Chapter 3: Peace Restaurant 1

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Natasha put on a shy smile, looked at Foggy Nelson in front of her, and reached out to take his business card. She said gratefully: “Thank you! I didn’t know these two big dogs were so fierce.
Why did they want to attack me?”

Just as Foggy was about to speak, the blind young man next to him poked his lower back with a guide stick and urged, “We have to hurry up, Alvin only makes 50 sizzling steaks a day, if we are too slow, we won’t get any.

Foggy, who was reminded, nodded hurriedly and said, “Yes, yes, we have to hurry up.
Sorry miss, we have to rush to our late dinner.” After speaking, he quickly opened the door and called out to the blind young man, “Hurry up, Matt, I don’t want to miss Alvin’s sizzling steak.”

Natasha, who was ignored by the two young people this time, felt very strange as many things today were a little different from what she thought. But this made her even more curious about what kind of place this was.

There were two giant wolves blocking the road at the door, and it was obviously not a good idea to break in. But as an agent, there are always ways. Natasha took out her mobile phone and made a call, and said in a flustered voice: “Hello, 911? I’m in Hell’s Kitchen, the 34th block.
There are two giant wolves here.
They seem to be attacking me, please come and save me quickly.”

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After about 15 minutes, a police car drove up and two police officers got out of the car. A middle-aged policeman walked up to Natasha first and asked, “Miss, did you call the police? Where is the giant wolf you said?”

Natasha was surprised that the middle-aged policeman in front of her had ignored the giant wolf in front of her, and ran over to ask her, didn’t she see the young policeman running to greet the two giant wolves?

Natasha frowned and said suspiciously, “Isn’t that a giant wolf? They almost attacked me when I wanted to enter this restaurant.” She pointed at the two giant wolves who were impatiently driving away the young police officer.

The middle-aged policeman smiled and said, “That’s not a giant wolf, these two are the pet dogs of the owner of the Peace Restaurant, which has been recorded in our police station.
They have never attacked people at will.
As for why they want to attack you, um~ maybe there is something smelly sticking to you.” Looking at Natasha thoughtfully, the old policeman smelled an unusual odor from her.

Natasha gave an “oh” and said, “Then if I want to go in, the two police officers won’t watch me be attacked by these two, pets, right?” She said with a meaningful glance at the middle-aged police officer.

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The middle-aged policeman, who had some guesses about Natasha’s identity, said with a wry smile: “Of course, you can go in.
I guarantee that Sol and Dom will not attack you.
But I have to remind you that the boss here, Alvin, is a good person.”

Natasha smiled noncommittally, ignoring the warning in the middle-aged policeman’s words, slightly raised her chin, and indicated that she would enter the restaurant.

In the restaurant, there were only 6 dining tables and 2 booths on the wall. It was already full by now. Foggy and Matt took two seats at the bar and sat down.

“Matt, why did you go so fast just now? It’s very rare to meet a big beauty here! I forgot that you can’t see her.” Fatty Foggy had just finished speaking when he found a slim and pretty girl behind the bar.
She was holding two glasses of lemonade in her hand, about to place them in front of the two of them. But after hearing Foggy’s words, one of the cups was handed to a boy in a wheelchair who was reading a book in the bar. The boy grinned and said, “Thank you! Sister Jessica!” The other cup was placed in front of Matt, and the girl tapped the body of the cup intimately and made a “ding~” sound reminding Matt: “Your lemonade, the sizzling steak is a little late today, please wait a moment!” After that, she gave Foggy another look, turned, and left the bar to settle the bill for a table of guests who were leaving.

Foggy protested, “Hey~ Jessie, you can’t do this.
Why didn’t you give me a drink?” Then he turned to look at the little boy in the bar, “Hey, man, that lemonade in your hand should be mine.
If you give it to me, Mr.
Foggy Nelson will write you a letter of appreciation.”

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The little boy made a face at Fudge, picked up the lemonade, and imitated the people on TV drinking red wine, shook it, smelled it, and then took a small sip.

The good-natured Fudge, showed his teeth and claws funnily, trying to intimidate the little boy. One big and one small kid played across the bar.

Matt smiled and shook his head, helpless and amused at Foggy’s simple-mindedness.

At the farthest part of the bar by the wall, there was a stove with ten small stoves. Wearing an apron, Alvin with his back turned to the bar, was looking after ten sizzling steaks that were being prepared at the same time. Without turning around, he said, “Foggy, if you’re interrupting our Mr.
Nick Custer’s reading, you can say goodbye to tonight’s dinner.
Our Mr.
Custer only got a D in math yesterday.”

“Hey~ Alvin, we agreed, you can’t tell anybody.” Nick waved his arms and shouted in protest.

Alvin didn’t look back, and said jokingly: “Yes, we agreed, if you finished your homework quietly in your room today, but you came to the restaurant again.”

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Nick said with a little guilty conscience: “You went out just now, and Sister Jessie was alone.
I wanted to help.” After thinking of something, he raised the book in his hand and shook it: “And I was just reading a book.” He said showing a face that said “I worked hard”.

“Yes, Mr.
Custer, who loves to read, can the Batman in the book teach you how to get an A?” After that, Alvin used a special iron clip to pick up a prepared iron plate steak and put it on a pine pallet. Picking up the tray with one hand, he placed a steak on a shelf on Nick’s wheelchair. “Boy, go send it to Old Stan, talk to him about Batman, and see if you can get a tip.”

“Alvin, you can’t do this, Nick is still a child! He just doesn’t have any talent for learning, you can’t force him, it will only make it worse.” Foggy protested at Alvin, but it got Nick’s eyes rolling.

“Foggy, are you talking to a Chinese man about how to educate children? Are you sure you can?” A fat white man who was also sitting at the bar waiting for a meal rubbed his chin with one hand, causing the fat on his chin to spill out to the sides, making his cheeks look like he had another cheek, looking especially bloated. The white fatty looked at Alvin’s busy back in awe and continued to flatter him, “You know, Chinese children are very good at school.
The teacher in my former school also said that the Chinese all know a kind of witchcraft to make their kids extra smart.”

Foggy didn’t seem to like this fat white man, and said in a sarcastic tone: “Sharif, why can I only see you on this day of every month, what are you waiting for? What are the benefits to be famous here, owner of Sharif’s garage? On this day of the month, sitting here obediently? Is it for that steak?”

“Hey, Foggy, you have to treat me with some respect,” Sharif yelled angrily but nothing more exaggerated came out of his mouth. Here, everyone knew well enough that the boss, Alvin, hated swearing, especially when there were children around.

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