ven years, it goes without saying she knew how important a son was to these pedantic ancients.

Seeing how sensible the eldest daughter was, Mrs.
Su sighed: “Mother knows that you sisters are good and obedient.
Don't blame your grandmother, she just has a bit of a sharp-tongue …”

How was it just sharp-tongue? These years, how many times did that black-hearted old biddy with poisonous method do bad things? That year, when Mrs.Su gave birth to the twin daughters, she still wanted to drown them.
If she didn't secretly follow her and took the twins out of the bucket filled with water, then Little Fifth and Little Sixth would have been long ago! You Jin sorted a few times but said nothing on the surface, but just said, “Daughter knows, Mother eat the food soon.”

The mother and daughters conversed in the west wing.
Su still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a berating voice: “Where did everyone bloody go off to? Lao-zi worked hard outside to earn some money while you few money-wasting goods only know to open your mouth to eat for the whole day.
Didn't you see that Lao-zi back? “It turned out that it was Yue Family's second child and the father of the seven young sisters, Yue Chang Lu.

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Hearing Yue Chang Lu's scolding and calling outside the room, Mrs.
Su was struggling to get up to go out to serve him inside the room.
But was stopped by Yu Jin: “Mother, quickly have your meal.
I will serve my father.” She motioned for the You Yin to stop Mrs.
Su and turned around, pulled up the tattered door curtain to go out to face another annoying person in the Yue family.

Seeing that Yu Jin came out with a cold face, Yue Chang Lu picked up the shoes that had been stitched several patches in his hand and aimed it over: “A money-wasting goods, won't come out after I called for half a day.
Are you deaf or dumb?”

There was a flash of ruthlessness in You Jin's eyes, but she soon returned to normal.
Now she was only eleven years old.
She wasn't these beast's opponent.
So she can only endure it, picked up the shoes thrown by Yue Chang Lu and placed it next to the other shoe: “I'll get water to wash Father's feet.” Then she ignored Yue Chang Lu's grumbling and swearing, exited the west wing, entered the kitchen and sat down as she boiled water on the stove.

After finally finished serving Yue Chang Lu, this master who said to be making money outside, but he was obviously carrying a bad-quality woman's thick powder aroma, You Jin's eyes became few degrees colder.
She had caught wind about Yue Chang Lu's stupid matter, but however, considering Mrs.
Su's pregnancy, she has never dared to tell her.
What's more, watching Mrs.
Su's weak personality that even allows a three-year-old kid to bully her and won't fight back, she knew there was no use even if she knew Yue Chang Lu was messing around outside.

After draining the dirty water used by Yue Chang Lu, she returned a basin of hot water for herself and six younger sisters and they washed their feet and wiped their bodies.
You Jin took her few younger sisters to the outer kang and laid side by side to sleep.
Covered with a black and hard quilt, she half sat and half laid sideways as she watched the sleeping face of her six younger sisters.
You Jin could not help but sigh deeply.
What should she do!

How can she take her younger sisters with her out of Yue Family, this people-gobbling fire pit? If it was just herself, it would be easy to escape from Yue Family.
But what would happen to her six younger sisters if she left? You Jin was an orphan without a father, mother, and brother in her last life.
In this life, she got six younger sisters, watched them grow up from young and the younger sisters are all very well behaved.
This made her very reluctant to part with this different world's familial relationship.

However, remembering of Yue Chang Lu's inferior thick powder fragrance, and then thinking about the few sisters' life in the Yue family, You Jin began to ponder carefully.
She must come up with a good way out.

Every day when people are not paying attention, she secretly grabbed a broken earthenware and boil the medicine for Little Ninth to drink in her room.
After five or six days, Little Ninth's fever finally completely withdrawn.
She saw the thin and yellow little face became thirty percent skinner.

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You Jin couldn't help but sigh: “Tomorrow Sister will go up the mountain to gather pig feed and see if I can find a bird's nest or something.
It'll be great if I can find some bird eggs for you to supplement the nutrition.” Starting from last year, You Jin head to the mountain to get pig feed every day and from time to time she foraged some bird eggs for few younger sisters to eat.
Occasionally, she secretly roasted a pheasant on the mountain, teared it up and brought it back to them to nourish them with meaty food.
Otherwise, just relying on the stuff old Mrs.
Chen gave them, afraid that the sisters would have already starved to death.
And won't be alive and well like now?

Little Ninth also knew to feel heartache toward her elder sister, so she obediently drank the bitter medicine and hurriedly chewed a few sour leaves to get rid of the bitter taste in her mouth.
She declared in her baby voice, “Little Ninth don't want to eat bird egg.” Although she said it like that, her eyes that were too large because of her thinness, were full of food cravings.

Seeing her so sensible, You Jin pulled her into her embrace with a smile.
She rubbing her yellow, rough hair like dry grass: “What does Little Ninth want to eat? Elder sister will go to get it for you, okay?”

Little Ninth recalled the fragrant smell of meat that she smelled as she passed by Li Chang's house last time and the roasted pheasant legs secretly brought back by the elder sister last time, she swallowed hard.
“Little Ninth wants to eat…

Hearing her voice became quieter and quieter, the smile on the corner of You Jin ’s mouth was still there and observed the little sisters sitting on the side of Little Ninth, “Sister will definitely let you all eat meat in the future.
Believe in Elder Sister.

Six little sisters with big eyes all looked at the You Jin seriously, and then nodded hard: “We believe in Elder Sister!”

Looking at the clear eyes of the six younger sisters, You Jin's internal belief also strengthened a bit: I will definitely protect you and give you a richer life!

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