor. Alvin closed his eyes and communicated with the crow, and found that behind the door there was a guy dressed like a punk rocker who was smoking marijuana against the wall. Scarlet eyes, showing fangs at the corners of his mouth, if this was not a vampire, Alvin felt that his eyes were unnecessary.

He stopped JJ who wanted to kick the door, just kidding, how could the vampires be beaten up completely if the door was knocked down.

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He waved the two of them to ambush by the door, and Alvin tidied up his collars. He knocked gently on the door, “Hello, the pizza you ordered!”

The iron door was pulled open from the inside, and the punk pursed his lips and looked out with scarlet eyes. Alvin looked at it and found that fortunately there was no anti-theft chain, and the smile on his face was even wider.

JJ reacted quickly, dashed to the door, rammed with his shoulder hard, and the whole iron door was knocked open. With a huge force, the hapless vampire was pressed against the wall along with the iron door that was knocked open. Between the wall and the iron gate, only the punk’s head with a mohawk was exposed. Because of the meat pad, the movement of opening the door was not big.

Looking at the unlucky guy who was trapped and bleeding from the seven orifices and couldn’t even make a sound, Frank had a new understanding of JJ’s power, which was simply a human pile driver.

The three walked in and closed the door. Alvin grabbed the hair of the punk singer who fell to the ground and motioned for the two to watch.

The khukuri lightly swiped the punk singer’s neck. An orange-red light began to expand from the wound, and within a few seconds, the punk singer was like a paper figurine burned during the Qingming tomb-sweeping festival, burning to ashes from the inside out, very environmentally friendly.

JJ and Frank were a little surprised.
JJ looked at Alvin’s khukuri and compared the small table knife on his body, the look at Alvin becoming more and more resentful.

Frank checked the ground and found only a few black ashes, and asked softly, “They’re all like this? It’s too easy to beat.”

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Alvin looked at the corner of the corridor ahead, and said seriously and softly, “Don’t be bitten by this thing.
Ordinary weapons can’t kill them.
Use the weapon I gave you.”

Frank and JJ did not ask more, Alvin would not harm them, and they could not help but tighten the grip on the Remingtons in their hands.

They quietly approached a room with red lights, and along the corridor in a window, Alvin saw a scene that made him angry.

Under the dim red light, a dozen or so vampires, each holding a woman who should be a stowaway, were having a nude meeting.
In the corner, two vampires who should have finished their work ahead of schedule were eating. Two blood-sucked women, with weird smiles on their faces, were dying slowly.

Alvin gestured and came to the door with JJ.
Frank held Alvin’s Glock 17 and guarded the window.

Originally, JJ wanted to kick the door open, but Alvin stomped on the door angrily, the iron door “cracked”, and the whole iron door flew into the room with his strength, knocking out the one who had just eaten a full meal.
The vampire slammed hard on the wall.

The unfortunate vampire’s stomach burst open due to the enormous pressure, and the blood spattered everywhere, covering the large wall. Even then, this thing was not dead, and the body that was pressed behind the door could still struggle and wriggle.

The women in the room screamed in terror and ducked into the corner. With these women around, the shotgun was not very easy to use.
JJ simply used the Remington as an iron rod in his left hand and the 1911 in his right hand and started to kill.

Frank hammered the window and shot accurately with the Glock-17.

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The firearms inlaid with the rune “Eld” are too deadly to vampires.
They didn’t need to aim deliberately.
As long as they hit a vampire, it would turn into floating ashes.

A few vampires who responded quickly dared to face the murderous JJ, and charged toward Alvin naked.

Alvin carried the khukuri, put a “Spirit of Barbs” on himself, and greeted them. There were no fancy moves, routines, etc., just when he met them, he would chop it up with a knife. He dodged the dangerous attacks and took on the non-dangerous attack. 20 Strength and 20 Agility were no joke.

Of the five vampires that rushed forward, three turned into floating ashes, and the other two found that their attacks on Alvin had no effect at all, but they always had some inexplicable wounds appearing on their bodies. Screaming in fear, they tried to gather their companions to attack this terrifying enemy.

Alvin ignored their futile resistance and chased them with a knife. He grabbed the hair of a vampire who wanted to hide among the women and stabbed the vampire’s waist with a fierce stab. The guy screamed, shaking all over, and then set off like fireworks.

A vampire took advantage of Alvin’s efforts to stab his companion to death and used all his strength to grab Alvin’s neck with one grip.
He found a strange fluctuation in the air, and a huge wound appeared on his body. Alvin turned around and grinned in a very bandit-like manner, slashing the vampire in half horizontally with one slash, turning it into floating ashes.

Seeing that the number of remaining vampires was not too many, Alvin unfastened the net gun behind his back. One shot caught one vampire. Walking to the struggling vampire, he kicked the unlucky bastard in the face, two red eyeballs popped out of its head like springs, bounced a few times on the ground, and the temperamental JJ, crushed them with one foot.

The vampires finally discovered that Alvin without a gun was the most terrifying one. The last three vampires gathered together and rushed to the door in despair. JJ, who was guarding the door, grinned and shot one to death, and the remaining two vampires immediately turned to the window.

Frank, who had been doing support work, was furious, what’s wrong? I’m not scary, am I?!

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