Dusk and Ice: Forbidden Attraction

DeShawn: Attraction and Bodies

As the plane began to descend I felt the tension that had been in my shoulders all morning leave with a deep sigh of relief. I relaxed visibly. I hadn realized that I had been desperately holding my breath since the ride to the airport with dad and Camilla, less for the fear of heights and more because I was hoping dad would not change his mind about letting me go.

As I sat back on the seat my mind drifted back to why I decided to leave San Frease in the first place. I enjoyed San Frease a lot because I had a lot of friends. That place has been my home for the best part of my life. I had a rich dad, Jackson Hunter, who controlled half the business world. Since mom and dad split when I was very little I stayed with dad because he had the right to take custody of me. He was richer and was able to provide for me, at least that was what the court said, whereas mom could only boast of a house given to her by her ancient grandmother in a rural neighborhood. I don much about what mom went through when she lost me but I know what I went through living with dad. I presume mom never got married after the divorce and neither did dad but he had a long endless chain of girlfriends, all of whom I hated with passion. The same plastic smile, plastic boobs, plastic silicon ass, shiny feline eyes, and high-pitched voice. They were all the same; giving ingenuine compliments, sticking with dad to leech off him, stealing tiny pieces of costly figurines from our house probably as souvenirs since they were inevitably going to be dumped anyway. All the same! Thinking about it even now makes my lips curl.

Whenever one of those dolls as I call them came around I would go up the stairs to my room and bolt the doors but it never bolted the sound of their cat-like voices. They purred over everything; at the paintings in the hall, the lifesize amories in the hall, the glass walls overlooking the Carter Bay, the lush trees flanking each side of our drive, and the wide foot-shaped swimming pool at the side of dads 5000.ft mansion. Worst of all they wanted to please dad so they purred over me too. When I was younger I always told myself they were my mothers, I would say to myself ”Mom would be waiting home for me ” only ”mom ” came in different sizes and all shades of blonde.

I lived with that for 18 years and dad wasn so secretive about his affairs. He grabbed asses right he front of me, he caressed boobs on the dining table and kissed some stupid pouting lips while I was watching and I vowed never to be like him. Never to let those dolls into my life.

Until Camilla Angero.

Before Camilla came I already heard a lot of rumors about dads new girlfriend and how she was different from the others but I couldn see her being any different and I was prepared to give her the same silent treatment I reserved for the other dolls.

She moved in after I clocked 18 and the moment she walked in through those glass doors all thoughts about treating her with disdain vanished. There was nothing fake about her. Not the beautiful face that held little makeup, the blue eyes, and her full lips, not the wavy blonde hair. Definitely not the boobs because I have seen a lot to those to know which is real and which isn . The ass was definitly real too – not stiff like the others before her.

She smiled when she saw me and I knew right then that she was going to make a good mother.

I must have been standing there for a long time looking like an idiot because the next moment I blinked she was right in front of me with her hand out to shake mine. There was something different about her, not the ass, the boobs, or anything – just her. A different kind of aura I never felt before.

When she left to drop her things upstairs dad thumped my back and patted me on the shoulders ”Made a good choice this time,uhn? ” he said with a proud grin on his face.

I couldn speak. I could only think of Camillas face, her smile -her boobs. Then that sexual appeal – thats it!

That was what was so different about her. The sexual appeal.

At age 18 I was no saint – I never went as far as having sex with just any girl because I love my girls classy. But at age 9, my faithful friends Tim and Harry, and I saw lots of videos and lots of magazines enough to fill our heads with fantasies forever. They shared their sexual escapades with me as we grew up. And if Im being honest Camilla is a girl of class. My type of girl.

I couldn stop thinking about her, even during dinner as we sat in the huge dining every night with its paneled glass walls offering a view of the stars shining upon the free-flowing creek that came with the property.

I found it difficult to breathe and swallow on the first night and every other night after that because Camilla was sitting directly opposite me w

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