The loud sound was not far from Washi..
After walking for a few hundred meters, Washi had already arrived at the edge of a pit.
At this time, in the pit, there was a guy wearing a black robe and a red cloud trench coat.
He was fighting with a ninja.

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“Kakuzu?” Washi, who was familiar with the Naruto World, recognized the ninja wearing the Akatsuki’s uniform at a glance.
It was one of the two members of the Akatsuki, Kakuzu.

And his opponent, looking at the emblem on the forehead guard, should be the Sand Ninja from Land of Wind.
The scratch on the forehead guard showed that this person was also a traitor.

“It seems that Kakuzu are making extra money.” After knowing the identity of the two people, Washi knew that it must be Sunagakure traitor who was specifically hunted for the bounty.

“Kakuzu have joined Akatsuki.
It seems that the timeline should be after the Third Ninja War.”

Washi was thinking about the problem of the timeline.
Suddenly, the prompt of the Naruto warehouse rang in his mind.
The Anbu Minato had been awakened.

“Minato (Anbu Version) has been awakened.
Please pay attention to receive it.”

After the notification ended, two options appeared on the screen of the warehouse door.

Without thinking too much, Washi directly clicked receive.
There were two burdens next to him.
Now, he could have Minato at his peak.
Although it was an Anbu Version, its effect was still stronger than the grandfather and grandson.

When Washi chose to receive it, the space around him suddenly fluctuated, making the surrounding trees distorted.

The space distortion did not last long.
When the surroundings returned to normal, Minato, who was dressed in a Konoha Ninja, appeared in front of Wanjun.

“Lord Washi.” As soon as Minato landed on the ground, he greeted Washi.

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Washi nodded in response, and then he looked at Minato, who was still wearing a smile, without any signs of blackening.

Minato Namikaze (Anbu):

The 4th Hokage of Konoha, who has super strength, is at his peak, enough to look down on the world.

Affiliation: Washi Team

Ninjutsu: S

Physical Arts: S

Illusion: A.

Looking at the value given for Minato in the warehouse, Washi could only say that it was perfect.
Compared to both Senju with Ninjutsu below D, and his physical arts falling to B+, Minato’s arrival was simply a stimulant for Washi.

“Someone is fighting?” After greeting Washi, Minato turned his eyes to Kakuzu and Sunagakure traitor.

“Akatsuki?” Seeing Kakuzu wearing the Akatsuki’s signature clothing, the smile on Minato’s face instantly disappeared, and his cold eyes narrowed as he stared at Kakuzu’s clothes.

Washi looked at Minato’s actions.
This 4th Hokage from another time and space seemed to have already known about the existence of the Akatsuki, and at this moment, his entire body was filled with killing intent.

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I’ll leave Kakuzu to you, but it’s best for the two of them to stay.
We can still ask for directions later.” Washi knew that Minato wanted to fight, so he directly asked him to fight.

As soon as Washi finished speaking, Minato disappeared from Washi’s sight.


Without any warning, Kakuzu that was forming a seal did not even have time to react before it was sent flying by Rasengan.
It only stopped after breaking two trees nearby.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

Fortunately, Kakuzu had five hearts.
After breaking one, Kakuzu lean on the tree and stood up to look at the person who had just attacked him.
However, the moment he raised his head, Kakuzu felt a strong sense of crisis behind him.
Before he could turn his head, his entire body flew out in an instant.

“Too strong…” This was what Washi and tSunagakure Ninja who were being chased by Kakuzu sighed together.

Kakuzu was already one of the top figures in the Ninja World, but in the hands of Minato, it seemed that there was no room for resistance.
This was the strength of the 4th Hokage at his peak.

“Who the hell are you!” Kakuzu, who had lost two hearts in a row, was already a little afraid.
He didn’t even see the other person, and he was beaten to this state.

At this time, Kakuzu was holding his injured arm, and the Akatsuki’s cloak had been broken, and he was no longer as comfortable as when he was fighting against Sunagakure traitor.


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As if to make Kakuzu understand, after Minato finished his words, he instantly appeared in front of Kakuzu and introduced his name.

“Ah!” When he saw his opponent, Kakuzu’s pupils instantly enlarged.
Konoha’s 4th Hokage!


No, no, isn’t the 4th Hokage dead? How could he appear here? Is he from Konoha?

Kakuzu’s brain was spinning rapidly, trying to figure out why the 4th Hokage did not die and appeared in front of him.

However, Minato did not give Kakuzu too much time to think.
At this time, the Kunai with Flying Thunder God had spread all over the area.
After introducing himself, Minato did not say anything more.
With a thought, he came to the back of Kakuzu, and then the Big Ball Rasengan went straight into Kakuzu’s back.
Kakuzu’s heart was destroyed by Minato.

“No!” Kakuzu, who was being played with by Minato, shouted with all his might, and jumped with all his might, ready to flee to the nearby forest.

Somehow, Minato did not chase Kakuzu this time, but stood in place, watching Kakuzu escape.

Quick, a little faster… Kakuzu was now thinking about how to run a little faster so that he could escape the clutches of the 4th Hokage.

“Summoning – Rashomon!”

Kakuzu, who was passing by Washi’s position, turned his head to look, and suddenly a giant ghost appeared above his head and smashed on his body.

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In an instant, Kakuzu was suppressed by the Summoned Rashomon, leaving only his head to see the nearby situation.

“Do you still want to run?” With a flash, Minato arrived in front of Kakuzu and squatted down with a unique smile on his face.

“Aiya, my waist hurts…” Just as Minato was asking, Hashirama, who was holding Tsunade’s hand, walked out of the forest.

“Hashirama… Hashirama Senju?” Compared to Minato, Hashirama, the 1st Hokage of his generation, was even more shocking.

Did he stab Konoga Nest? And how did these guys appear here? Weren’t they all dead?

“Kakuzu?” After handing Tsunade over to Washi..
Hashirama looked at Kakuzu, who was suppressed by Rashomon.
This time, it was still an acquaintance.
“You are still alive.”

“…” Hearing this, Kakuzu was speechless.
You can live, why can’t I? “Didn’t you die a long time ago? And you, the 4th Hokage of Konoha, Minato.”

“4th Hokage?” When Hashirama heard this name and turned to look at Minato, “He’s already the 4th Hokage.
Whose disciple are you?”

“Jiraya Sensei!” Of course, Minato also recognized Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju Senju.
He had heard of this person many times.

“Jiraya, is he the disciple of Sarutobi? Is he with Tsunade?” Hashirama still remembered the mischievous white-haired child in his memory.

“Me?” Tsunade, who was picked up by Washi..
When she heard her name, she looked at Hashirama.

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