“The eyes of the Uchiha Clan are really enviable.”

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After the two looked at each other for a while, Orochimaru was the first to break the silence.
The relationship between the two ninjas, who were also from Konoha, did not seem to be very good.

“Envious?” Itachi looked at Orochimaru expressionlessly “Do you want to try this eye?”

As soon as Itachi said that, Orochimaru directly turned around and walked towards the entrance of the base.
He, Orochimaru, one of the three Legendary Sanin of Konoha, disdained to answer this question.

Just as the two of them walked towards the exit, Zetsu suddenly poked his head out from the wall in front of them, “Pain asked you to stop your current task and go to the direction of Amagakure Capital to find Hidan.”

“Why are you looking for him?” Orochimaru had always been very curious about this guy.
If he caught this guy, he would definitely be dismembered and not run away.

“Kakuzu is dead.” After saying this, he disappeared in front of the two people.

“Kakuzu is dead?” After Orochimaru heard this, he narrowed his eyes.
Kakuzu and Hidan were also on Orochimaru’s research list.

However, the death of members of Akatsuki happened occasionally, so the two were not too surprised.
Anyway, they had to go out to carry out missions, so it was almost the same wherever they went.

When the two walked out of the Akatsuki’s base, Minato, who was hiding on the side, happened to see them.

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“Orochimaru-sama? Itachi?” When he saw the appearance of the two people from Akatsuki, Minato was stunned.
He never thought that these two people would actually join Akatsuki.

However, Minato was also surprised for a moment.
When he saw Itachi rushing towards the capital city of Amagakure, he also gave up on going deeper into the Akatsuki’s base and followed them.

“There seems to be someone.” Itachi was shuttling through the forest, but he always felt that something was watching him from behind.
He looked back, but there was nothing.

“Someone?” Orochimaru, whose perception was worse than Itachi, he did not realize that someone was following him at all, and even if there was someone, he did not think that they could threaten him and Itachi.

Although Orochimaru didn’t care, Itachi still took two steps and looked back, but he still couldn’t find any trace of him.

At this time, Minato had already used Flying Thunder God to return to Amagakure Capital, informing Washi and Hahsirama that Akatsuki was approaching.

After informing the situation, Minato once again used Flying Thunder God and returned to the rear of the two.

“Huh? Where is he?” Minato, who had returned, took two steps towards the capital, but could not find any trace of Itachi Uchiha.
“Did you find them?”

Since he might have been discovered, Minato no longer hid himself, and directly jumped to the treetop, looking in the direction of the capital.

“Still no?” Minato looked around, but he could not find the two of them.

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Since he had lost his target, Minato was no longer going to stay in the same place.
He activated his Flying Thunder God Technique and directly returned to the hotel where Washi was.

“There really is someone here.” When Minato disappeared, Orochimaru, who was hiding in the leaves, said to Itachi Uchiha.

“Space-time Ninjutsu? Let’s go and take a look.
I’m afraid it won’t be so simple this time.” Itachi saw the man strangely disappear and realized that this mission seemed to be a bit difficult.

After that, the two of them rushed towards the direction where Minato just disappeared.
When they arrived at the treetop, they did not find any abnormalities.


Itachi Uchiha, who was observing from the top of the tree, suddenly roared and jumped backwards.

Before Orochimaru could figure out what was going on, he was punched in the head by Minato who appeared again.

Orochimaru, who was hit on the top of the tree, was sent flying, crashing into a nearby tree and falling down.

In just an instant, only Minato and Itachi were left on the tree.

“I advise you to go back.” Minato deliberately lowered his voice and said.
He was not talking about Akatsuki base, but Konoha.

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In his time and space, Itachi and Orochimaru were the mainstays of the village, so he did not want to kill them.

After that, Minato did not attack Itachi.
His body flashed and disappeared again.

“Phew, damn it, where is he?” Orochimaru, who had his jaw broken, jumped up from under the tree, unable to speak clearly.

“Let’s go.” Itachi did not look at Orochimaru, but instead fell into deep thought.

Although he had never seen that person’s Ninjutsu before, he remembered one of Konoha’s legendary Ninjas.

When he was only five years old, he also looked forward to the Hokage, and he also admired the 4th Hokage who was called Yellow Flash.
However, he only looked forward to it and admired it.
As an Uchiha, he would never be able to sit in that position.

“He left? Damn it!” Orochimaru was inexplicably punched, and he did not even see what his opponent was like.
He was a little angry.
“He must have killed Kakuzu’s group.”

“We won’t go to the capital.
Let’s go to the forest to take a look.” Itachi did not pay attention to Orochimaru who was talking to himself.
Instead, he pointed in the opposite direction of Amagakure Capital.

“What are we going there for?” Orochimaru had just reset his jaw and looked at the direction that Itachiwas pointing in a strange way.

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“There must be a battle over there.
Let’s go take a look first.” After saying that, Itachi rushed towards the forest without looking back.

Orochimaru looked doubtfully at Itachiwho was rushing ahead, and then looked back at Amagakure Capital, frowning thoughtfully.

However, after thinking for a while, Orochimaru finally followed Itachi and set foot on the search route.

After the two disappeared, Minato appeared again.
This time, he also brought Hashirama Senju.

“So high.” As soon as he landed, Hashirama complained to Minato.

Minato did not care about the height, but pointed to the direction where the two disappeared and said, “The two went that way.
One was Itachi Uchiha, and the other was Orochimaru.”

“Uchiha?” After hearing these three words, Hashirama became spirited, “The Uchiha’s rebel? And Orochimaru? What is Konoha doing here?”

After knowing that they were both rebels, Hashirama’s face was a bit ugly.
It could be seen that he was somewhat dissatisfied with Konoha in this time and space.

“They went to the battlefield just now.” Hashirama also saw that the direction was where Minato and Kakuzu were fighting.

“Yes, I don’t know if they will come to the capital.
I will keep an eye on them.” Minato said.

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