DoM – Chapter 41: Wraith Beer And Blood Whiskey

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Time flew by, and three days passed in the blink of an eye. The vampires of Hell’s Kitchen were killed by the excited gangsters.

In fact, in the end, fighting vampires had become a very interesting gang activity. Resistant to beatings and they could run, and resist fiercely, which made the thugs under the gang boss like it very much and felt very exciting.

“Athens”, “Rome” and “Sparta” the three spirit wolves helped them and dug out all the hideouts of all the vampires in Hell’s Kitchen, except for the first few places. The gangsters wielded silver weapons scavenged from all over the place, dragged them out of houses or basements, and watched them burn to ashes under the sun.

Later, they discovered interesting and exciting places to hunt vampires. The remaining ten or so marked places had been preserved. They were prepared to wait until everyone was ready for an exciting hunting competition.

A guy who ran a casino even offered odds for players to participate in the event. Look, this was the gangster characteristic of Hell’s Kitchen, they lived unscrupulously and fearlessly!

In the end, it was said that a lot of people died.
The champion was the sexy beauty of Kingpin, the dream lover of blind Matt, Elektra. Bullseye, the fool, got two shots, unfortunately. These mindless gangsters always thought that these vampires fought with claws and teeth, but they didn’t know that vampires also have IQ, and they could also use guns.


Alvin leaned on the bar with his upper body, watching the TV hanging from the ceiling. On the TV was Stark’s press conference that exposed the existence of vampires. The launch was packaged as a burlesque to gain exposure. Another prank by the playboy Tony Stark.

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Various TV stations had reported about Stark and the vampires. But most of them were joking about Stark’s rotten personality and when he would enter the entertainment industry. On nearly every talk show, Stark had become the latest source of jokes.

A crisis against vampires was easily resolved by an invisible hand. Not the slightest smoke, only Stark’s anger.

But it was not useless.
It could be guessed that an angry Stark had posted some videos of vampires on the Internet. Then the guys in Hell’s Kitchen scrambled to post photos and videos of themselves hunting vampires on their own social platforms.
Yes, gangsters also had their own social platforms.

Although it was quickly deleted, this made some people begin to believe that the vampires in the video were real. The existence of vampires was accepted by some who were willing to believe it. To this end, a communication group was formed, and a forum was organized to exchange how to deal with vampires.

At this time, the guys in Hell’s Kitchen finally had a role to play.
They were deemed as something like a big guy or a hero, and the weaknesses of the vampires were completely exposed on the internet.

It was a pity that this was Hell’s Kitchen, an outcast place. The people and things here always seemed to be isolated from the outside world by an invisible wall. People instinctively distrusted people and things in Hell’s Kitchen. If the vampire hunt took place in Manhattan, things might be different.

Just after dinner, everyone was in a bad mood, and the adults were scolding the damn TV station in their hearts.

And the boy Nick started complaining about the meal, “Seriously, Alvin, I hate the smell of garlic now.
It makes my mouth stink every day, and I haven’t even talked to girls for three days.
That’s over.
Please, revise the menu!”

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Ginny was very happy.
Peeling garlic with Dad every day was a very interesting activity, and the garlic seafood that Dad made was really delicious.

Alvin ignored Nick’s complaints and said, “Mr.
Nick, you don’t dare to talk to girls without garlic.
Your teacher can testify.” He cleared his throat and imitated a teacher to speak, “Mr.
Principal, I think Nick may have a psychological problem, he gets nervous when he talks to girls, and sometimes I even worry that he will faint.”

Alvin laughed loudly, shielding the furious Nick’s angry attack. Until the phone rang!

“This is Alvin! Who are you?”


“Oh, Mr.
Stark, I watched your talk show on TV, it was funny, you will be a promising talk show actor!”


“Hey, you gotta be polite to your fans.
I’m not kidding because you’re really funny.”

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“Okay, okay, I apologize, but you did a really bad job of it.
You screwed everything up.”


“No, there’s no need to talk to me, this morning, the last vampire in Hell’s Kitchen was killed.
I’m from here, I only care about here, I’ll leave the rest to others to worry about!”


“It’s good if you want to be away for a while, but isn’t Afghanistan too remote? I think Miami is more your style.


“Seriously, man, I don’t blame you, you did what you could, and leave the rest to the person in charge.
Remember man, give me a call if you have any questions, I still don’t think Afghanistan is a good choice.”

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Speaking of which, Alvin hung up the phone, because a bald and one-eyed black charcoal head ignored the threats of Thor and Dom, pushed the door, and walked in. Behind him was an embarrassed S.H.I.E.L.D.
agent, Phil Coulson.

Alvin smiled playfully at Coulson and said, “I thought we reached an agreement, Agent Coulson, you should know that the agreement was made to comply with.”

The ugly-looking one-eyed black charcoal head stopped Coulson, who wanted to speak. He said hello to Frank first, “Hey man, I heard you’ve had a good time lately.”

Frank looked complicated, opened his mouth several times, and finally drank a glass of whiskey in one gulp, placed the glass heavily on the table, and did not respond to Black Charcoal’s greeting.

Black Charcoal, was without the slightest embarrassment because of Frank’s performance. Big Thorn sat down in front of the bar, and tapped on the table with his right hand, “I’m just coming over for a drink, why? Am I not welcome?” He completely ignored that special agent Coulson was held back by JJ with one hand, not letting him approach, embarrassing him.

Alvin motioned to Jessica beside him to take Nick and Ginny back to his room to play for a while.

Alvin walked to the bar by himself, of course, he knew who the guy in front of him was, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the top military expert, and the extraordinary leader, Nick Fury. He had a little guess about Fury’s intentions.

Alvin smiled and took two empty glasses, put them in front of Fury, and said, “We only offer two kinds of alcohol today, Wraith Beer and Blood Whiskey.
Which one do you want? Maybe you want to taste both.”

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