Chapter 1 Cuifeng Village

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“You Jin, went up the mountain again? Carrying such a heavy bamboo basket, are you not afraid of crush.”

She was carrying a bamboo basket full of pig feed on her back when she heard someone call her.
Yue You Jin, who initially had buried her head while walking, raised her head and greeted the woman by the roadside with a smile: “Fifth Shenzi.”

Looking at her thin body, the middle-aged woman in her early thirties who called, Fifth Shenzi had a flash of heartbreak in her eyes.
She said with distress, “Your grandmother sent you out to work again?”

Yue You Jin was already accustomed to villagers' eyes of pity and sympathy.
She nodded with a smile: “Grandmother said that there was no more pig feed at home.
This year's hopes are all on the few pigs, so they have to be treated well.
Only then there be money for my mother to birth a little brother.

“Yes, your mother’s stomach looks different from before.
If it were a son, you sisters could have a better life …” Thinking of the chaotic life at Yue Family, Fifth Shenzi sighed faintly.
They were all unfortunate people!

“Fifth Shenzi, I won't talk anymore.
When I came out, Grandma said that the pigs at home were almost jumping over the pigsty door, so I have to go back soon.” Seeing that she had more to say, Yue You Jin hurriedly interrupted her.
After saying that she walked forward toward home carrying the heavy bamboo basket.

Remembering that old Mrs.
Chen treated each granddaughter crueler one after another, Fifth Shenzi didn't hold her back anymore.
Looking at the tottering thin figure with a bamboo basket on her back, she sighed.
This was an eleven-year-old girl and she looked like six or seven years old.
The Yue Family ’s heart was really hard!


Turning from the village's main road to the intersection where Yue Family's home was located, there were few households away from the door of Yue Family's home.
Yue You Jin saw several villagers standing at the door of her own home and were probing the situation inside.
A sharp female voice that Yue You Jin heard for eleven years emerged in the courtyard: “It's just some money-wasting thing, still want to call a doctor? And also want japonica rice porridge?”

Accompanied by a sharp female voice, was also a thin cry of a little girl.
And then a voice like a female duck sounded.
It appeared to be comforting but instead actually fanning the fire: “Sister-in-law quickly make the children stop crying.
The luck of the family is being cried away, that …

When she heard her say that, the owner of that sharp female voice was even more furious: “All day long only know to cry and eat.
Try crying again, see if I will beat you money-wasting things to death!” The sound just ended, a powerful sound of a whip appeared.

The few little girls were beaten so badly but could only bite their chapped lips, and dare not make any more noise.

Hearing the movement at home, Yue You Jin hurried through the crowd, and pushed open the courtyard door with a gap: “Grandmother, I'm back!”

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The old Mrs.
Chen, who was vigorously beating, got interrupted became very unhappy and viciously glared over.
But when she saw the villagers crowded outside as they peeked in, she was even more displeased and motioned for Mrs.
Chen to close the gate.

While old Mrs.
Chen wasn't paying attention, Yue You Jin rushed to stand in front of the huddle of beaten little girls, all in gray and fluttering clothes.
She pretended to berate them, “You few, Sister just went out for a little while, and you made Grandmother angry again, didn't you? All of you go back to the room and kneel down!” Having her back toward everyone, she winked a few times at the second sister, Yue You Yin when nobody was watching.

Goes without saying, Yue You Yin received her sister's wink and hurriedly dragged her two younger sisters back to the west wing, leaving Yue You Jin alone to face the old Mrs.

Old Mrs.
Chen saw that the money-wasting things had run away, she transferred all the dissatisfaction to Yue You Jin: “What took you so long? I only sent you to cut pig feed.
Where did you go?” The bamboo whip she held seemed to be ready to greet Yue Yue Jin at any time if she made a mistake.

Yue You Jin hurriedly walked to old Mrs.
Chen's side to support her and smiled: “Recently, the pig feed on the mountain has lessened, I had to go a little farther.
Grandmother, please go rest.
I will feed the pig.”

Looking at her shabby clothes stained with mud, and then looking at her semi-new clean cotton clothes on her body, she pushed her away: “Go, go, go.
Don't get in my face.
Go feed the pig.
Those pigs nearly broke the pigsty door.
If the pig ran away, just you wait! ” She dismissively harrumphed and brought the spectator, Mrs.
Chen, back to the main room.

Making sure old Mrs.
Chen and others have left, Yue You Jin just let out a sigh of relief, and then hurriedly carried the pig feed to the pigsty.


The majority of Cuifeng Village was surname Yue.
There are about 70 to 80 households in the village.
Although the Yue Family can't compare with the top-notch household within the village, they aren't too poor.
Back in the days, Yue Family patriarch, Yue Da Fu followed the merchants for many years, so he saved a lot of assets.
He returned to Cuifeng Village and purchase more than 30 acres of fertile land.
He also built a large and spacious brick and tile building.
Within Cuifeng Village he can be regarded as a respected person.

Yue Da Fu married Chenjia village's village head's youngest daughter, Mrs.
Chen and had three sons and a daughter.
His life was quite smooth.
Now that he was old, he can be considered a reputable person in the village.
If there were something he wishes for in this life, it was simply two things: first, grandson's imperial examination.
Patriarch has worked hard all his life and have seen many people's warmth and coldness, so he knew a family with a descendant with an official position can grow the family's roots.
Since his grandson was intelligent from his childhood, Patriarch Yue put all his hopes on him.

The second was the second son's family has never been able to give birth to a son.
The Eldest son's family has four sons and one daughter, and the third son also has two sons and one daughter.
It was only the second son's family that has seven daughters in a row.
Now Mrs.
Su was pregnant with another in her stomach, Patriarch Yue was also looking forward to birth one with wee-wee to pass on the incense to the second family.

Because the second branch started a family for fifteen years now and had seven daughters in a row, Yue Chang Lu's couple position at home was very low.
Because of not having a son.
Yue Chang Lu can't even lift his head, so he beat his wife and children frequently to vent.
Su has the heart to protect her several daughters, however, she was helpless.
Her own maternal family doesn't have anyone and she was also incapable of protecting herself.
She just hoped that this belly is a big fat baby boy, that way her and her seven daughters can have a better life.

You Ting from the first branch was the eldest, and You He from the third branch was the second, and then the second branch's Jin, Yin, Zhu, Bao, Ling, Luo, Chou, the seven daughters.
Therefore, You Jin was the eldest daughter in the second branch, however, she was also the third (in Yue Family's younger generation).

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After You Jin fed the pig, she returned to the West wing.
The twins, seventh sister and the eighth sister, You Ling and You Luo had cried themselves to sleep.
Fourth sister You Yin was holding the two-year-old ninth sister, You Chou as she coaxed.
While coaxing, she wiped her tears.
Must have been beaten a little fierce by the old Mrs.

Seeing elder sister have returned, You Yin hurriedly stood up as she held ninth sis: “Elder sister, Ninth Sis have a fever.
Grandmother refuses to call a doctor.
What to do?”

When she heard that Ninth Sis had a fever, You Jin rushed to take Ninth Sis out of You Yin's arms to look.
What consciousness does little Ninth, who's thin face have already flushed red from fever, have?

“Elder Sister, if continue to burn like this, will Little Ninth …” Yue You Yin recalled with tearful eyes and looked at her elder sister in desperation, pinning all hope on her.

“Where's father and mother?” You Jin checked Little Ninth's forehead.
It was estimated that she had already burned to high temperatures.
Little Ninth was only two years old and going on like this will cause her to die, if not become a fool!

“Dad said that he going to Liutun Town to find a job this morning.
Mother on the kang.
Her stomach hurt, so Fifth Sis and Sixth Sis were keeping watch.” You Yin had cried so much her throat was a little hoarse.


Kang or brick bed.
Hole is for fire-making


Looking through the broken paper-filled windows, she found that there was no one else in the courtyard.
You Jin gritted her teeth and stuffed Little Ninth back into You Yin's hand cradle.

“Wait here.” She finished and returned to the edge of the bed where she slept with her younger sister.
She dug at one corner for a while, and finally pulled out a dozen copper coins.

She carefully put the money into her bosom and then took Little Ninth from You Yin, who was stunned from watching her take out the copper plate from the hole.
“I'll take Little Ninth to the Doctor Ma's house, and you stay at home, If Grandmother comes looking for me, just find whatever excuse to stop her.

After saying that, she didn't care about You Yin's response, she hugged Little Ninth and snook out.
Doctor Ma was a wandering village doctor who lives at the foot of Cuifeng village's mountain.
Usually, everyone has a headache or feverish head, they would go to him for treatment.

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Watching her elder sister slip out of the house like a thief, Yue You Yin recovered.
When did Elder Sister hide these copper coins in the kang? However, she didn't dare to think too much.
She circled around the room like a frightened bird for fear that the old Mrs.
Chen or someone else would come over.


Back to Yue You Jin who has slipped out of the house and jogged with Little Ninth in her arm to outside Doctor Ma's home yard.
Coming to answer the door was Doctor Ma's wife Mrs.
As soon as Mrs.
Lin opened the door, she saw panting You Jin and Little Ninth held in her arms, who was unusually red.
She hurriedly let them in: “Old man, come out quickly!”

Ma, who had some gray hair, walked out of the main room, “What are you rushing like a hasty wind for, old woman?”

“Grandpa Ma, please save my Ninth Sis quickly! For some reason, she got a high fever!” Anxious red-eyed You Jin held Little Ninth as she knelt in front of Doctor Ma with a thump.

Lin was taken aback by her actions, and hurriedly helped her up: “This child, what are you doing?”

As soon as Dr.
Ma heard that the child had a high fever, he swiftly became focused and took Little Ninth's pulse carefully.
Then he picked some herbs for the You Jin.
“Quickly go to the kitchen, boil down these medicines and three cups of water to one cup and get her to drink it.
Maybe she can get better.”


You Jin didn't have the mind to say words of thanks and followed Mrs.
Lin's to Ma Family's kitchen to boil the medicine.


The various pots for boiling medicines are naturally complete in the Ma Family's kitchen.
Soon You Jin boiled the medicines and returned.
She came back with a bowl full of dark juice.


While You Jin went to boil the medicine, Doctor Ma gave Little Ninth acupuncture.
Although the fever didn't subdue, Little Ninth did wake up.


“Little Ninth be good, drink the medicine and you'll get better.” You Jin coaxed Little Ninth to drink a large bowl of medicine.
Although Little Ninth was young, due to the circumstances in her family, she did not cry or make trouble.
She drank it, leaned within You Jin's arms and soon fell asleep.

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After about half an hour, Doctor Ma checked Little Ninth's pulse, and his mind was relieved: “Drink a few more medicines, and she will be fine in a few days.”


You Jin gratefully looked at Ma couple: “Grandpa Ma and Grandma Ma, many thanks for saving Little Ninth's life.
I don't have any silver …” She pulled out 13 copper coins from her bosom.
“I'll pay with this money first, and will return the rest to you when I have enough money in the future …” After saying this, You Jin felt that her cheeks were slightly hot.
Last life and this life was the first time she owe someone medical fees.


Doctor Ma looked at the copper coins stained with a little soot.
He sighed faintly and pushed the copper coin back to You Jin: “I will prescribe three more medicines for you, take it back and boil every day for Little Ninth to drink.
Slowly nurse it a few days and it might get better.
Take this money back and give it to me later when you have more money.


You Jin was somewhat embarrassed after Doctor Ma doing this: “How can this do? Doctor Ma saved my sister's life.
Although a dozen or so copper coins isn't a lot, we should pay for it.”


Seeing her persistence, Doctor Ma took five of these copper coins: “It isn't easy for you mother and daughter to have some money at your side.
I have received five coins.
As for the rest, treat it as me lending to you.
Quickly take your sister home.


Seeing the sky outside, it was quite late.
She estimates that old Mrs.
Chen will be looking for herself in a moment.
Then holding Little Ninth, she respectfully kneeled in front of Doctor Ma, thanking him for his life-saving grace.
Afterward, she took the three packs of medicine Doctor Ma gave and headed home.


After sending off You Jin sisters, Mrs.
Lin returned to the house and gave Doctor Ma an eye-roll, “You are kind-hearted.
Why did you still take You Jin's money? Don't you know what life that mother and daughter have?”


Doctor Ma sighed: “You Jin, that child got a strong temperament.
If I don’t accept a penny, she will be uneasy in her heart.
Taking five wens will give her peace of mind.
All are unfortunate children!”


The author has something to say: Starting something new! !! !! This novel is building.
Everything is set to serve the plot.
Little cuties, don’t need to consider~~~.

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