DoM – Chapter 47: One On One, Hell’s Kitchen Rules

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At the entrance of the teaching building, Frank stood straight like a javelin. Frank had completely replaced Alvin’s role in recent days, responsible for ‘terrifying the rascals’.

Seeing these children and looking at Frank like looking at a wild beast, Alvin felt that what he did in school in the past was nothing compared to Frank! Maybe in the future, the school could be renamed, Hell’s Kitchen “West Point” Community School.

Nick, this boy, was pushed by his neighbor Jarvan in a wheelchair, listening to the people around him complaining about Frank, “This is a devil, no, the worst villain in Hell’s Kitchen can’t compare to him.” Nick pretended not to know Frank, nodded in agreement and complained about Frank, this guy who caused their happiness index to go to school to drop significantly.

Nick pretended that his father was not his real father, and this made Jarvan, who was pushing him in a wheelchair and knew about his relationship with Frank, widen his eyes.

Alvin walked to the door of the teaching building with a smile, punched Frank in the chest, and said, “Dude, you did a good job, I knew the director of the Disciplinary Division was a place where you could exert your abilities.
But buddy, wait a minute.
We have to talk, I got you a helper.”

Frank raised his head and didn’t look at Alvin.
He continued to stare at every student who approached with cold eyes, and waved his hand to signal Alvin to get out, he was very busy. These guys have been restless these past two days.
They actually made a bet on who could bring in prohibited items into the school, which made him very busy. After all, he was not Thor and the like, they could find prohibited items just by smelling.

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Alvin didn’t know why, but he still didn’t disturb Frank’s work.
The wage earners under his command worked so hard.
As a boss, he was really too embarrassed to cause trouble for him at this time.


Professor Cage’s supercomputer has been purchased and was being installed and debugged. Alvin ran over to join in the fun.

This supercomputer, although it was a second-hand item, after installation it took up several classrooms in the teaching building. He didn’t know the effect, Alvin didn’t understand computers, but he could see the dense machines in the computer room, flashing with lights. Very good, very high-tech, bulky, and worth the $2 million spent. It was when the power meter was turned on for testing that the rushing electric meter made Alvin feel a little distressed.
He told Cage that he would not be able to use so many machines, and would only be allowed to turn on one-third of the meters in the future.

He was swept away by Professor Cage’s saliva.

The school had limited manpower, so Professor Cage brought in a few old friends and a few graduate students to help debug the equipment.

The old guy took in a girl who looked like a little loli Matilda, and he was bustling about very excitedly seeming like spring had come.
Seeing how enthusiastic he was, as a result, Olivia reported it to his wife when he turned back.

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In the principal’s office, Alvin folded his arms and looked coldly at the gang bosses who were very prominent in Hell’s Kitchen.

Alvin didn’t listen to what the few guys said, just looked at them with cold eyes, ‘little guys, you parents of underachievers, came to one of my principal’s offices to be wild, if I don’t ignore you, will I still have my reputation?

A few people saw that Alvin’s face was not good, and they were a little scared.
They discussed it and asked the Russian Alexei as a representative to come out and negotiate with Alvin.

The arms dealer, like a big white bear, stood in front of Alvin with some restraint, and said, “Alvin, my friend, you have to help my child Anton.” He pointed to a man standing outside the door, with a full beard on his face looking older than Alvin, an eyebrowless, bald boy, “He has nightmares every day these days, buddy, you have to take care of your disciplinary director, my son is going to go crazy if this goes on.

Alvin crossed his arms and asked curiously, “What did Frank do? I want to send him a reward.
I didn’t know Anton could become so peaceful.”

Alexei said angrily: “Frank this shit, put my son in confinement.”

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Alvin looked at Alexei like looking at an idiot and said, “Your son is afraid of being locked up? In the first half of the semester, he spent more time in the confinement room than in class.
Dude, you were deceived by your son.”

Alexei glanced at his unfortunate son, and said angrily, “But Frank, the bastard, used a combat knife to shave all the hair on my son’s body, except for the beard.”

Alvin could imagine what a terrifying experience it was for a guy, an executioner shaving off all the hair on his body with a one-foot-long knife. Thinking about it made him shiver.
No wonder this former school bully was now acting like a weak chicken. Just shaving and he was going a little too far with using a combat knife.

Alvin looked at Alexei a little embarrassedly, and said, “Buddy, Frank is a bit too much, but I believe Anton must have done something wrong.
I heard that he has performed well in the football team recently?”

Alexei said a little proudly: “Yes, Anton has performed well recently, with good results, and now he is still the main tight end of the football team.” His face sank again, “but he has not been in these two days.
He was unwilling to come to school, for fear that others would laugh at him.”

Alvin listened to Alexei talking about his son, that his grades were good, and the team’s main player, was particularly awkward. ‘You’re an arms seller talking about this, this doesn’t quite fit your personality! Shouldn’t you find Frank with armed lackeys, and kill him if he doesn’t agree? If you talk to me about this, I’m too embarrassed to lose my temper with you.’

Alvin said helplessly: “Then what did this boy Anton do to let Frank treat him like this?”

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Alexei thought about it and said hesitantly: “I was told that one of his teammates was shaved bald.
But that’s just a joke between children.”

Alvin looked at Alexei with a sneer and didn’t believe his nonsense.
He just shaved his head.
Frank certainly wouldn’t be like this.
He sneered and said, “A joke? Do you take this as a joke? Dude, we can be Fierce, and cruel, but we have to be reasonable.
Now I think Anton deserves what he received.
Or you can take this as a joke from Frank, um, Frank the Cold-Faced Prankster, what do you think of this nickname?”

Alexei said a little embarrassedly: “Dude, we all know what’s going on.
In fact, I think the school is good now, but Frank is too strict.
Before he came, I saw the hope of Anton going to college.
But now he doesn’t even want to come to school, so what should I do?”

Alvin felt a little embarrassed when Alexey said so.
The community school was about “correct the past to avoid mistakes in the future, and suffer to save lives”.
Frank scared the children too much to come to school, which was not good. After all, they were still a school, not a prison.

Alvin felt that his decision to arrange for old Parker to help Frank in the morning was very wise.

Alvin thought for a while and said, “He won’t come to school if he doesn’t want to come? Does your son go to school to shave his head?

Hurry up and let Anton go to class. He will graduate in a few months.
Our school’s football team has good grades.
If Anton’s ATC has a score of 10 or 20, he can find a good university.

You guys want to make trouble with Frank, no problem, I’m a fair person.
At 3 pm in the gym, just you guys, if you want to get at Frank to avenge your kids, then go there, one-on-one, Hell’s Kitchen rules.”

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