Chapter 45: 500 Miles Away From Home

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Watching Count Dracula, who was brutally dismembered, boxed, and not yet dead, Mr.
Tony Stark vomited proudly.

Alvin’s cruel treatment of vampires made Stark have a chill on his back. Although he agreed! Because if one day cattle and sheep became smarter than people and could pick up guns, there would be no way for human beings to survive. The relationship between humans and vampires was actually no different.

Stark poured himself a full glass of whiskey, looked at Alvin, and he didn’t know what he was thinking and said jokingly: “I didn’t expect it to end like this, I know S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Stark Group has some cooperation in scientific research with them.
I just didn’t expect their influence to be so great.” He handed the cup to Alvin and signaled for another cup.

Alvin looked at Stark with a smile and said, “I didn’t expect it, but I definitely don’t want to have any dealings with them.
I think I’m very suitable to be a restaurant chef and school principal.”

Stark laughed and said, “Then your students must be miserable, I can imagine it.

Alvin didn’t dislike Stark, he was still a good friend.
At least when he developed the sun lamp, he sent it to Alvin as soon as possible. And just a few minutes ago, they were on the same front.

Alvin nodded with a smile, and said, “You are right.
If an obituary is posted at the school gate tomorrow, saying that the principal Alvin was dead, those boys would definitely have a party to celebrate.”

Stark shuddered and said, “Man, I didn’t expect your popularity to be so bad!”

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Alvin nodded noncommittally and said, “When they grow up, they will feel the ignorance of their youth.
You are a genius, and you will never understand the difficulty of studying.
These children in Hell’s Kitchen, if no one is there pushing them from behind, in the future the prison will be where they end up most likely.”

Stark nodded thoughtfully and said, “You’re right, maybe I can give you some help.”

Alvin’s spirit was shocked, and his eyes turned towards Stark with enthusiasm.
He said happily: “‘The community school needs enthusiastic people like you.
I can leave you a school trustee position.”

Seeing the great change in Alvin’s attitude, Stark asked with interest: “Does the community school still have the position of the school trustee? Who are the other school directors? How much do I need to donate?”

Alvin smiled shyly, acting like a sincere insurance salesman, and said: “If you agree, you will be the second school manager of the community school, the first is a certain Mr.
Kingpin, who will make a donation of ten million dollars every year.
You can donate a little more than him, after all, you are a famous billionaire, aren’t you?”

Stark was an interesting guy, just thought about it, and said, “Alvin, my buddy, you can’t make me, an American upper class, be compared with a guy like Kingpin.
Is your school still short of a principal? I want an honorary headmaster position, prepare an office for me, and I can donate $20 million a year to the school.”

‘What’s wrong with that? It’s great, 20 million a year, not to mention the honorary principal.
If you want to be the principal, I will immediately vacate the office for you, and the secretary Olivia will also be given to you.’

Alvin stretched out his hand with a smile, shook hands with Stark, and said sincerely: “Welcome for joining, Mr.
You can now consider what style you want for your office.”

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Stark pursed his lips, tilted his head to think for a moment, and said, “Wow, I never thought that one day I would become the principal of a school, maybe I should let Pepper leave two days on my monthly schedule, so I can go to school and sit down.”

Alvin raised the glass, clinked with Stark, and said, “This is our honor.
The students who will graduate from the school in the future will be proud of you! Really, I’m not kidding!”

Stark could rarely chat so happily with a person, although Alvin always embarrassed him, that’s how people were, always wanting to have a friend who could chat and joke without any scruples, he thought that Alvin was probably the only such friend.


At seven o’clock in the morning, Pepper came to pick up Stark, who was still hungover, as he was going to Afghanistan today to test the “Jericho” missile he invented.

In fact, there was no need for Stark to go there in person, but the media storm in the past two days and the invisible pressure made him decide to go there to avoid the limelight.
After all, he was still the chairman of the Stark Group, and he should deal with some matters. Pretty reasonable, wasn’t it?

Before leaving, Alvin told Pepper, saying: “Afghanistan is not a good place after all, and Stark is not fully prepared this time.
If you have anything, remember to call me.
I’m a vampire hunter, remember?”

Pepper was about to be driven mad by Stark’s willfulness and didn’t pay much attention to what Alvin said. Just nodding, she let Alvin help to send Stark into the car.

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Alvin, who was finally free, accompanied Ginny after breakfast, and took her to the old pickup truck, ready to go to school to fulfill the obligations of a principal.

Thor was like a lackey and got into the car with Ginny.
He also wanted to go to school to play.
It was interesting to watch a bunch of mischievous boys shivering.

The old pickup was driving on the road, the weather was fine, Alvin had the window open, country music was playing, and his left hand was on the window. Alvin taught Ginny to sing “500 Miles Away from Home” line by line

If you miss the train I’m on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
Lord, I’m one, Lord I’m two, Lord I’m three, Lord I’m four
I’m 500 miles away from home
Not a shirt on my back

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Not a penny to my name


Ginny liked it because Daddy liked it.

Alvin received a phone call halfway through, and was even happier, and taught Ginny to sing more attentively.
Little Ginny must be my lucky star.

Just now, physically and mentally emaciated by the vampire incident, the call came from Chief George. He told Alvin that his daughter, Gwen Stacey, would go straight to the community school next week. Although there was still a month left until the school held the final exam, he should wait for the school holiday, and when the next semester started, he would be sending his daughter over.

But our Lord couldn’t wait, he couldn’t stand his daughter going to school where there might be vampires. Now, Alvin’s community school was off-limits for vampires.

Alvin, who was in a good mood, now found everything he saw pleasing to the eye, and even the old electrician who had arrived at the school gate felt very kind, “Hi, hello, I haven’t seen you before!”

The old man was very kind and said with a smile: “Good morning, Principal Alvin, I’m a new electrical engineer, my name is Ben Parker!”

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