“How big is this place…”

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In the Naruto World, in an endless primitive forest, Washi was holding a two or three year old little girl, looking for a way out of the forest.

And behind the two people, there was an old man slowly walking forward.
If the people of Konoha were present, they should be able to recognize this old man with a face full of age spots.
He was the first Hokage who had been dead for many years.

“Hashirama, why don’t you jump up the tree again?” Although Washi felt that this request of his was not very good because this first generation was already over ninety years old.
However, among the three of them, this old man was still the strongest.
Other than him, no one else could jump up the nearby trees to observe the situation.

“No, I flashed my waist when I went up in the morning.” The old man held his waist, looking like he was about to die.

“Sigh, looks like I can only wait for Minato.” After a sigh, Washi entered the Naruto warehouse in his mind.
On the screen display in the warehouse door, he was counting down the incoming new Hokage.

“Naruto warehouse, reserve 798/800.”

Waking up – Minato (Anbu Version), 28 years old, peak.

The Anbu Minato seemed to be planning something terrible.

Time remaining: 1 hour, 35 minutes, 19 seconds.

In less than two hours, Minato could be awakened, and his days were almost up.

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Three days ago, because of the car accident, Washi came to the Naruto World and also got a Naruto warehouse.

However, the first one to wake up was basically had no fighting power.
The two year old lady of the Senju Family, and the future 5th Hokage, Tsunade.

Tsunade’s appearance made Washi very desperate.
Originally, there was not much food and he was trapped in this forest.
Now, he even got a little kid over.
Wasn’t this making things difficult for him?

Fortunately, not long after, another ninety-year-old Hokage was awakened.

Although he was already old, the strength of Hashirama Senju was still there.
There was no problem in hunting and maintaining life.

However, in the morning, when Hashirama Senju went up the tree to observe, and he flashed his old waist.
This time, the three people lost their sense of direction again.
They could only rely on their sense to walk out of the forest.

“Are you sure you want to go south?” Because the speed of Hashirama Senju was too slow, Washi could only hold the baby and go back to support Hashirama Senju。.

“Yes, there should be a city in the south.” It was unknown whether Hashirama Senju was really able to see the town with his memory, but at this time, Washi could only choose to believe him.
He hoped that the old eyes of Hashirama Senju were not blind.

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Tsunade sat on Washi’s weist..
She looked at him and asked.

Hearing his granddaughter’s concern, Hashirama’s face suddenly became better, “I’m okay, I’m the Hokage, how can the Hokage… Ouch…”

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He wanted to show Tsunade that his muscles and bones were still very strong, so he straightened his body and twisted his waist.

“Grandpa.” Tsunade rubbed her hands and frowned with concern.
If Grandpa was injured, who would give me money?

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Although he was injured again, Hashirama still gritted his teeth and waved his hand.

Sigh, what have I done?

Washi, who was standing in the middle, had a look of despair on his face.
‘Hashirama, you are Hokage, why do you need me, a person who doesn’t even know any Ninjutsu, to take care of you?’

“It’s raining again.” After taking a few steps, Washi found that there seemed to be water dripping down his head.
The rain had already fallen down along the thick leaves.
“What the hell is this place? It rains all day.”

Washi never liked rainy weather, but Tsunade seemed to be very happy and was grabbing the raindrops with her little hand.

“Let’s rest for a while.” Washi did not want to travel on rainy days, so he called out to the two of them,

Sitting under a big tree, the tree had a depression, which could block a lot of rain.

“The food seems to be gone again.” After the three of them sat down, Washi rummaged through the backpack behind him and found that there was only a piece of deer meat that could not be any smaller.
“Tsunade, did you do it?”

After the last meal, Washi had looked at the backpack.
There was clearly enough food for three people.

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However, Tsunade, who was put down by Washi, had already run to the side to play with the butterfly.

“Hashirama, when the rain stops later, it will be up to you.” Without food, the only one who could make a move now was Hashirama Senju.

Hashirama Senju covered his waist and said, “My waist…”

“…” The two stared at each other.
In the end, Washi still couldn’t hold on.
He stood up.
“Alright, I’ll go later.”

“Washi.” Just as Washi agreed to go out to hunt for food, Hashirama Senju called out to him and said, “Take this scroll.
You can cast a Wood Release Ninjutsu.
Just tear it open and it can be used.”

Although Hashirama Senju’s body was not very good, his chakra was still abundant.
In his hands, Ninjutsu still had the power to destroy the world.
Therefore, drawing scrolls seemed to be quite suitable for Hashirama Senju.

Washi took the scroll from Hashirama Senju’s hand and looked at it carefully.
This scroll looked somewhat fake.
The two sides of the axis should be Senju’s branch that he had just picked up randomly on the road, hey, this…

“Isn’t this my clothes?” The pattern on the scroll was too familiar to Washi..
This was the T-shirt he put in his backpack.
“Alright, it’s useless anyway.
It’s good to make a scroll.”

Washi stuffed the scroll into his backpack, ready to stop the rain and go to find some food.


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As the three of them stayed in the tree hole to avoid the rain, a loud noise suddenly came from nearby.
It seemed that there was a battle going on near the three of them.

“There is someone!” Hearing the noise, Washi’s first reaction was to finally walk out of this damn forest.
However, just as he finished speaking, Washi frowned again, “There is a ninja?”

Washi looked at the two Hokage beside him.
The tired Tsunade was sleeping on the legs of the Hashirama Senju.
She was not awakened by the sound.

Hashirama Senju also did not respond to the sound.
He was holding his granddaughter and living a retired life.

“Are we going over?” Washi turned his head to look at Hashirama and asked.

“Wait for Tsunade to wake up.” Hashirama pointed at Tsunade on his leg and said to Washi..

“When will she wake up? She can sleep for half a day.” In the past two days, Washi had seen Tsunade’s ability.
When she woke up, she would jump around.
When she fell asleep, she couldn’t wake up.
When she woke up, others would have already finished fighting and went back to eat.

Because Tsunade was too good at running, Washi and Hashirama had already looked for her twice in the forest.
This was also the reason why Washi had to hold her in his arms.

“Then I’ll go and take a look.” It was not easy to get a chance to go out, and Washi was not ready to wait any longer.

Minato still had a few minutes to wake up, and he had the scroll of Hasirama Senju in his hand.
Washi believed that as long as he did not get too close, the problem should not be big.

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