>If Grandmother and Eldest Aunt come back early, You Zhu wait for me at the old elm tree at the foot of Cuifeng Mountain, understand?”

Everything was properly arranged.
The next day, You Jin went up the mountain to catch a lot of pheasants and hares.
Perhaps due to having no hunters in Cuifeng Village these years, these wild animals on the mountain weren't very afraid of people.
The traps set up by You Jin was very easy to use.
She placed the ones caught today and hide them with the pheasants and hares from yesterday.
Only need to wait until tomorrow morning to carry them all to the market and sell them for money.


In the early morning of the second day, You Jin first put on the clothes Mrs.
Su changed for her underneath.
Then she put on her usual clothes outside.
Although she looked a little bloated, it was almost late autumn.
Since the weather was cold, nobody would find it strange.

You Jin passed by in front of old Mrs.
Chen and others and went straight up the mountain.
Old Mrs.
Chen and the others were busy packing up the goods they were going to sell in the market.
They didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with You Jin.

After going to Cuifeng Mountain, You Jin made way to the small cave where she stored her prey.
First, adjust the clothes she was wearing inside to outside.
Then put the wild chickens and hares that had been here for a day or two into a specially prepared big backpack and carried the heavy backpack on her back.
She have to passed over the Cuifeng Mountain from the side and then walk to the other end of the Cuifeng Mountain before she can take the official road.

In the mountain forest in the early autumn morning, the branches were covered with transparent dewdrops.
With a heavy bag on her back, You Jin struggled to climb over Cuifeng Mountain along a narrow, winding trail.
She had traveled on this path before when she was being adventurous.
She knew that this road eventually led to the south of Cuifeng Mountain.
Then walk for another half an hour, she'll reacg the official road on the edge of a small village.
There, there were many ox carts sending customers around market days.
They can take people to Liutun Town for a penny.

You Jin went out early today.
When dawn reached the east side, she left Cuifeng Village.
When she got to the edge of the official road, the red round sun was already half exposed.
It seemed to be shyly peeking on the top of the east hill as it watched the world that had gradually become lively.

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After You Jin reached the official road for a moment, an ox cart slowly came over.
You Jin hurriedly reached out and flagged: “Uncle! I want to catch a ride!”

The uncle, who was driving the ox cart, hurriedly stopped the slow ox cart when he heard someone called him to halt.
When he saw that it was a half-growth boy, he merrily said: “Boy, sitting on an ox cart require money.
Do you have money?”

You Jin hurriedly digged around her body.
Finally, a penny was taken out and handed to the uncle: “Uncle, I have money!”
The ox cart uncle saw that she had the money, so he jollily let her get in the cart.
At this time, there were already two women in the cart who were also going to Liutun Town for the market.
Seeing that You Jin was getting on, they politely moved over and made room for her.

You Jin smilingly thanked and then sat down quietly.
The ox cart staggered to Liutun Town.

One of the women looked You Jin up and down a few times and noticed that the big basket on her back was covered with a sackcloth.
She smilingly asked, “What the adults in your family, kid? How can they be rest assured enough to let a half-grown boy like you go to the market alone?”

“My father is a hunter on the Cuifeng Mountain.
He got some mountain goods and told me to take them to the town to sell them and then get my mother some medicine back!”
You Jin made up a nonsense without blinking her eyelids: “Auntie, don't judge by by my size.
I'm twelve! My father said I'm already a man!”

You Jin's words made the two women laugh out loud: “You hairless half-grown boy dare to call yourself a man!”

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You Jin let out an embarrassedly grin and then inquired with the two: “Auntie, this is my first time going to the market in Liutun Town.
I don't know where this mountain goods should be sold!”

One of the biggest characteristics of the villagers was their friendliness.
Seeing You Jin ask this question, the two women told what they knew: “In Liutun Town, we usually go to the west side's market on the market day to sell.
If you want to sell it at a good price, I'm afraid you have to go to the restaurants' back kitchen and ask the chefs if they want mountain goods.”

The uncle at front also heard it.
While driving, he spoke: “In our town, the place that buy a lot of mountain goods is Umami Room.
Anyone who has some money in our town likes to eat there.
I had taken a hunter to town before and he sent the games to Umami Room.
If you want, you can try there.”

Hearing this, she hurriedly thanked: “Thank you uncle for the advice.
I'll ask there when I get to the town later.”

Although You Jin traveled from the ox cart on the official road in the south of Cuifeng Mountain, it took half an hour to reach the gate of the town.
The speed of the ox cart was much faster than that of human legs.
After the ox cart stopped, You Jin got out of the cart with a heavy basket on her back.
She thanked the man who was driving the cart before walking into the town.

This was You Jin's third time to the town.
Liutun town wasn't very big.
So it was easy for You Jin to find the back door of Umami Room.

The author has something to say: Well, let me explain to little cuties: You Jin is just a little girl in her early teens with a relatively determined mind.
Her strength is only a little bigger than that of normal children.
No natural supernatural power.
Lastly, she and a few younger sisters belonged to the disadvantaged group in Yue Family.
Many things could only be endured.
After all, if they went face on, they would be the ones who would suffer…

Qingshan knows it's hard to watch now.
I've been scolded by Ji You more than 800 times.

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