le Fifth and Little sixth.”

Although the twins, Little Fifth and Little Sixth weren't eight years old yet, they were very sensible.
When they saw Mrs.
Su giving them eggs, they shook their heads together: “For Mother.
There is a younger brother in the mother's belly.

Seeing the two daughters being so sensible, Mrs.
Su's heart was relieved a lot.
She rubbed the heads of the two girls with a smile, and slowly ate all the remaining eggs under the urging of her daughters.

Once everyone finished eating, You Jin gathered the eggshells together, tightened the leaves with the straw rope, and threw the eggshells out of the window.
She then swaggered out of the house from the main entrance.

Before anyone noticed, Youjin threw the eggshell together with the leaves into the Cuifeng River.
After watching the eggshell drift with the water until it disappeared, You jin clapped her hands and went home.
In front of the villagers, she trapped old Mrs.
Chens, and still kept the eggs, You Jin was in a very good mood at the moment.
She hummed a little song and skipped back home.


You Jin's good mood didn't get to last overnight.
At dinner, old Mrs.
Chen who had always firmly grasped the power to assign the meal was absent.
She grunted in the bed without even eating dinner, and her mouth kept on nagging: “The family ruining, money-wasting things …
really are the calamity stars of our old Yue family! ”

The two brothers who worked in the town every day did not know what happened.
After eating and hearing that their old mother was sick, they went to the main room to see old Mrs.
Yue Chang Lu caught his old mother saying something about “money-wasting things” and can make some guess in his heart.
It must be that those money-wasting things in his branch made Mother angry again.
He sat straight on the long stool beside the Kang, with a very ugly expression on his face.

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“Mother ah! Where are you uncomfortable? Tell your sons! Son can go to call for the doctor ah!” The eldest, Yue Chang Fu sitting on the edge of Kang, had full of anxiety in his voice and an appearance of wishing it was him who has fallen ill instead.

Yue Chang Lu heard his elder brother spoke like this and stood up immediately: “I'm going to invite Dr.

Seeing the fire blazed enough, old Mrs.
Chen's eyes quickly signaled to Mrs.
Chen who stood by the side to respond.
Chen tacitly understood, and quickly stopped Yue Chang Lu: “Second Brother-'in-law, wait a minute.
Truthfully, the mother isn't sick, but rather she was angered by your family 's You Jin!”

Seeing that the two brothers looked over, Mrs.
Chen told the two of them what happened in the afternoon today: “It's like this.
Today Mother got blinded, counted the eggs wrongly, and then asked You Jin whether she took the egg.
It wasn't a big deal initially.
However, don't know who You Jin takes after.
Her temper was so big, she even asked someone to invite Lizheng over.
What's more, clashed with mother.
Mother got angered!”

After listening to Mrs.
Chen's words, Yue Chang Lu's face turned black as if it could drip out ink: “I'm going to bring that money-wasting thing over to apologize to Mother!” 

With this, he flung the (door?) cloth and stormed out toward the west wing.

After washing the feet of several younger sisters, You Jin took them to chat on the Kang, but was disrupted by Yue Chang Lu who kicked the door of the room and broke the warm atmosphere.
“You money-wasting thing eat and wear Yue Family's, and still dare to make your grandmother sick from anger!”

Yue Chang Lu, who was full of anger, slapped You Jin's head directly, “This Father will beat you to death today!”

Earlier when eating dinner, You Jin felt something was slightly out of place.
She thought that this matter had passed and never expected that old Mrs.
Chen had left a backup plan to let Yue Chang Lu deal with her.
It can really be said that she had put a lot of effort.
The face tilted to the side after Yue Chang Lu's slap.
A red and swollen slap mark appeared on the thin face.
You Jin put her tongue on the beaten side of the cheek and knew that without five days, the swelling can't disappear.

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After appeasing a few sisters, she got off the Kang, slipped on her shoe: “Father, whether you want to scold or beat, let's go outside.
Don't scare Mother and sisters.” Then she walked out with her waist upright.
Yue Chang Lu saw her composed manner, the displeasure in his heart was at its extreme.
Once he walked out the west wing door, he kicked on You Jin: “I let you, lowly girl, dare to steal eggs, dare to call Lizheng!”

After being kicked to the ground, You Jin reacted quickly.
Although Yue Chang Lu's movements had not stopped, You Jin nimbly dodged several heavy attacks Even though she was beaten a few times, she had avoided the internal injury-causing attacks.
It was fine to have flesh pain for two or three days.

Hearing the noises outside, Mrs.
Su hurried out of the room.
Taking advantage of Yue Chang Lu's hand stopping, she stepped in front You Jin: “Family head, if you want to hit, hit me.
You Jin is still small!”

You Jin saw that Mrs.
Su protected her regardless of her almost five months belly.
Her heart was slightly warm.
She had no father or mother in her previous life, just a distant uncle.
He had a distant polite manner.
Although Mrs.
Su was weak, she really loves her and her many sisters, so she has to take care of them because of this.

Seeing her blocking him, Yue Chang Lu angrily spat: “Pah! Don't think I'm afraid of you because you have a big belly.
If you don't give birth to a son, see if this father beat you to death or not!” 

Then he went to the main room angrily, leaving only Mrs.
Su's tears and dusty You Jin behind.

Seeing her covering her face and sobbing, You Jin said lightly: “What's the use of crying? Does Mother really want to live like this for a lifetime?” Then she urged Mrs.
Su to return to the room.

This was not the first time that You Jin told Mrs.
Su this.
Ever since the birth of Little Fifth and Little Sixth and the fist time she got beaten by Yue Chang Lu during her one-month post-natal rest, the three years old, You Jin spoke to her like this when no one was around.
It had shocked her.

“What else can I do …” Faintly sighing, Mrs.
Su mourned.
That's right, She was someone who wasn't cared for by her maternal family nor loved by her in-law's family.
With such a poor identity, where can she go after leaving Yue Family? It was one thing to suffer at Yue's family, but at least it could let her daughters grow up well, right? Ugh……

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