“How many people do you have in your organization? Where is the base? What’s the name of the leader?”

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After capturing Hidan, Minato once again interrogated Kakuzu.

“This…” Kakuzu was once again in a dilemma.
Minato’s question was too direct.
If Pain knew that his organization was exposed…

“It seems that you don’t want to say it.” Seeing Kakuzu’s hesitant expression, Minato knew that this member of Akatsuki was not ready to speak.

At this time, the wood strips that bound Hidan relaxed, and he could finally speak.
After seeing the forehead guard on Minato’s forehead, Hidan frowned and said, “Are you people from Konoha?”

“I guess, not really.” Wshi walked up to Hidan’s body and looked at the immortal guy for a few moments, “I heard you can’t die? How about starving for a month and a half?”

“You…” Just as Hidan was about to curse, the wood strips quickly closed and sealed his head.
Not only was he unable to speak, but his eyes were also sealed.

Kakuto saw the whole process of Hidan being packed under the Rashomon.
The other party seemed to know everything about him and Hidan.
How did they know?

However, when he saw Minato’s kunai coming towards his head again, Kakuzu was not as scared as before.
“Even if I tell you, you won’t let me go.”

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Minato was not angry that Kakuzu did not answer his question.
Instead, he smiled and said, “Well said.”

Then, kunai fell straight into Kakuzu, and another heart was destroyed.

“Damn it!” Kakuzu, who only had one life left, was anxious.
He tried his best to break free from the Rashomon, but this Ninjutsu came from Hashirama Senju.
Although he was over 90 years old, Ninjutsu was still powerful.

“There is still one more chance.” Minato stood up and no longer looked at Kakuzu.

When Minato asked Kakuzu, Washi also came to the injured Sand Ninja.
“Do you know where this is?”

The Sand Ninja who was defeated by Minato’s clone was terrified.
He recognized Minato’s iconic blonde hair.
He had participated in the Third Ninja War and heard many legends about Konoha’s Yellow Flash.

But at the end of the legend, Minato died young, but now, the 4th Hokage of Konoha appeared in front of him.

“This… This is Amegakure, not far to the south is the capital of Amegakure.” The Sand Ninja said to Washi as he covered his right leg that was injured by Minato.

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Although he did not know who this black haired man was, the guy who was chasing him just now had mentioned Hashirama Senju.
Although he did not know him, this Ninja God was even more legendary than Minato in the Ninja World.

To be able to carry out a mission with these two people at the same time, this person must be an unimaginable existence.

Washi did not know that this Sand Ninja was using his powerful brain mending ability.
After knowing that he was in Amegakure, Washi also knew why it was raining from time to time in the forest.

“From Amegakure, Konohagakuke is on the south.
But we should not go to Konoha in this way.” Washi looked at Minato.
This guy’s hair was too eye-catching.
In less than two days, the news of the 4th Hokage’s resurrection would spread throughout the whole world.

In the cautious Washi’s eyes, it was better not to be too conspicuous before the strength of the whole world was overwhelming.

“Amegakure seems to be good.” Thinking about it, Washi felt that other than the rain, Amegakure seemed to be good in other aspects.
It might be good for them to build an organization here.
“It’s just that there is Akatsuki.
It’s not good to meet them often.”

“Let’s go, let’s go to Amegakure Capital first, and then we can make plans.” After making up his mind, Washi picked up Tsunade who was still playing with the beetle on the ground and said to Hashirama.


“Minato, these people, I’ll leave them to you.
The guy who was entangled by Wood Release can be sealed up to see if he will die after being starved for one and half a month.
As for the others…” Washi looked at the Sand Ninja and Kakuzu, “You do as you see fit.”

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Minato nodded.
This action startled the Sand Ninja, and he quickly crawled towards Washi with his hand.
“Sama, Sama, I am very familiar with this place.
I can lead the way for you.
I also know where the base of their organization is.
Sama, take me with you!”

“Oh? You know their base?” “Where did you know?” Washi was interested.

Seeing that Washi finally stopped, the Sand Ninja gasped and said, “The two people I met in the morning were found in their stronghold.”

“Are you sure it’s their base?” Washi asked.

“Yes, it must be.
There are several people wearing the same clothes.” In order to survive, the Sand Ninja had slightly modified some of the scenes he saw.
In the morning, other than Kakuzu and Hidan, he only saw a person in the same attire at the entrance of the cave.

“So it’s like that.
Alright, if you can keep up, then come.” After saying that, Washi held Tsunade and walked towards the capital of Amegakure in the south.
Behind him, in addition to the slowly moving Hashirama, there was also a crippled Sunagakure traitor.

After the four of them walked for less than half a mile, Minato also caught up, holding a scroll as thick as an arm.

“Washi-sama, the seal you want.” Minato, who had caught up with him, went directly to Washi and handed the scroll to him.

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“Scroll sealed?” Washi thought that Minato had sealed Hidan in the same place, but he did not expect that he would bring a scroll to him.
In this case, Hidan would definitely die.

However, Washi didn’t have time to see if Hidan was still alive.
After letting Tsunade put the scroll on his backpack, Washi said to Hashirama, “Hashirama, how much chakra do I have?”.

Hearing Washi’s question, Hashirama turned his head and looked at Washi, “Well, it should be about the same as Chunin.”.

“Why is it still Chunin?”.
After awakening Tsunade, the warehouse gave him the chakra of Genin.
After the Senju Hashirama was awakened, Washi’s chakra level directly reached the level of Chunin.
But now, the arrival of Minato didn’t seem to have much growth in his chakra.

“It’s much more than before,” said Hashirama.

“It seems that every time is fixed? It has been a while since Chunin reached Jonin.” Washi was a little disappointed.
He thought that after awakening Minato, his chakra would directly reach the upper Ninja level.

“There’s no hurry.
You haven’t learned the Shadow Clone Technique yet.” The waist of Hashirama was much better, and at this time, he could already speak straight.

“The main thing is that forming seals is too difficult.” Washi, who had just learned Ninjutsu, said that forming seals was really a bit difficult to learn, and if he was not careful, he would form the wrong seal.

As Hashirama spoke, he walked over and hugged Tsunade who was in Washi’s arms, “It’s already not bad, didn’t you just learn it for a day?”

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