Chapter 39: My Reinforcement

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It was so quiet that a falling needle could be heard, and everyone looked at the vampire, shaking his face with only a quarter of his miserable face left, turning to ashes under the sunlight.

The vampires in Alvin’s story actually lived by their side? This was too exciting!

It was Kingpin who came back to his senses first and said, “So, Boss Alvin, you are here for this kind of thing?” His tone was a little disdainful.

Alvin nodded and said to Kingpin with a serious expression: “Don’t look down on them, when there is no sun, they are very difficult to kill.
Only silver weapons can be used to hit them.
And they are faster and more powerful than humans.
The difference is not small.
If you don’t believe me, you can ask Bullseye that fool.”

Ignoring Bullseye’s knife-like eyes, ‘Little guy, when you came, you looked like you had seen a ghost and were facing a big enemy, you must have suffered a loss.’

Kingpin didn’t ask, he knew from Bullseye’s expression that Alvin must be right.

“So what do you want to do?” Kingpin was very straightforward.
Since this thing survived by sucking human blood, it was a natural enemy, and the only end was to kill or to be killed. There was no need to ask anything else.

The boss of the gang was so straightforward, that Kingpin nodded, and everyone else followed swiftly and nodded in agreement. Don’t joke around, this thing lived around them.
If they or their family were bitten to death one day, it would be too late to regret it.

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Alvin sometimes liked to deal with these gangsters. As long as you could convince them, the execution speed of these guys was higher than that of many Fortune 500 companies.

Alvin said with a smile: “It’s very simple, Hell’s Kitchen is not big, and my three big dogs can walk around it in a day.
You follow them separately, and pull the vampires in your own territory out to bask in the sun!” He pointed his finger at Kingpin and said, “You don’t like me going to your territory, then I’ll go back to my restaurant to wait for everyone’s good news! Remember that ordinary weapons are useless, use silver weapons.”

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do, where could they find silver weapons?

A tall, bald Russian-born man with a full beard on his face responded quickly.
He picked up a silver candlestick from the bar and waved it.
This thing was a good weapon after pulling out the candle. He gestured to Alvin.

Alvin gave him a thumbs up in appreciation.
Alvin knew this guy, a Russian gangster who sold arms, called Alexei, and Alvin bought his first P226 pistol from him. Unexpectedly, this guy’s brain was running so fast.

After thinking about it for a while, he said to Alexei: “Mate, I remember that you have a set of bullet reloading tools at home.
Find some silverware and melt it to make bullets, and it will definitely sell for a good price in the next two days.
Everyone here doesn’t lack money!”

Alexei gave Alvin a hug with a big laugh and thanked him for his idea! He immediately called his subordinates and to take out all the silverware in their houses and melt them to make bullets for ammunition. Big business was coming.

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The problems found at the scene were solved, and everyone was relaxed and prepared to discuss where to start the search.
After all, there were only three spirit wolves. Everyone wanted to find and kill the vampires on their own territory first.

Alvin didn’t care about them, and in the end, Kingpin, the big guy, naturally arranged these things, and although he didn’t live in Hell’s Kitchen anymore, he also needed to contribute money to this matter.

Alvin, who was a little bored, was thinking, that he should leave first and go back early to prepare lunch for Ginny.

“Bang”, the door of the bar was slammed open.

All the people looked over, wanting to see who had the guts, and came here to make trouble at this time. The bodyguards brought by the bosses stretched their hands into their shirts, ready to draw guns at any time.

The one who knocked open the wooden door was a giant black wolf, and on his back sat a five- or six-year-old girl in a waiter’s uniform with a cute appearance and fluffy hair.
She just barged in.

Facing the gazes of the big guys around, the little girl sat on the back of the giant wolf, showing no signs of weakness, wrinkling her nose, puckering her teeth, letting out a childish low roar, clenching her fists, like a young wolf protecting her food, always ready to fight.

Alvin was surprised, walked over quickly, picked up the little girl, and asked, “Ginny, why are you here? Where’s Jessica?”

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Ginny was held in Alvin’s arms, still turning her head to look directly at the bosses in the bar, waving her hands threateningly.

Hearing Alvin’s question, she said without looking back: “Dad, fight, Ginny, help daddy, Thor, help daddy.”

Alvin’s nose was sour, this was his daughter she already knew to help dad fight, and she also knew that Thor was a good helper, she definitely had bright prospects for the future.

He kissed Ginny’s face hard, and said, “Ginny, dad’s good daughter.
She’s so good.
How did you know I was here?”

Ginny waved her small fist and said domineeringly: “Old Kent said, Dad, negotiate, Ginny, help dad, fight.”

This was so satisfying.
The little girl knew to fight for her father even if she couldn’t speak well yet.
He really didn’t pamper her in vain!

Alvin comforted little Ginny, hugged her to his chest, looked around proudly at the gang bosses around, and said: “Have you seen this, this is my daughter, my last reinforcement!”

The people around were stunned for a moment, and all laughed. Although it was a misunderstanding, this scene was really interesting.

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Alexei, who had just received Alvin’s favor, took off a silver cross with rubies from his neck. He held it in front of Ginny and signaled the little girl to accept it.

Ginny was stunned for a moment, then looked at her father suspiciously, she was here to fight, why did she receive gifts instead?

Alvin was very happy at this moment, smiled, and nodded to Alexei, signaling Ginny to accept it.

Ginny took the silver cross slowly and hung it around her neck, holding it with her hands for a while, she found that it was inconvenient for a fight.

Alexei had some fun, gave a knightly salute, and said, “Welcome, my princess!”

Alvin smiled and reached out and shook hands with Alexei, and said, “Friend, trust me, Ginny deserves to be called Her Royal Highness.” After speaking, he looked at everyone present with a cold look, and said with certainty, “I Said!”

The gang bosses present could not afford to offend Alvin just because of a greeting.
Everyone politely applauded Ginny. This little girl did have a lot of courage, swapping her with their own children, they would be pissing their pants now!

The tall and majestic Kingpin’s eyes were about to overflow with envy. He walked slowly to Alvin and looked at Ginny like an honest and sincere black elder. With thick lips and the most genuine smile, he said, “Nice to meet you, little princess of Hell’s Kitchen.”

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