Chapter 21 – The Thoughts of Everyone

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“Jonin is High Level Ninja.” Washi explained to Tobirama.

Tobirama nodded as if he understood and said, “I see.”

“Let’s not talk about this anymore.
It’s almost done.
Let’s go.” Washi did not care whether the Tobirama really understood or not.
After all the people were gathered, he directed everyone to start the journey to Konoha.

Among the people, Minato and Hashirama, who were easy to recognize, were still wearing their wind clothes and bamboo hats.
As for the Tobirama, because he was still young, he was not worried about being recognized, so he did not change his clothes, and just like this, he walked through the city in his regular clothes.

From Sujo City to Konoha, the distance was much farther than Amagakure Capital, and naturally, the time would be longer.
Because of Tsunade and Hashirama, everyone only traveled for half a day, so they spent a day and could not go far.

“Hashirama’s speed is still as slow as ever.” After everyone entered a town hotel, Washi complained.

In this small team, only Washi could ridicule Hashirama.
As a junior, even if Minato thought so in his heart, he would definitely not say it out loud.
Tsunade, Tobirama, and Hashirama were family, so they would not say such words.
As the lowest level of existence in the team, Tomihashi did not even have the qualifications to say such words.

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Therefore, after Washi ridiculed them, everyone looked at Washi and did not reply.

“You have to understand the old man.
It’s already very fast.” Hashirama held Tobirama’s hand in one hand and Tsunade in the other.
He spoke with a smile, not feeling that there was anything wrong with being slow.

“I’m fine.” Washi said this, but his eyes looked at Minato.
Among the group, it was estimated that only Minato was in a hurry to go to Konoha.

“Sama, there are a few Konoha Ninjas outside.
I haven’t seen this many before.” Tomihashi, who had just gone out to buy food, walked into the room and put the food on the table.

Just now, Tomihashi had seen two teams of Konoha Ninjas in this small town.
There must be something wrong with the number of Ninjas in a small town.

Tomihashi had a puzzled look on his face as he divided the food into several parts.
Washi, who was sitting behind him, knew why Konoha would make such a large-scale move.
From the previous encounter outside the city, it was likely that Itachi had just wiped out the Uchiha Clan not long ago.
These ninjas were searching for the former genius Ninja of the Uchiha Clan.

“Something must have happened.” Minato was still very concerned about Konoha.
After hearing Tomihashi’s words, he stood by the window and looked out.

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At this time, on the roof of the tallest building in the town, a Anbu of Konoha was standing, looking around the town.

“The Anbu is also here.” Minato immediately saw the Anbu.

“Anbu? What is that?” This was the first time Hashirama heard the term Anbu.
In his world, there was no special assassination force established by the 2nd Hokage.

After Hashirama asked, Minato remembered that Hashirama did not have Anbu, so he explained, “This is a special force established by the 2nd Hokage, Tobirama.
It is responsible for protecting the Konoha, preventing the invasion of Konoha, as well as scouting and assassination.
The other villages followed the same example after Konoha established the Anbu.”

“So it was Tobirama?” Hashirama turned his head to look at Tobirama, who was playing with Tsunade, and nodded with a smile.
It seemed that Tobirama was more competent than himself as a Hokage.

“What? Brother, you called me?” As soon as the word “Tobirama” came out of Hashirama’s mouth, Tobirama stood up and looked at Hashirama.

Seeing that his younger brother had such a big reaction, Hashirama hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, you play with Tsunade.”

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After Hashirama finished speaking, Tobirama squatted down and played with a toy that looked like a windmill with Tsunade.

In the Warring States Period, Tobirama rarely had fun.
Under the urging of his father, he only cultivated and practiced every day.
He rarely came into contact with this kind of thing.
The most fun thing he could encounter was the stones thrown together with his brother and the Uchiha Clan.

After Tobirama played with Tsunade again, Washi changed the topic, “It seems that the defense level of Konoha is a bit high.
I wonder if we can sneak in easily.”

“There should be no problem.
If it is just to search for the defected Itachi, Konoha might not increase the defense level.” “They seem to know the direction of Itachi’s defection, so they will focus on searching for the place that is connected to Amagakure.” Minato gave a different opinion.

“That’s not bad.” After Minato finished his analysis, Washi continued.
If he could still go in and out of Konoha normally, Washi felt that this trip was not a waste.

Tsunade, who was already a little hungry, threw the windmill in her hand, stood up, looked at the food on the table, and said to Tobirama in front of her, “Grandpa, I’m hungry.”

Tobirama saw the windmill that Tsunade had thrown to the ground.
Although he felt a bit distressed, his granddaughter had already said so, so he could only stand up and say, “Alright, then let’s eat first.”

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After saying this, Tobirama, who was not too tall, carried Tsunade to the stool.
He also sat next to the pillar and placed a portion of food in front of the pillar.
He said, “Brother, it’s yours.”

“Yes.” Hashirama looked at Tsunade who was eating happily.
He said happily.
With Tsunade as his granddaughter and Tobirama as his younger brother, he felt that he no longer needed to struggle.
This seemed to be good.

However, Tobirama was different.
He was thinking about how to take good care of his older brother and quickly improve his strength, so that he could come to this world soon.

Washi did not know that Hashirama had already planned to go home and hold his granddaughter all the time.
He also did not know that Tobirama was still thinking about the girl of the Uchiha Clan.
At this time, Washi was thinking about where he should go after entering Konoha.
Was it the Hokage Rock? Or the Hokage Building?

Minato’s thoughts were much more simple.
He only wanted to know how Naruto was doing in Konoha.
In this world where there was neither Uzumaki Kushina nor him, Naruto must be very lonely.

As the lowest level, Tomihashi, he was thinking about what food he should buy tomorrow.
Should he buy more toys for Tsunade-sama? Tobirama seemed to like it too.
Well, he also brought some for him.

In this night, which was not peaceful, and the ninjas were running around outside the house, everyone went to sleep with their own thoughts.

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