the sky when it fall.
Don't make a noise when you eat.
Believing in Elder Sister is the right way.” You Yin was afraid of old Mrs.
Chen sinc she was little.
But seeing Elder Sister appearing so confident, her uneasy heart weirdly calmed down.
She nodded vigorously: “En! I believe Third Sister!”

After taking the last potato fried pork slice out of the pot, You Jin motioned for You Yin to scoop the rice: “Bring all the food to the table.
Then call everyone to eat.”
Today's food was considered bountiful.
Yue Chang Shou had really bear the money to bring back three jins of fatty pork belly this time.
Compared to the male-biased Yue Da Fu couple and Yue Chang Fu, who was greedy for money and loved to bully the second branch, third branch's family can be regarded as the most friendly toward second branch.
Although Yue Chang Shou was indifferent, Mrs.
Han had always been very close with Mrs.
Su and very amiable to herself and her few younger sisters.

Obeying You Jin's words, You Yin quickly arranged the food.
The Yue Family compound, which was originally empty, was soon filled with delicious fragrance.
Seeing the previously disappeared first branch's mother and daughter currently stared at the spoon in old Mrs.
Chen's hand for fear that it might leak a spoon and a half, You Jin was full of contempt toward these two.
Lowering her eyelids, she silently complained in her heart.

Han looked from the four-five big pots on the table, which were all filled with vegetables, to gray-hair and yellowed face sisters.
She smiled and clicked some meat slice with fried potatoes for You Jin: “Thank you for you sisters' hard work.
Don't you know to call Third Aunt for help? Eat more, but don't exhaust your body!”
After that, she picked meat for You Yin.
Completely didn't notice old Mrs.
Chen's red eyes staring at her viciously.

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You Yin, who was sitting across from old Mrs.
Chen, noticed the familiar look on Grandmother's face.
You Yin, who was frightened and trembled a few times, picked up the bowl and tried to pick it out.
But she was stopped by You Jin:” Fourth Sister, still not thanking Third Aunt?”
After that, she pulled her sleeves under the dining table with her hands.

Seeing her act like this, You Yin hesitantly put down the thick porcelain bowl and then whispered, “Thank you Third Aunt.”

Old Mrs.
Chen endured and endured before finally pointing at the mulberry bush when actually scolding the locust tree: “Just all eat, no work tattered things.
From day to night, only know to eat!”

At the next table, Yue Da Fu was happily drinking the soju Third Son had brought back from the county town with his three sons.
Hearing old Mrs.
Chen was yelling again, he unhappily put down the bowl with some wine remaining in slight displeasure.
He shouted: “Come on.
Old woman never stops all day long.
Today, you're still at it all day long!”

Old Mrs.
Chen, who had already felt fire burning in her heart, became even more angry when beign told off by him.
Before she could explode, she heard You Ting uttered, “Oh.
The rice isn't cooked today!”

Old Mrs.
Chen became furious as soon as she heard it.
Her chopsticks slammed on the table.
She stared coldly at second branch's two money-wasting thing: “Who made the rice tonight?”

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These fierce words penetrated into the bones and scared You Yin into silence.
Her hands under the table tightly tugged at the sleeves.
Not knowing what to do.

After eating the fried potato and pork in the bowl, You Jin put down her chopsticks in time: “I steamed it.”

Picking up the chopsticks on the table and throwing it intp You Jin’s face, old Mrs.
Chen started to scold, “No skin, no face money-wasting goods that only eat and do nothing.
Really is the reincarnation of the evil star that came harm our old Yue Family.
Such a good brown rice has been half-cooked.
If I don’t kill you today, you won’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick!”
After that, she stood to prepare to beat You Jin.

Witnessing old Mrs.
Chen's anger, everyone didn't dare to speak.
All of them sat quietly with their heads down.
Taking in her so-called father's disdainful glance from the next table, a trace of ridicule flashed in You Jin's eyes.
After dodging the chopsticks that old Mrs.
Chen had just thrown over and seeing old Mrs.
Chen walking quickly over to beat her up, You Jin hurriedly got up and ran behind Mrs.
Han, who reached out her hand to protect her.
Only then, she began to defended herself: “It is Granddaughter’s fault that the rice isn't cooked today.
It’s just that I’ve never cooked a meal for so many people before, so I didn’t grasp the amount of water right…”
With a turn of a head, the gun was pointed at Mrs.
Chen: “Today it was supposed to first branch's turn to cook.
If First Aunt cooked, there would be no problem…”

At the sight of her mother-in-law’s aggressive appearance, Mrs.
Han hurriedly stopped her and dissuaded with kind words and coaxing: “Mother, since the rice is uncooked, bring it back, add some water and cook again.
After all, You Jin sisters are still small.
There will be times when they are careless.
Mother always dotes her children and grandchildren.
If you beat the children because of a small incident, the face of our Yue family will look bad.
Don't you agree?”

Old Chen's expression was already ugly.
Seeing Mrs.
Han protecting the money-wasting thing and using words to block her like this, old Mrs.
Chen's eyes blazed with anger.
However, seeing the old man having an expression of disapproval, she turned her aim and slapped Mrs.
Chen’s head: “You gluttonous, lazy woman.
It's your turn to cook at home and you lie in the room, slacking away.
Still not sorting the rice and steam it! If you don't cook the rice properly tonight, this old lady will peel your skin!”

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