Chapter 26.
Wan Niang enter the door (part 2)

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Chen and the laying hen clucked throughout the whole world.
She wished the whole world could know the news of second branch marrying another woman.
No matter how naive You Yin was, she had seen the villagers set up the marriage room for marrying wife.
On top of that, Eldest Aunt just said 'Your father is going to marry in another mother back'.
No matter how much she lied to herself, she deceive herself.
Immediately, she ran back to the west wing with a sob.
Before entering the door, she bumped into You Jin who came out of the room.

“What are you doing?” You Jin naturally heard Mrs.
Chen's laughter sounding outside.
So she came out to stop You Yin.

How could You Yin possibly care that much? She was already in tears when she looked at You Jin: “Third Elder Sister, did you already know? Did you?”

You Jin looked at her somewhat wild appearance and nodded slightly: “Yes, I overheard it with You Zhu outside the main room that day.”

“No wonder You Zhu yelled at me like that that day.
No wonder she was angry with me! No wonder!” You Yin didn't blame You Jin and You Zhu for hiding it from her.
Instead, she blamed herself for having a glimmer of hope for her father.
She had wanted to persuade You Zhu.
That was why You Zhu was so mad that day!

You Jin took in You Yin who was overwhelmed by self-blame and grief to the point of crying aloud.
She felt very distressed for this little sister who was weak and faint-hearted but owned a precocious and kind-hearted temper.
She pulled the choked in tears You Yin into her embrace: “You Yin, it's not your mistake.
It's not your fault.
It's Yue Chang Lu.
It's him who lied to Mother and you.
It's his wrong, not your!”

The tearful You Yin was a little suspicious of herself.
She stared at You Jin with unsure gaze: “Third Elder Sister, don't you and little Fifth blame me?”

“I don't blame you.” You Jin's soft voice sounded in her ear, giving her a moment of peace to her flustered heart: “Quickly wipe away your tears.
Don't let Mother know.
She is currently pregnant.
She can't take simulation.”
This was also the reason why You Jin hid the truth and dare not let Mrs.
Su know.
Although she will know sooner or later, if she could know it one day later then it was one day.

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However, in the inner room of the west wing, Mrs.
Su, who You Jin thought was asleep, had heard the conversation between Mrs.
Chen and the sisters.
She laid on her side on the kang, wept silently while holding her slightly throbbing stomach.
Only then did she clearly realized the real purpose of Yue Chang Lu's sudden considerate care these days and finally heart for him completely died.
Even if her heart toward Yue Chang Lu was frozen, she couldn't let the few daughters worry about her anymore.
She had to endure the grief in her heart and soothe her restless stomach.

In the west wing, mother and daughters each brew in their own depression.
Although they didn't want others to distress.
Still, it was hard to accomplish.
All of them had a bitter smile on their faces.
Compare with the excited Yue Chang Lu, the rest of West Wing's members was submerged into a thick cloud of sorrow.


No matter how sad the You Yin sisters were, they can't stop Wan Niang from entering the door.

On the sixth day of December, Yue Chang Lu hired a mule cart with a awning early to pick up Wan Niang from the small dilapidated house rented by Wan Niang in the town.
He took each and every one of Wan Niang's belongings before going back to Cuifeng Village.

The mule cart was parked steadily at the door of Yue's house.
Today's snow fell a lot.
Still, it couldn't stop the eager hearts of the villagers who wanted gossip.

That's right.
After Mrs.
Chen's publicity, from the 70-year-old to the 3-year-old toddler in Cuifeng Village knew Yue Family's old Second, who can't give birth to a son, was going to marry an equal wife!

Yue Chang Lu first lifted the curtain and got out of the mule carriage.
Today, he deliberately wore a dark red cotton long coat and carefully put it together.
In addition, he was in merry mood and good spirits.
His gloomy aura had dissipated a lot and didn't look as scary as it used to be.

Seeing him get out of the cart, some good-hearted young people stirred up, “Second Uncle Yue, tell the bride to come out and show everyone!”

We're all waiting for Second Uncle Yue to gift out wedding candy!” The younger generation smilingly teased Yue Chang Lu one after another.

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Yue Chang Lu, who was overjoy, became slightly solemn.
But his displeasure was quickly eased by Wan Niang who got off the car behind him: “Second Elder Brother Yue, they are here to bask in our joy.
Today is our happy day.
Second Elder Brother should be more happy.”

Seeing her coming down, Yue Chang Lu hurriedly stretched out her hand and steadily helped her into the Yue Family's compound for fear of slipping on the snow.
The attention was no longer on the roused up villagers.

However, the villagers who came to see the gossip saw Wan Niang's appearance and went back with satisfaction.
After all, it was a snowy day.
Who would be willing to go against the cold outside?

A few villagers walked off shoulder to shoulder.
They whispered as they walked, “This new wife is really pretty.
No wonder old Second Yue got bewitched.”

Wan Niang was only in her early twenties.
She was well raised when she was a maid in a wealthy family.
Although she suffered a bit this year, she was much better than the native country people.
In addition, she deliberately wore a big red jacket and carefully groomed herself for today's marriage.
Naturally, it made her look particularly bright among the gray-faced villagers of Cuifeng Village.

If you think about Sister-in-law Su's shriveled appearance, any man would choose a new wife like this, no?” A idler young generation showed a “you know” expression and grinned.

“Pah! Stinky boy without all hair, what are you thinking!” An old auntie in her early forties spat toward the few people before speaking: “You think old Second Yue is of any good? You don’t know how much prettier Mrs.
Su's hand were when she married over.
She got tormented by Yue Family!”

“That's right.
Now that I recall Mrs.
Su's appearance when she just got married back then, she was top-notch in appearance and personality within the ten miles and eight townships.
It's a pity that her life isn't good.
A pity!” When another old auntie talked about Mrs.
Su of the past, she also gave a thumb up.

Seeing that both of them said this, the younger generation asked suspiciously: “That Sister-in-law Su doesn't go out all the year round.
I saw her once a while back.
I feel she's old enough to be my grandmother.
Was she beautiful when she was young?”

“What is your grandmother! I remember that Mrs.
Su is only in her early thirties.
Her health is bad, and she does look a little old.
However, she got a gorgeous face when she was young.
It's a pity…”

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The villagers strode away as they chatted.
It all dispersed with the wind in a short time.
It couldn't float into Yue Family compound that was tightly surrounded by the courtyard walls.

In the main room of Yue Family compound, Yue Da Fu and old Mrs.
Chen were also dressed neatly today.
They sat on the kang waiting for Wan Niang to come and serve tea.

Naturally, Wan Niang knew how to behave.
She knelt on the ice-cold ground without hesitation with her eight month belly sticking out and respectfully served tea to Yue Da Fu couple: “Father, Mother, please drink tea.

After drinking the tea served by the new daughter-in-law, old Mrs.
Chen snottily gave Wan Niang a red envelope: “Now you enter the door of my Yue Family, you must serve your husband well and spread the branches and leaves for my Yue family.”

“Yes, Wan Niang will respect Father and Mother well and serve Second Elder Brother Yue and ELder Sister Su.
If Wan Niang has done something wrong, please guide me.” Wan Niang respectfully kowtowed.
Biting her teeth, she waited until Yue Da Fu nodded before standing up a little staggeringly with the help of Yue Chang Lu.

Today was the day Wan Niang enter the door.
Yue Chang Fu, who also worked in the town, took time to come back to meet his new younger sister-in-law.
While Yue Chang Shou, who was far away in the county town, had a lot of chores in the shop because of the approaching of the new year.
He sent a piece of fine cotton material back as a gift.
Third branch didn't return.

After meeting first branch, Wan Niang smilingly said to Yue Chang Lu, “Second Elder Brother, I entered Yue's house today and still haven't served tea to Elder Sister Su yet!”

At the mention of forever-lying-on-the-kang Mrs.
Su, Yue Chang Lu's beaming face flashed with disgust.
Still he held Wan Niang's hand tightly without any intention to let go: “She was bought from my Yue Family.
How can she compare with you? It is she who should come to serve tea to you when it comes to serving tea.”

After listening to Yue Chang Lu's biased words, Wan Niang smiled with satisfaction.
Still, she spoke nicely on the surface: “No matter what, Elder Sister Su has served Second Elder  Brother for more than ten years.
First come, first serve, no? Second Elder Brother, please take me to greet Elder Sister Su.
Otherwise, people outside will know and might say I don't know how to behave!”

Seeing her so sensible, Yue Chang Lu, whose heart was 100% on her body, lost his soul to her too.
He helped her out of the main room and walked toward the door of the west wing through the heavy snow pile.

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This winter was even colder than in previous years.
Because there weren't many clothes for the winter, and the weather was cold, You Jin sisters won't go out if they can.
They all hide on the kang in the west wing.

You Jin and You Zhu already knew that today was the day when Wan Niang entered the door.
When she heard a movement outside the door, You Zhu glanced at You Jin nervously: “Third Elder Sister!”

You Jin shook her head slightly.
At this time, what was the use of being anxious? Today was Yue Chang Lu's joyous day.
If they dare to do anything, there was no doubt that something will happen with Yue Chang Lu's irritable and short-fuse temperament!

With the help of Yue Chang Lu, Wan Niang entered the west wing.
A group of ragged little girls lined up in the room and looking at her in unison entered her sight.
Then she scanned the tattered west wing without a trace.
There was a flash of disgust in her heart.
Still, she maintained a gentle smile on the face: “Is this the few children?”

Yue Chang Lu looked at the few lowly girls who were standing like wooden puppets and glared at them: “Still not calling Mother?”

However, the little girls pursed their lips tightly.
Each of them stared fiercely at Yue Chang Lu and Wan Niang.
They wished they could bite them to death.  How could they be willing to address the other party?

Yue Chang Lu was about to explode when Wan Niang's tender little hand held him back: “Second Elder Brother, it's the first time we met.
The children must be afraid of stranger.
Your children are my children.
I will teach them slowly in the future.
Can you take me to see Elder Sister Su first?”

At first, Yue Chang Lu was furious that a few money-wasting things made his face drop in front of his sweetheart.
This embarrassment was soon calmed out by Wan Niang's gentleness and sensibleness.
He turned his hand and grasped Wan Niang's hand: “Okay.
I'll listen to you.”

After saying that, he hugged Wan Niang and entered the inner room where Mrs.
Su was.
Before entering, he didn't forget to viciously glare at You Jin sisters who wanted to follow and closed the door tightly in front of them.

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