costed your brothe- ” she stopped before completing the word and a choking silence filled up the house. His hand slowly got away from hers and he went to the kitchen area. Utensils kept crying while he served some food on his plate.

Months kept passing by as due date was arising they again had to visit Mata. Fire was hot as sun and rituals again took place in similar fashion. They kept their eyes closed facing the volcanic heat in front of them. Once again there was silence and their eyes fluttered open and looked at surrounding. A beautiful old woman reading new signs and her two disciple fanning her because of heat. A big black figure in back with her reddish tongue out, four arms emerging out, a severed head held by left top arm and a vessel collecting droplet of blood from severed head on lower left arm and a sword held in upper right arm and lower right arm in a blessing mudra. Light of fire fell on few spots illuminating cracked mud walls and writings in sanskrit that was harder to understand.

”Nine days, ”She mumbled.

Both pregnant women looked at each other in confusion, waiting to be explained.

”In nine days the goddess will come and so will her lion. They together will reck havoc to asura that rule giant mountain, ” She said looking at the paper on her lap.

”Sorry to interfer, ” sati said itching her throat. ”But when is due date? If you could tell us. It is very hot in here I don feel so good. ”

Parvati clinched her shawl and kept glancing at Mata in hope of some answer.

”Both of yours baby will be born on same day. And that is nine days from now, ” She said looking at them with a smile.

They bow down to her and said Namaste before leaving. Sati asked Parvati to keep walking on as she wanted to talk to Mata in alone.

Outside both of their husband were waiting for their wives to come out and give them date.

”Do you think of me as your friend? ” Laxman asked.

”No, ” Shiv said taking a pause looking at Laxmans sunken face, ”I think of you as my brother. ” He pats on Laxmans shoulder.

”Can you give me a promise? ” Laxman said in a low breathe his head fixated on ground.

”What is it Laxman? ”

”Just. Can you? ”

”Yes. Of course. I give you my promise. Just say what is it about, ” shiv said with his widened eyes fixated at him.

”I know- I know you are protector of village like your ancestors. But. For once, do you promise to protect my child? ” He said clinching his both hands and rubbing them together.

Shiv puts his hand on Laxmans cold hands and told, ”you are my brother and I promise with my life to protect your child no matter the condition. ”

Laxman lets out a sigh and gives a faint smile. Shiv stood there looking above at sky, slight breeze hit on his face as he kept waiting for his wife. Door creaked and parvati walked out slowly, shiv stooped towards her aid and held her in his arm. They both smiled at each other and he kissed her on forehead. Parvati nodded to Laxman as Laxman said Namaste to her bowing down. Laxman kept looking at door hoping sati would come next but she was not to be seen.

”She is talking with Mata. She will come soon, ” she said with a soft nightingale voice to which air danced on her words rhythm.

”I will take a leave then. ” Shiv said looking at Laxman. And he holding parvatis shoulder kept walking slowly.

”What happened to you? ” Parvati said looking into his eyes.

”Nothing, ” shiv said flusterting with words.

”Hmm ” she focused on road and with her corner of eye kept looking at his not so usual serious face. She asked him to wait and they sat near a tree.

”Tell me, ” she kept her hand on his and laid her head on his shoulder.

”Today, Laxman took a promise from me, ” he said.

”What was it? ” She asked.

”That I would protect his child, ” he said.

”Well you are his best of friend and a protector of this village. So it is natural. ” She said getting her head up and looking at him.

”No. I just remembered. This is one of those year which comes once a decade or two and takes away the new light. ”

Parvati clenched his arm and snuggled up to him. ”Then promise me. You will protect his kid and others too. There will be no more losses in this village. ”

He spreaded his arm and took her in kissing her forehead.

”I believe in you, ” she said hugging him tighter.

They stayed there for a while before a throat scratch disturbed their world and they looked up to see Laxman and sati in front of them.

”Let us go. It is about to get dark, ” Laxman said with a smirk.

They got up flustered and they started to walk towards their home.

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