Chapter 8: The Real Daredevil

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Alvin knew who Matt was, the famous Daredevil in Marvel. Wearing a red and black uniform in the streets and alleys of Hell’s Kitchen every night, fighting crime and protecting the safety of ordinary people.

In the comics, this was a tough, smart, and almost omnipotent superhero. But Alvin knew that in reality, this was a paranoid guy who was covered in bruises.

As a native Hell’s Kitchen resident, Matt was paranoid about changing the status quo of Hell’s Kitchen.
He believed that it was the sheer number of gangsters and endless crimes that have made Hell’s Kitchen the desperate place it was now. He wanted to change the environment in Hell’s Kitchen by fighting crime and gangs, unaware that all he was doing was in vain and that gangs and crime would never go away.

He was just a pretty good ordinary person in Alvin’s eyes.
Maybe he also had a super hearing ability. But in the face of desperate gangsters, many times he could not completely gain the upper hand, and the resulting injuries were inevitable.

However, Alvin admired Matt’s personality and spirit. A guy who only had other people’s safety in his heart was worthy of admiration!

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Alvin was a little ashamed and apologized to Matt: “I’m sorry, Matt, you know that Kingpin and I have reached an agreement not to interfere in other neighborhoods.”

Matt listened, smiled helplessly, seeming particularly helpless, and said at a loss: “Alvin, we all want Hell’s Kitchen to be better, why have you changed three blocks and I haven’t changed anything? People in other neighborhoods are still being robbed and killed.
There’s nothing I can do, I sometimes hate my ability to hear strangers cry for help every night, I try, but I can’t help everyone, I don’t know what to do.”

Alvin poured him a beer again, added two small glasses of whiskey to it, and put it in front of him. He tapped the glass to signal him to drink. Then he said: “Matt, changing the environment of a place is never one person’s business.
Do you know why the first condition I put forward to S.H.I.E.L.D.
was to improve the equipment of the police station?” Without waiting for Matt to answer, Alvin continued: “In this way, Michael and Scott dare to patrol the streets at night.
Not all criminals dare to attack the police.
As long as there are police patrolling the streets, the law and order in Hell’s Kitchen will improve.”

Matt raised his glass in silence, took a gulp of wine, and said, “But someone will always get hurt again, but I can’t do anything about it.” Matt took off his sunglasses, and his gray-white eyes seemed to have no pupils.
He slammed his cheeks hard, looking extremely helpless.

After listening to Matt’s words, Alvin was a little angry and said helplessly: “You are not a god, and even a god can’t save everyone.
Matt, you have to let yourself relax.
We all want to make this place better, and we need to work hard together.
Instead of going out every day to be a vigilante, it’s better to help the real police so that they can go back to their posts.
Matt, I will find Kingpin and talk to him, I will let him restrain his subordinates and stop looking for trouble with the ordinary people.
You shouldn’t go looking for trouble with him, you will only hurt yourself.
If there is a guy who can restrain the gangs, no matter what, it is much better than a chaotic Hell’s Kitchen.”

Matt took a gulp of the remaining beer and said angrily, “Then let Kingpin go free?”

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Alvin explained helplessly: “Kingpin is not terrible, and the current state of Hell’s Kitchen was not caused by Kingpin.
It is very easy to kill him, but after killing him? Hundreds of large and small gangs will have lost their restraint, and Hell’s Kitchen has lost control over them.
What will it look like? As long as Kingpin is still there, there will be at least a little order here, even if it is an underground order.”

Matt was lying on the bar, helpless and confused, as if he was about to be overwhelmed, and said softly, “Alvin, I don’t know if you are right, but at least your effect is much stronger than mine.
However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on what I’m doing, I’ll keep going until I really can’t do anything about it and am powerless.”

Alvin knew that when he said powerless, he meant until he died. Alvin respected him, so he wouldn’t stop him from implementing his ideal of “making the community better” with his actions. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “I support you, but you should at least give yourself a break from time to time.” After saying that, he brought Matt a glass, and this time Alvin poured in whiskey.

Soon Matt was completely drunk.
Taking advantage of the break where Foggy was bragging and chatting with people, a small red vine plunged into Matt’s calf, and red energy was injected into Matt’s body along the vine.
That was the ability of the Carrion Vine to devour the corpse and transform it into vitality. Alvin counted the time, and when the input energy was enough to fully restore Matt’s injured body, Alvin recalled the Carrion Vine. He brought himself a glass of wine and drank it in one gulp as if nothing had happened.
Looking at Matt, who was sleeping with a ruddy face, he muttered to himself, “For a noble personality! For persistent efforts! Cheers!”

The cheerful atmosphere continued until 12 o’clock in the evening and ended with the closing of the restaurant. After Alvin arranged for JJ to send Matt and Foggy home, he went back to his bedroom on the second floor.
He first went to see little Nick and found that he was already asleep.
Alvin smiled and tucked the quilt for him.
He turned off the light and walked out.

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He turned to find Jessica, leaning against the wall in the corridor, looking at himself. Alvin touched his cheek and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there anything dirty?”

Jessica looked at Alvin’s face with admiration in her shy eyes, which made Alvin a little uncomfortable. In the past life, he was a thirty-five-year-old man and now he was a little overwhelmed by a nineteen-year-old girl in this life, which was totally inappropriate. So he joked, “Jessie, have you left anything with me?”

Jessica shook her head suspiciously.

Alvin pretended to be disappointed and sighed, “Hey, I thought our Jessie left her heart with me and was here waiting to go back.”

Jessica’s face began to turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye, so red that Alvin began to worry that she would burn herself. The embarrassed Jessica stomped her foot hard, and with a “click” sound, a hole was stomped on the floor of the wooden corridor on the second floor.
Her entire right leg sank into the hole.
Because she lost her balance, her upper body naturally leaned back, so the chest, which was not very straight, seemed to have a little scale.

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Both of them were stunned, and Alvin was shocked and swore that his house was so badly built, and he had absolutely no intention of laughing at Jessica’s embarrassment.

Jessica’s face turned from red to white, and the blood on her face disappeared almost instantly. Thinking of how she looked now, with one leg sunk under the floor and the other on the floor, Jessica could imagine how embarrassed she was, she didn’t dare to look at Alvin’s expression.
She put her hands on the ground and pulled her leg out of the floor.
When she came out, one of her trouser legs was completely torn off because of too much force, revealing her long snow-white legs, and at the same time, a piece of the floor flew off.

Jessica covered her face and screamed in despair, then rushed into her room and slammed the door shut. Because the force was too strong, the entire room door, together with the door frame, flew out and hit the opposite wall.

Alvin looked at the house in need of major repairs, and complained to himself that he was a cheapskate and had no intention to molest Jessica, especially since she was still a very powerful and shy girl. No, tomorrow will be another busy day.

Alvin walked to the door and glanced at it.
Jessica lay on the bed, burying her head under the pillow, and screamed angrily. Don’t provoke women at this time, this was the experience of a married man.

He lifted the door, shoved the door frame back, and rushed Nick, who had heard the movement and got up to eavesdrop, back to the bed.
He also went back to his room, ready to take a good night’s sleep and end this busy day.

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