o act as the head of the house! You don't know how many eggs we have at home?” The words allowed old Mrs.
Chen to escape from everyone's sight.
Afterward, he grinned at Yue De Fu and said: “What happened today is just a little misunderstanding.
The children are still young, and this joke had troubled nephew to run this trip, making you watch a joke.”

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Yue Da Fu has been out there for many years, so naturally, he got sights to shift the sail with the wind.
Since he already changed the topic, Yue De Fu couldn't really interfere with other people’s family business.
Then responded,”They're all your own grandchildren, Nephew believe Uncle Da Fu's treatment is equal.
It's good that misunderstanding is cleared.” After saying that, he joined his hands and left the Yue Family's courtyard.

Seeing that Lizheng no longer intervened, Yue Da Fu made a look at Mrs.
Chen received her father-in-law's signal, hurriedly shut the courtyard door and then she waved her hand to hurried away to drama-watching villagers, who lied on the wall: “Go, go, go.
what is there to see? It’s not it's a monkey play! “

When the villagers saw the excitement was over and they also saw Mrs.
Chen's talking like this, they knew there was not interesting to discuss, and all disappeared in twos and threes as they rubbed their noses.
In less than a moment, only the Yue family refused to budge in the courtyard.

Yue Da Fu shot an indifferent glance at the second branch's grandchildren who sat on the ground and looked like rolling in mud monkey.
He was very displeased in his heart and said unconcernedly: “Do what you should be doing, don't muck around here.” Then he turned back to return to the main room.

Seeing that both her father-in-law and her mother-in-law were gone, Mrs.
Chen returned to the east wing with a slightly fed up Yue Wen Wei.
While the first branch and the third branch lived in the spacious and comfortable east wing room, with only two rooms.
Only the second branch with seven daughters lived in a small, dark room, which was cold in winter and hot in summer.

Seeing that everyone was gone, You Jin also let out a deep sigh of relief.
With strength, she lifted Mrs.
Su who was sitting on the ground: “Mother, the ground is cold.
You take some sisters back to the room to sit, I'll tidy the pig feed and come back.” Then she lifted up her sisters and wiped Little Sixth's tearstained little face:” Little Sixth be obedient, go back to the room with Mother.”

Little Sixth was scared just now and still sobbed as held Mrs.
Su's hand back to the west wing.
You Zhu followed behind Mrs.
Su with You Bao and You Ling and returned to the room.
You Yin stayed behind to help You Jin quickly clean up the pig feeds that were scattered in the courtyard and the sisters went back together.

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Chen sent Yue Wen Wei to stay in the east wing room, while she went to the main room instead of east wing's door: “Mother ah, look at how the money-wasting things from second branch act today.
All purposefully trying to anger you, especially the cheap girl, Yue You Jin.
If it weren’t for her, why would Lin Family's third son go and invite Lizheng to come over? How could Mother be so angry that you can't get off the stage? I must say Yue You Jin that money-wasting thing is getting more rebellious as she gets bigger.
She dares to ask someone to invite Li Zheng to come today, someday she might even go to the Yamen and request officer? “

Initially, Old Mrs.
Chen was so angry that she needed to lie on the kang, but after hearing Mrs.
Chen's words, she clapped his hands and sat up from the kang.
Somewhat sunken eye sockets started glaring: “That money-wasting thing dare? “

Chen recalled Yue Yin Jin's insidious smile from just now, and her heart quivered: “Mother ah, you didn't see it just now, the way she looked at us as if wished to eat us all! How could did she not dare to do it? You just said that she stole an egg and she made such a big ruckus.
You Ting is already 14 this year, and You He is 13 too.
They are all about to reach marriageable age, Mother! If it got that our Yue Family's daughters are unfilial and disrespectful, then how do we arrange marriage in future? ” You Ting was Mrs.
Chen's daughter and You He was third branch's.

Old Mrs.
Chen was partial to the first branch and the third branch.
Even though she also thought that You Ting and You He were also money-wasting things, she treated them better.
Due to her preference toward the eldest son and third son and the two granddaughters were better fed than the second branch, so their looks were also more pretty.
Although the two haven’t had their coming-of-age yet, they blossomed much better than the average village girl.
Old Mrs.
Chen had expectations of these two granddaughters to marry into a good family.

Therefore, when Mrs.
Chen mentioned that it would affect the two granddaughter's marriage, it was like old Mrs.
Chen's fury button was pressed: “She's really a reincarnation of disaster! Bring misfortune to Old Two is enough, now even the eldest's and the third's family?! “So furious, she sat on the kang and thumping the quilt hard, as if the second branch's money-wasting thing were here now, she could not wait to kill them to vent her anger.

Seeing how mad old Mrs.Chen was, and thinking of the chilling eyes that Yue You Jin gave hert before she left, Mrs.
Chen gave her an idea: “Mother, how about waiting for Old Two to come back tonight …”

After listening to Mrs.
Chen's words, old Mrs.
Chen's face turned into a smug smile: “Yes, Old Two is the most filial.
If I get angry, he will not ignore it, let's follow with what you said!” The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law whispered to discuss how to punish the second room's money-wasting things.
The more they said, the happier they were.
Half lying in the kang, Yue Da Fu remained silent with half-drooped eyes as if he was sleeping and didn't hear the two's conversation.
Only an involuntary lift of the lip corner revealed everything.
The naughty few from the second branch should be disciplined.

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