nking too much.
It just I always feel that Father, Mother, and the few children don't like me very much.
Second Elder Brother, you are the only one I can rely on in this family.
You are Wan Niang's sky.”

Wan Niang's words made Yue Chang Lu felt like he was physically and mentally surging with energy.
His male ego was greatly satisfied.
He soothingly patted her on the back: “Since Father and Mother are willing to let you in, it proves that they like you.
Don't think too much about it.
Once you give birth to our son, I will go and beg father to let you be the principal wife.”

After Wan Niang heard this, her resentment calmed down a little.
The hand on her stomach became gentler.
As long as she give birth to a son, all difficulties would be resolved with ease.


You Jin and the others were naturally unaware of this event in the backyard.
Every one of the sisters sniffed their frozen red noses while taking the sliced ​​Chinese cabbage out of the cold water, draining it and putting it in the kitchen for later use.

The pig slaughtering in the backyard was quick.
After a while, two large pots of coagulated pig blood were sent to the kitchen in the front yard.
Today was an important day for Yue Family.
It went without saying old Mrs.
Chen had to keep an eye on everything.
She would scold a few words if something goes wrong.
Even Mrs.
Chen who was in charge of the spoon had been scolded a few times: “Put less meat, you wasteful woman.
Don't you feel bad when you pour so much meat in!”

Chen pursed her lips and responded, “Mother, I know.
You can rest assured!”
Today it was lively at home and people from the village come and go.
She was already mother and being scolded like this by Mother, she was naturally a little uncomfortable.

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Yue You Ting, who was also instructed to work today, moved a small bench and sat beside the stove, She carefully pulled up her clothes, for fear that her clothes would be soiled by the dirty things in the kitchen.
Looking at You Yin who was swiping the water off her after scooping up the vegetables, she suddenly showed a contemptuous expression: “Sure enough, a lowly girl is a lowly girl.”

However, You Yin and the others didn't hear her words.
After all, they were too busy.
How could they still pay heed to her?

The kitchen was busy and messy, while it was bustling outside.
Yue Wen Wei, who was dressed like a ball, rushed in from outside: “Grandmother! Elder brothers is back!”

When old Mrs.
Chen heard that her grandson who was studying in the county town had returned, the impatient expression on her face instantly turned into surprise: “Why are your elder brothers back at this time?”
After saying that, she hurriedly got up and went out to greet the pride of Yue Family.

Just when Mrs.
Chen wanted to follow, she was pinned to the spot by old Mrs.
Chen's gaze: “You do your job!”
Seeing old Mrs.
Chen happily leave, Mrs.
Chen expressed her unwillingness: “Not letting me see my own sons.
What does this count as?”

Then she beckoned to Yue Wen Wei, who was greedily eyeing the pork in the pot: “Wen Wei, go and see why your elder brothers are back now.”
Seeing that her son refused to move his feet, she glanced outside the kitchen.
As there was no movement, she hurriedly scooped a piece of fatty pork with a big ladle: “Hurry up, go see your elder brothers after eating.
Then come back and tell Mother!”

As soon as Yue Wen Wei saw the pork, he stretched out his hand to pick it up and stuffed it into his mouth without care of being scalded.
After three bites, he finished the large piece of fatty meat.
Only then he nodded contentedly and agreed to Mrs.
Chen's request.
He bolted out in a hurry.

Shortly later, Yue Wen Wei rushed in again like a headless fly: “Mother! Eldest Brother and Second Elder Brother are both back.
They brought back two well-dressed gentlemen, saying they are classmates in the academy!”

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“Gentlemen from the county!” When she heard that her sons came back and brought two classmates back, Mrs.
Chen didn't ask why.
Instead, she looked at Yue You Ting with bright eyes: “You Ting, go back and dress up.
Then come out and meet the guests!”

Yue You Ting was blooming girl near her coming-of-age.
When she heard her mother's words, she immediately blushed as she meekly looked at Mrs.
Chen: “Mother!”

Chen smiled happily: “You silly child.
What's there to be shy about? Hurry back and dress up!” Gentlemen from county came to Cuifeng Village.
This wasn't a common occurrence.
If her daughter can catch this opportunity and get to know a few young masters from rich families, maybe one will take a fancy to her daughter? Then it would be possible to marry into a good family and be a young madam, no?

Seeing her smiling happily, Yue You Ting blushed and fidgetily went back to the east wing.

Yue Wen Wei didn't understand this.
He just wanted to eat another piece of meat.
After listened to the conversation between Mrs.
Chen and his elder sister, he was confused: “Mother, what are you telling Elder Sister?”

The smile on Mrs.
Chen's face disappeared.
She reprimanded Yue Wen Wei, who was going to steal pork: “Go do what you should be doing.
Don't always think of stealing bits.
In a bit, your grnadmother will skin you once she sees!”

Yue Wen Wei was pushed out by his Mother.
Seeing that he couldn't eat any more meat, he made a face at her before running off to somewhere unknown to play.

After shooting a displeased glare at her insensible third son, Mrs.
Chen was in a good mood when she stir-fried the dishes in the big pot.
Her mind was thinking about her daughter marrying to the county town to be a young madam.
Then she could follow along and enjoy luxury.
Her mood couldn't get any better.
She didn't even notice You Bao, who was squatting in the corner without any sense of existence, listening in to their conversation.

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