Dusk and Ice: Forbidden Attraction

DeShawn: Attraction and Bodies

ith her hand on dads. She was talking to me, she asked questions and I answered in monosyllables scared I might begin to stutter if I said more than a word at a time.

”Is he always this gentle? ” she asked dad and he laughed. He told her I was putting on my best behavior because she was an excellent choice. She called my name and I felt goosebumps go up my flesh as I looked up. I wanted to grab her neck and kiss those full lips but I held myself under some very strong control.

She was way older than me for sure but also very much younger than dad, maybe 27 or thereabout.

”Im glad you think I am worth living with your dad ”, she said. I almost didn hear anything, all I saw was the movement of her lips and the swell of her breasts when she leaned across the table. That and the sound of her voice sent heat to my stomach, I could feel my groin tighten and I squirmed in my chair. She must have seen my discomfort or the heat on my face because she smiled, a very knowing smile that showed white teeth and revealed a lot more to me than any other person who must have witnessed it.

I was never alone with her for too long because I couldn trust my self-control around her. She never went out of her way to seduce me but the way she looked at me while we ate, and the accidental brushes of her hands or legs against mine had some deep messages for me and me alone.

I was suffering in silence and enjoying every bit of it. I had wet dreams about her. I wanted to kiss her, taste her skin, and fill my hands with her boobs. Then something happened.

I had my friends, Harry and Tim come over to hang out because it was one of those lazy Saturdays with nothing to do and nowhere to go. While we were playing games Camilla walked in with a small fancy tray that held glasses of pineapple drinks and small paper plates with cookies. Harry and Tim couldn even stop ogling her and she obviously basked in the attention.

”I thought you guys might need these ”, she said ”Youve been here all day with nothing to eat. Let me know if you guys want anything else, okay? ”

Once she left Tim dropped his gamepad, ”Who the ** is she? ”, he asked breathlessly.

I shrugged like I didn care like I didn notice the see-through of her white cotton dress. ”My dads girlfriend. ”

Harry whistled low ”Your dad isn so much of an old man after all. Hes got good tastes! Dude, you had this sex bomb living here for how long and youve said nothing to us? ”

They made jokes and asked if I already tried accidentally bumping into her. I shrugged off their questions but my mind was in turmoil with fantasies about her again and telling my friends about them didn seem like a good idea.

When Camilla came in again she sat on one of the sofas and leaned forward like she was trying to see what we were playing. Her thighs and her boobs were on full display distracting all three of us and before I knew it she slid from the sofa and sat on the floor beside me. My brain fried instantly.

”May I try? ”, she asked softly. I handed the gamepad to her with surprisingly steady hands. I watched as she tapped on buttons on the pad trying to get the hang of it and then she laughed ”How do you guys use this thing? ” she leaned forward to look at Harry and Tims suddenly still hands. ”Im no good at it, will you teach me, Shawn? ”

I answered immediately. ”I will ”.

She sat beside me throughout the game to watch me play. Her arm rubbed against my bare arms, her thighs rubbed against mine and I almost had an orgasm there. I held on to my self-control for as long as Harry and Tim stayed and once they left I went upstairs to my room hoping to ease the bulge in my trousers.

There was a soft knock at my door and when I opened it Camilla breezed in a dress-robe. She held my gamepads in her hands.

”You said you were going to teach me how to use these ”, she said in that thick sultry voice of hers.

”Yes ”, I said and quickly went over to pick up my laptop and when I turned back around the dressing robe had fallen in a pool around her legs and she was buck naked underneath.

”Do you have a girlfriend, Shawn? ” she asked.

My eyes rooted to her body I shook my head.

She clucked her tongue, ”How sad. You
e far too handsome not to ”. She looked down at the very prominent bulge in my trousers and smiled ”I think you have a bit of something there for me ”

”Dad would soon be home ”, I said weakly.

She laughed and came closer, took hold of my zipper, and pulled it down. ”Hes gone on a business trip ”, she drew back to look me in the eye ”Surely you know that. So why don we play a little while I will teach you to use this ”. She pulled my cock free from my jeans and the next thing I knew I was falling backward on my bed with her on top of me.

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