Chapter 19.
An eye for an eye

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Over at this side, Yue Wen Wei finished his torment and took the few half-grown lads around the village for half a day.
Only when it was dark, he went home for dinner.
Originally, he wanted to wait for those lowly girls to go back and make a fuss.
Then he would take the opportunity to complain to his grandparents! Unexpectedly that Yue You Zhu came back with a scary red and swollen face.
She went about her business like usual.
This made him a little disappointed.

Yue Wen Wei looked at Yue You Zhu's terrifying face every day.
After a few days, the redness and swelling disappeared.
A scar about an inch long was left on her face.
This could be regarded as a complete disfigurement.
Thinking about how Yue You Zhu viciously glared at him but couldn't do anything to him., Yue Wen Wei felt proud.
He stated to those boys who were still a little guilty, “Like I said, it's just a money-wasting thing.
Even if we sell her, it's not a problem.
What's there to be scared about!”

The few boys were a little different from Yue Wen Wei.
Although they were all at the naughty and mischievous years, they didn't hold bad intentions.
They thought it was just a prank.

Yue Wen Wei disdained his little friends a little and felt that they were all unmanly.
He was proud of his masculinity.
However, his proudness didn't last long.
Once Yue Family's annual rush was over, You Jin secretly started her revenge plan.

Toward Yue Wen Wei, You Jin had always had no good feelings.
A stupid and arrogant little prodigal who was spoiled by old Mrs.
Chen and Mrs.
On top of that, he bullied the few younger sisters from time to time and try to get her into trouble.
It was small matters.
The younger sisters were willing to complain to her.
However, this time he caused You Zhu to be disfigured.
She couldn't swallow this breath no matter what.

You Jin wouldn't be stupid enough to burn herself with him.
So she kept this matter from everyone in the family and started an eye-for-an-eye plan alone.

Now that the autumn harvest had passed, the weather had began to cool down.
It was still a little hot near noon.
This day, Yue Wen Wei heard the news that someone had caught a big fish in the Cuifeng River, so he became intrigued.
At noon the next day, he took advantage of the fierce sun and went to the Cuifeng River to catch fish with a few friends.

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You Jin naturally knew about his movement.
Not long after Yue Wen Wei went out, she carried a pigweed basket and went along the village road to Cuifeng Mountain at the back of the village to gather pigweed.
You Jin merrily greeted people along the way.
When someone asked, she said she was going up the mountain to forage pigweed.
After she left the village and saw that there was no one around, she came to the foot of the mountain and used a branch to smack down a dozen parasa consocia.
She carefully collected them up with a stick onto a leaf and wrapped them up.
Then she put it in the back basket.
She avoided the village and stooped to avoid everyone's sight to stealthily reach Cuifeng River.

Currently, there weren't many people around the river.
Yue Wen Wei and a few people had their outer clothes off and left it on the river bank.
The four-five teen boys fished in the river.

You Jin first laid down on the bank and checked who they were.
When she finally confirmed that all of them were involved in bullying You Zhu that day, she took advantage of everyone occupied state and carefully placed the parasa consocia on the casually placed outer clothes on the river bank.
Among them, Yue Wen Wei's clothes had eight parasa consocia.

You Jin watched the parasa consocis wriggling and disappeared into the gap of the clothes.
With a wicked smile on the corner of her mouth, she smirked: “Yue Wen Wei, today I will teach you what self-inflicted means and a tooth for a tooth!”
After glancing at the few unaware, stinky boys, she quietly returned to the Cuifeng Mountain the way she came and continued to gather pigweed.


You Jin quickly filled the basket with pigweed and punctually returned back according to the time she usually took to gather pigweed.
There was no flaws at all.
Sure enough, before she reached the road of Yue Family's house, she heard Yue Wen Wei screaming like a slaughtered pig.
A mission complete smile appeared on You Jin's face.
If it was back in her previous life, she would go up one-on-one with the other party.
The her back then was disdainful of making such a petty, family-level revenge.

But there were too many restrictive factors in this life.
And too many aspects where she was controlled by others.
It won't allow her to be willful.
So she can only use this unruly method to let out a stifled breath.
She shook her head to clear the mess in her mind.
After taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door of Yue's house.

Back to Yue Wen Wei.
When he led a few people to fish in the river for a long time and didn't catch anything, he stood in the river and crudely cursed before getting out from the river angrily to put on clothes and prepare to go home.
After the sun reached the afternoon, the wind gradually picked up.
Everyone got goosebumps from the autumn wind.
The boys just wanted to put on their clothes quickly.
They didn't even notice that there was something in the clothes.
Only when they got stung by something did they called out one by one.

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When the boys discovered the problem, they all stood on the bank of the river and jumped around frantically.
Sure enough, after a while, a few curled and wriggling parasa consocia were shaken from the boys' clothes.
Among them, Yue Wen Wei shook out the most.
As the cluster of parasa consocia was shaken out, a cluster of sting also appear on the body.
Which can be said to be terrible to the point of intolerable.

After being stung so badly by parasa consocia, how could the several early teen knew what to do? So they all went home crying and looking for their parents.
Yue Wen Wei normally put up a strong front.
When actually he was the most useless.
This time, he ran the fastest now he was stung by parasa consocia.

After the autumn harvest was over, the farmer's days became much idler.
In the quiet afternoon, people either take a nap at home, or sit in the village in group of twos or threes as they did work and talk.
But today’s tranquility was disrupted by Yue Wen Wei and the monkey boys' screams.

“My son, what's wrong with you?” Mrs.
Chen, who was taking a lunch nap at home, was startled awake by the returning Yue Wen Wei's cry and shout.
Originally, she was still a little angry and wanted to tell him off.
But seeing him with a heart-wrenching painful expression, she hurriedly got up to check his situation.

Yue Wen Wei only felt pain and itching all over his body now.
Extremely uncomfortable.
He cried and complained to Mrs.
Chen: “Mother, parasa consocia's stings hurts,,,”

Chen, who had thought that something had happened, heard him say it was just a parasa consocia's sting and couldn't help but breathed a sigh of relief: “You child.
It's just a parasa consocia's sting.
What's there to cry about? You're already so big and still sobbing.
Not afraid of getting laughed at!”
She found it somewhat amusing.
It was just a parasa consocia's sting.
Son was already eleven years old and was still crying.
If outsiders knew, won't they laugh?

Old Mrs.
Chen also heard Yue Wen Wei's movements and came out from the main room to check the situation.
Seeing that the child was crying so much and his face was a little pale, she frowned and spoke to Mrs.
Chen, “Check out the child's sting! What mother is like you? Son got stung and you still stand there and watch the drama!”

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Chen turned her head over and pouted.
Then she pulled Yue Wen Wei over to undress for inspection.
If she hadn't taken off Yue Wen Wei's clothes, neither Mrs.
Chen would know that the child was stung so badly; there were traces of sting on a large area of both arms, on the back, on the waist, and on the legs where the trousers rolled up and revealed! It can be said to be quite shocking.

“What's happen to you, child? Did you fall into the parasa consocia's nest?” Old Mrs.
Chen took in the parasa consocia's stings all over Yue Wen Wei's body and felt that her heart skipped a few beats.
Then she sent Mrs.
Chen away.
: “Hurry up and get some soap water to rub.
Maybe it will be better!”

Chen was panicked for a while.
Hearing what her mother-in-law said, she hurriedly responded “Oh” and went to the kitchen to find soap and water.
After a while, she came back with a basin of soapy water and carefully smeared the soapy water on the place where Yue Wen Wei was stung by parasa consocia.
The pain was relieved a little.

Back then, You Zhu was stung to the point of fainting from pain.
While Yue Wen Wei was only stung until his face was pale and crumbling.
Still, he didn't faint, because You Zhu's own physical fitness was no match for Yue Wen Wei, who was like a sturdy calf.

When You Jin came home, she saw Yue Wen Wei half-naked with his trouser legs pulled up high.
He stood in the yard as his brows wriggled with pain.
Chen repeatedly smeared soapy water on him, hoping yo give him some pain relief.
Seeing such a scene, You Jin, who was carrying a heavy basket of pigweed, lowered her head and looked at the ground with a satisfied smirk.
She didn't intend to tell them how to quickly subside the redness and swelling.
Better let him feel the pain that You Zhu had endured, right?

Although You Jin didn't intend to get involved, there were naturally some people who wouldn't let her go.

“Grandmother, it must be those cheap girls from second branch!” Yue Wen Wei's eyes were red with pain.
He glared fiercely at You Jin, who was standing at the door of the west wing as she unloaded the pig grass: “She must have done it! “

Old Mrs.
Chen's partiality was at its max at the moment.
She believed what her grandson more.
Especially if it involves the second branch's few annoying money-wasters, her seventy-eighty percent believe become one hundred percent.
As soon as she heard her precious grandson say this, her sinister gaze fell on You Jin: “Did you cause Wen Wei to be stung by parasa consocia?”

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You Jin glanced at old Mrs.
Chen with a confused face: “Wen Wei was stung by parasa consocia? I just came back from gathering pig weed.
How can I have time to tease Wen Wei?” 

After a while, she frowned and acted like she was concerned: “Nowadays, there are parasa consocia everywhere.
It can't be that Wen Wei accidentally dropped into parasa consocia's nest? You Zhu was stung so badly in the drying field that day.
There was even a sting on her face and left a scar on her face!”

Hearing You Jin mention You Zhu's scar from parasa consocia sting, Yue Wen Wei felt guilty for no reason.
However, this kind of guilty conscience didn't last long.
Looking at You Jin's contemplating eyes, he insisted that it was You Jin and the others who took avenge: “You must have done it! You took revenge on me!”

You Jin's puzzled expression was just right.
Frowningly, she looked at old Mrs.
Chen and Mrs.
Chen: “Wen Wei's words are strange.
You didn't bully me, why would I take revenge on you?” 

She didn't believe that Yue Wen Wei would confess what he did that day.
Sure enough, when Yue Wen Wei was asked this by her, he was instantly speechless.
He only knew to insist that it was You Jin's doing.

“You Zhu was stung badly that day.
Just don't know what Doctor Ma used, she was cured.
Would Grandmother and Eldest Aunt like to take Wen Wei to see him as well?” You Jin thought for a while before finally adding a sentence : “I heard Granny Zhang say that parasa consocia's sting is so severe, it can sting people to death!”

Sure enough, as soon as old Mrs.
Chen and the others heard that parasa consocia can sting people to death, they hurriedly put on Yue Wen Wei's clothes and made way to the doctor's house in the village in a rush.
Wen Wei was a precious grandson.
He can't have any mishap.

You Jin watched how they panicked around and went to seek medical treatment for Yue Wen Wei.
All of them forgot to settle accounts with her.
You Jin took a relaxed step back to the west wing.

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