“Wood Release – Wood Human Technique!”

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Just as Mighty Guy rushed out of Advent of a World of Flowering Trees and headed straight for the pillar and Minato, Hashirama quickly made a series of hand seals.
A huge wooden man rose up from the ground and punched toward Mighty Guy.


Mighty Guy’s foot and the wooden humans hand collided, and the wooden human, who could grab the tail beast jade, directly blasted him out and smashed into the bottom of the Hokage Rock.

“Guy!” Kakashi, who was quickly falling, saw that he was instantly sent flying, and he didn’t know if he should continue to attack.

However, at this time, Kakashi didn’t have time to think.
He was falling too fast, and by the time he finished shouting Mighty Guy’s name, he had already landed on top of Minato’s head.


Before Kakashi could see what was in the other party’s hand, his whole body was bounced back into the sky.
“That’s the only way.”

In the air, Kakashi put his left hand on his forehead, and then gently pushed, revealing the Sharingan hidden inside.
“It’s up to you again, Obito.”

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“The Sharingan? Kakashi has the Sharingan?” After sending Kakashi flying, Minato had been paying attention to his disciple who had died in battle.
When Kakashi revealed his Sharingan, Minato was stunned.
When did the Hatake Clan get their hands on the Sharingan? “This world is really different.
I wonder how Obito is doing.”


Because of Chakra, Kakashi could not use his Sharingan for too long.
Therefore, he directly used the accumulated Chakra, and his target was Minato.

“Time-space Ninjutsu of the Sharingan?” After feeling the threat, Minato quickly used Flying Thunder God to dodge the attack of Kamui.

“Minato, we should go.” Hashirama did not want to continue fighting in Konoha.
The longer the battle, the greater the damage to Konoha would be.
Although he was trying his best to control his Ninjutsu, there would always be some accidents.

After hearing Hashirama’s words, Minato nodded.
Since Naruto had been taken away, there was no point in continuing to stay in Konoha.

“Damn it!” Seeing his superior being defeated one after another, the 3rd Hokage covered his shoulder and said.

The strength of the other side was too strong.
With the current strength of the village, it seemed that they could not defeat the other side.
Moreover, what was going on with this Wood Release? In the beginning, the 3rd Hokage even thought of Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.
But if it were for Hashirama, he would never beat his own people like this.
Then, could it be that Orochimaru had researched it?

Although the one who had been working with Orochimaru was Danzo, Hiruzen also had his own eyes and ears.
Every move of Danzo was under the watch of Hiruzen.
Therefore, Orochimaru was studying Hashirama’s cells.
After he betrayed the village, Hiruzen Sarutobi quickly knew about this situation.

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“Hiruzen…” Danzo, who had a large area of burn skin, gritted his teeth and came to the side of Hiruzen.
At this time, he was using a few strips of cloth to cover his right hand, trying to cover his Sharingan.

“There is no other way.
Naruto has been taken away.” The 3rd Hokage shook his head.
It seemed that nothing could stop this.
If the other party wanted to directly destroy Konoha, he could only use his life to protect it.
“Get ready, let’s fight, Danzo!”

“En.” Compared to the personal grudges of the 3rd Hokage, Konoha was the common faith of the two.
It was the faith of the 2nd Hokage.
At this moment, Danzo was not ready to hide his Sharingan.

However, just as Danzo reached out to remove the bandage on his arm, a golden light flashed from the wooden pillar and the position of Minato.
After the light, the two disappeared.

“He ran away?” Seeing that the other side had left, Danzo breathed a sigh of relief.
He didn’t know whether it was because he was happy about the survival of Konoha or because his Sharingan was not exposed.
However, after relaxing, Danzo suddenly fell on the roof.
The injury just now was too serious, and Danzo couldn’t hold on much longer.

After Hiruzen ordered a Chunin to leave, he silently looked at the world of trees that covered half of Konoha.
“Who is it?”

“Kakashi.” After thinking for a moment, the 3rd Hokage directly called Kakashi, who was putting his forehead down.

“Hokage-sama!” After hearing the 3rd Hokage’s call, Kakashi jumped to his side.

“Take Ibiki, Genma, and Ebisu to catch up.
Don’t fight, just find their location.” The 3rd Hokage was still worried about Naruto, not only the 4th Hokage son, but also the Kyubi Jinchuriki.
Once the other side released the Kyubi, the disaster would not only belong to Konoha.

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Kakashi also knew the seriousness of the situation.
After receiving the task, he nodded slightly, “Yes.”

The 3rd Hokage was setting up a plan to pursue, while Washi had already run out of the range of Konoha.
However, the Kyubi Jinchuriki they caught seemed reluctant.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! Who the hell are you?” Narutostruggled desperately to break free from Washi, but after several tries, he failed.

“We have already said that we are your father’s friends.” Washi ran forward with Tomihashi and explained to Naruto as he ran.

“Father?” Hearing this word again, Naruto fell into deep thought.
Father? Who is father? Why are these people always talking about him?

My father…

Just as Naruto was thinking about who his father was, a golden light suddenly flashed next to Tomihashi.
After the golden light, Minato, Hashirama, and Tsunade appeared next to him.

“You’re back? Phew, you finally don’t have to run anymore.” With the two great forces of Minato and Jinchuriki, Washi was not ready to continue running.
Even if the other side caught up, there was nothing to be afraid of.

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“It’s you two?”

Naruto’s eyes lit up when he saw Minato and Jinchuriki.
When he stretched out his head just now, he had seen the elegant demeanor of these two people, especially Jinchuriki, Wood Release….


As soon as Naruto finished speaking, Minato removed his transformation technique, and a familiar face appeared in Naruto’s eyes.

“4th… 4th Hokage…” Naruto, who was put down by Washi, was completely stunned.
This face was too familiar.
Every day, he would look at Naruto.
He was familiar with every person on it.
This face was definitely the 4th Hokage!


As Minato removed his transformation technique, Hashirama also removed his transformation.
For Hashirama, he was not used to it.
He did not use this type of ninjutsu often.
If there was anything, he would just fight it out.


If Minato could still force Naruto to accept it, Hashirama’s appearance made Naruto’s brain short-circuited.

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