y and infinite. Every person in crowd had started to pray their deity. Time kept passing by and the suspense kept building up with rain. After an hour rain stopped, everyone opened their eyes stopping their prayer. Every eyes fixated on the drape and hoping everything is going good behind it. Green band of light spread across the sky illuminating surrounding and a new cry echoed in the environment. The high pitched cry made everyones eyes wet and they inhaled a deep breathe as the drapes were opened. There was Ama with the crying baby in her hand and Parvati was lying on floor with women around attending her. Parvatis eyes were closed and Ama wrapped baby with a new towel.

”It is a girl! ” She exclaimed. And everyone cheered and hugged each other.

Shiva and Laxman came back running. Laxman was breathing very heavily and he just sat down taking rest. Shiva ran on to the stage and Ama handed him the baby. He tried holding her but for his arms she was very tiny. She looked like a wrapped hot dog in his hand and tear started flowing from his eyes.

”What did Mata say? ” Ama asked softly.

He handed the baby to Ama and got down of the stage. People started to come around and surrounded him. Laxman nodded at Shiva and he kept looking at floor and breaking the silence he murmured, ”she is dead. ” Crowd couldn hear and kept looking at him.

”Shiva, ” Laxman called.

Shiva looked up and said, ”Mata is dead. ” A thunder hit the tree on side lighting it on fire. Everyone in disbelief, with their widened eyes stood in there for a minute. Women started crying in unison symbolizing death.

”It has started, ” Ama said with her lips shivering as she spoke.

”This is the end, ” someone said from the crowd. And one after another people repeating similar things and panicked.

”Please! ” Shiva shouted.

”Please. Remain calm, ” he continued.

”It is the time, ”Ama said. And everyone kept staring at the newly born baby.

”No. ” Shiva said taking his step back.

”You are the protector of this village, ” a guy from the crowd said.

”Your family duty is to protect us from the mountain, ” another woman said.

”Mata is dead. Your daughter got born before nine days. Sati is still to be delivered. This is a clear sign. ” One after another sentence kept coming out from the panic crowd.

”There is no other way than to sacrifice, ” Ama said with a cold unwavered voice.

”Then I will do it, ” Shiva said. ”I will sacrifice myself. ”

”That will not suffice, ” Ama said.

”There must be other way, ” Laxman said.

”You know better than all of us, ” Ama looked at Laxman.

Shiva slowly crept upto the stage and stood beside the Ama. He glanced at Parvati who was still sleeping from all the stress. ”I am sorry, ” he said under his breathe.

”There should not be any more sacrifice, ” Shiva shouted on top of his lungs. He stood tall on stage,an intimidating figure whose eyes shone bright like fire.

”I will go up there and meet him. And if I have to will battle him. If I don manage to return three years from now then you can do whatever you want. ” He said and started looking at the crowd.

Everyone started looking at each other eventually focusing their eyes at Amas.

She handed the baby to another woman and came forward at the edge.

”I think thats fair. Without our Mata we already are in worse condition. So if you don come back in three years on this day then we wouldn have any other choice. ”

Shiva nodded. He ran down to meet Laxman and asked him to take care of his wife and daughter. Laxman assured him of doing so and immediately after Shiva with a stick started his journey to mountain. Downpour started again and he was lost in the darkness. Everyone prayed to the deity again but this time for the protection of their protector, their Shiva. And then there was another cry from one of the woman, ”Parvati is dead. ”

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