ty, Washi casually found a hotel and let everyone stay.

“Washi-sama, do you want to go to that Akatsuki base to take a look?” In Washi’s room, after Hashirama and the other two sent out the Sand Ninja, Minato took the lead and said.

“Go to the Akatsuki base? There are a few of us.
It will be better to go after a few more people come.” Washi felt that it was better not to take the risk if he couldn’t achieve a single achievement.

Washi felt that it was a good idea to gather five Hokage and crush the Akatsuki in one fell swoop.
However, he naturally had to eliminate the young Tsunade.

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He could only stare at the Akatsuki for now, and after Tsunade became a Kage Level, he would find trouble with the organization.

Although Washi said this, Minato still did not want to give up.
“We know too little about the Akatsuki.
If we want to win, intelligence is essential.
I can go and take a look alone.”

Saying this, Minato took out a kunai from his pocket, put it on the table in the room, and continued, “If there is danger, I will come back immediately.”

With the Flying Thunder God Technique, Minato really had the capital to say such words.
Perhaps only he could escape from the strong enemy of the Akatsuki base.

“I have a lot of information, but if you want to go, go and take a look, but don’t force yourself.” If Minato went alone, Washi would be more at ease.
After all, if he couldn’t fight hard, he could still run.

“Okay.” Minato nodded and replied.

After the three of them made a plan, they called the Sand Ninja in.
After drawing out the specific location of Akatsuki, Minato directly left the hotel and rushed to the base of Akatsuki.

In Washi’s team, Hashirama was an existence that stood by the word in the world.
Because of him, the world was peaceful for decades.

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However, Minato was different.
He experienced the death of his disciple.
His teacher was killed by Akatsuki because he protected Minato’s family.
The 3rd Hokage died because of the seal of the Kyubi.
In the days after that, Konoha was in a state of panic because of the Akatsuki.
From then on, the Anbu Minato hated the Akatsuki to the bone.

In terms of hatred for Akatsuki, no one in the team could compare to Minato.

According to the Sand Ninja, the base of the Akatsuki was not too far from the capital of Amagakure.
The extremely fast Minato, did not take long to find the Akatsuki base hidden in the stone pile.

On the other side, in the stronghold of Akatsuki, Obito Uchiha and Pain also knew the news of Kakuzu’s death.

“You went to see the scene? There was no Hidan?” The two of them were asking Zetsu at this time.

“Yes, only Kakuzu was killed.” Zetsu nodded outside the land.

“Hidan has the ability to survive.
He should not have been killed.” Pain also knew Hidan’s methods.
If not for special circumstances, Hidan would not have died.

“Let Itachi see the situation around there.
After all, that place is not far from our place.” Obito Uchiha looked in the direction of Amagakure Capital and said.
In his heart, since the morning, he had a faint feeling of uneasiness.

Itachi, who was mentioned by Obito Uchiha, happened to be in the base of Akatsuki.
At this time, he was near the gate of the base and was staring at his partner, Orochimaru.

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