Chapter 44: My Name Is Kingpin

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Stark was a proud man.
When he heard that there was a problem with the vampire prevention system he had designed, he drove over immediately. It had the demeanor of a modern excellent entrepreneur.

Chief Fury and Agent Coulson fidgeted in the dining room. Unexpectedly, Alvin brought down a big boss of the Blood Race without a word. At the same time, he and JJ were holding a small silver table knife and stabbed in and out of Count Dracula’s stomach.

Looking at Count Dracula’s ugly face resembling the moon’s surface, it was estimated that if he was let go, he would not come out to meet people unless he had undergone major surgery.

The active young Nick, jumping on one leg, looked at Count Dracula, wanted to borrow the Remington from his father from time to time, and also wanted to shoot Count Dracula. Vampire! If he could give him a shot, he would be able to brag about this matter the whole semester.

Frank looked at his son in annoyance, just thinking that he would be like Tony Stark in the future.
‘I don’t have hundreds of millions in inheritances for you.
When you grow up, many people want to beat you up.
What can I do?’

Jessica and Ginny were all fine.
After Count Dracula was disfigured, Jessica didn’t even look at him.
Right now, she was busy putting the smashed things into a bucket to throw away tomorrow. Little Ginny, with no other thoughts, was sitting on the high stool in the bar at the moment, resting her cheeks in her hands, looking at Alvin with admiration, and waving her small fists from time to time to cheer for Alvin.

Alvin threw the small knife in his hand to JJ, looked at Count Dracula in front of him, and said with a smile, “I take the liberty to ask, what do you want to do?”

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Count Dracula wore a tattered ugly face, smoking on his body, looked at Alvin very hard, gritted his fangs, and said, “You will pay the price for what you did today.
The price will make you regret it for the rest of your life!”

Alvin’s pupils shrank, and he said with a smile, “You have to live to make me regret, don’t you? Do you think you can survive tonight?”

Count Dracula grinned and said: “You dare not kill me.
Killing me means that humans will declare war with the Blood Race, and that will lead to shedding blood, the blood of many people.
Damn guy, tell me your name, before tearing you apart, I will make a tombstone for you and engrave your confession before you die!”

It seemed that the proud Count Dracula didn’t remember Alvin’s previous self-introduction at all.

Alvin smiled brilliantly, looked into Count Dracula’s eyes, and said seriously: “I am the owner of Hell’s Kitchen, my name is Kingpin, I hope you remember.”

Director Fury and Agent Coulson only felt chills all over, and that they should stay away from this Alvin guy in the future.
It was really not easy to live long if they were too close to him.

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Count Dracula grinned and said, “I remember you, Kingpin.” After that, he started to keep his mouth shut, and the damage from the sun lamp did not make him make a sound.
Today, his self-esteem was hurt more than his body.
Yes, a hundred times more serious.

When the scene was quiet, Director Fury walked over slowly and said solemnly: “I’m afraid you really can’t kill him, he is an important figure in the Blood Race.
We can’t take the risk of starting a war, just to kill him.”

Alvin squinted at Chief Fury and said, “He’s coming to trouble me, but you don’t let me kill him.
Do you want me to wait for him to recover and get revenge on me?” He pointed at Director Fury’s chest and said, “Director Fury, you make me doubt your human position.”

Director Fury, looking at Alvin, said solemnly: “The Blood Race has existed for nearly a thousand years.
What do you think kept them from being exterminated?”

Alvin tilted his head and thought for a while, and said, “Perhaps it was the stupidity of people like you that allowed this blood-sucking race to continue to this day.
Or are you afraid of them?”

Director Fury took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.
Even the scolding in the past ten years didn’t amount to the amount he received today.

“I can’t explain it to you, Alvin, S.H.I.E.L.D.
is not afraid of anyone or anything, we are worried about the consequences! I am here today, and he cannot die.
Maybe I can guarantee that he will not come to you in the future to cause trouble!”

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Alvin looked at Chief Fury, who was a little anxious, and said with a sneer: “You promise? Your promise is worthless in my opinion.
Maybe you can get out of my restaurant quickly, for Frank’s sake, I will chop him up when you go out.”

“Who was chopped?” An anxious voice came from the door, and the disheveled Stark broke in.

The first thing he saw at first glance, was the disfigured Count Dracula, Stark was so frightened by the unique appearance that he took a small step back.

Stark looked at Alvin and complained: “Wow, buddy, can you not be so cruel, why is it that every time I come over, I have to see such a terrifying picture.”

Director Fury glanced at Stark, turned to Alvin, and said: “I know you, Alvin, you are not an irresponsible man, think about it if there was a war, how many innocent civilians will die because of your impulsiveness.
You sheltered three communities with your strength and made the people here live with dignity, but if there is a war, they will face the fire first.
This is a race war, Alvin, have you really thought about it?”

Alvin got tired of Director Fury’s tone and said impatiently: “Then what do you think I should do? Let him go and wait for him to take revenge on me? Since I have to face revenge, to me, what’s the difference between going to war? This had nothing to do with me from the beginning, it was your so-called vampire management who lost control of them and let these damned things kill in New York.”

Fury started sweating anxiously at this moment and said loudly: “I said, I promise that he will not come to trouble you in the future.
I can convince the Blood Race elders to let Count Dracula fall into a deep sleep for 100 years.
I have this ability.”

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Alvin smiled playfully and said, “I don’t trust you, Nick Fury, I think you’re taking me for a fool.
I don’t believe that humans have no way to take these things with obvious weaknesses down.
Don’t continue.
There is no need to persuade me with the rhetoric of starting a war! And my patience has run out.”

Director Fury put away all the expressions on his face, swept all the people with cold eyes, and said solemnly: “Then I will tell you the truth, but only you alone can know, we can go out and talk.”

The two walked out of the restaurant, chatted at the door for about 20 minutes, and then walked into the restaurant.

With a gloomy face, Alvin drove the two children and Jessica to the second floor.

He explained to JJ in a deep voice, and said, “Cut off his hands and feet, let the blood run dry, find a suitcase and pack it up, and let our Chief Fury take it back.”

After speaking, he turned around, looked at Nick Fury, and said in an extremely cold voice: “Warn them, don’t go into Hell’s Kitchen, don’t hang around me.
Also, don’t try to deceive me! Director Nick Fury!”

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