bought at the farmer market by family early this morning.
He said he would bring it back for Mother to try and see whether county’s pork was better than the family’s pork!”

Han's words were pleasing.
She was also very obedient.
Old Mrs.
Chen, who was still dissatisfied with Mrs.
Han in her heart, immediately seem to be a better mood: “The meat I bought by my Third is naturally good!”

Turning her head, she beamed at Yue Chang Shou at the next table, “It's a chance rare to come back.
Eat more vegetables.
You can't eat these fresh vegetables when you are away from home.”

Yue Chang Shou merrily responded: “Ai! Since Mother has ordered, Son will open up stomach and eat more!” Old Mrs.
Chen's heart became warmed.
It was completely soothing.
It was still her youngest son who knew to dote other the most.
The atmosphere that was initially a bit awkward became jollily with the cooperation of Yue Chang Shou couple’s singing in harmony.
The gloom on old Mrs.
Chen’s face disappeared a lot.
Third Son came back to celebrate her fifty's birthday.
How can she let herself be angry due to these damn girls on her joyous day? Thinking like this, old Mrs.
Chen didn't want to care about second branch's money-losing things.

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In the west wing room, Mrs.
Su, who was half-lying on the bed, gave You Jin a slight blaming gaze: “You’re a little girl.
Why are you going against your grandmother and your eldest aunt? Is the place where your father hit you two days ago better already?”

Su supported herself to sitting position.
You Jin smiled like a Cheshire cat, “Don't worry, Mother.
Today Third Uncle's family, Eldest Cousin Brother and Second Cousin Brother have returned.
Even if she is annoyed, she won't hit anyone with her hands.” Although old Mrs.
Chen was terrible, Yue Da Fu wasn't a good person either.
Both of them had one habit, that is, to have face.
You Jin had spotted this point and dared to make such a fuss during third branch's return.

“You! You are extremely audacious.
Normally, you appeared steady.
Unexpectedly, you're crooked.
This time, you got your third aunt protecting you.
Then after your third aunt is gone tomorrow, who can protect you?” Mrs.
Su usually felt her eldest daughter was a little grown-up as she helped her with the housework and took care of the younger sister.
However, her impulsiveness during today's matter was surprising.
She couldn’t help but feel a little more worried.
“Your age is getting older.
Girls should always care about their reputation.
Still need to seek marriage in the future, no?”

Thinking that she still had seven daughters to marry off, Mrs.
Su couldn't help but sighed deeply.
Mother-in-law had never liked the few children.
How much dowry can she prepare for their future marriage? She didn’t have much dowry when she married into Yue Family.
What to do when the children marry out? The more Mrs.
Su thought about it, the more anxious she became.
She didn't even have the mind to eat the food she was holding.
She couldn't wait to come up with a good idea to solve this problem right away.

Seeing her so worried, You Jin coaxed a few words: “Mother, what you should worry about now is the younger brother in your stomach.
As for the rest, there's me.”

Seeing that her eldest daughter so sensible, Mrs.
Su's heart slightly firmed up.
These children have been accustomed to the hard life since they were young.
Because of her own reasons, they had suffered a lot.
Six daughters were all close to her and sensible under Eldest Daughter's teachings.
However, they were distant with family head.
Thinking of this, Mrs.
Su's heart felt unsettled again.

Taking in her frowning appearance, You Jin hurriedly persuaded her: “Mother is pregnant with a younger brother.
When Dr.
Ma came to check your pulse last time, he had said you were overly worried during pregnancy.
Mother, can you not have troubled thoughts for the younger brother in your belly's sake, right?”
In fact, You Jin didn’t care if the baby was a younger brother or younger sister.
But Mrs.
Su and Yue Chang Lu were all hoping for it to be a son.
They became accustomed to calling the one in Mrs.
Su’s belly younger brother.

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“Mother know.
the meal outside should be almost finished.
Go and see if there is anything you can do? And save you from getting called lazy by your grandmother again.”
Listening to the movement in the yard, it seemed that the meal was almost finished.
Su hurriedly ushered You Jin to go out to help clean up.

You Jin was an old god.
She didn't feel rushed at all: “Don't worry, Mother.
Today is the first day of the new year.
It's first branch's turn to do the housework.
If I go now, won't I be snatching Eldest Aunt's credit?”
Then she began to urge Mrs.
Su to have her meal: “Mother, you should focus on yourself and finish the meal first before discussing anymore.”

Su's temperament had always been submissive.
Because of this, she was bullied by people like Yue Family with no strength to fight back.
Seeing her daughter's understatement with a tough attitude, Mrs.
Su stopped saying anything.
Using her chopsticks, she scooped the somewhat warm food.
In a short while, she finished a coarse porcelain bowl of food.

Seeing that Mrs.
Su was full, You Jin collected the empty bowl and left the West Wing.
She only found You Yin and You Ting cleaning up the dishes.
The other sisters were gone.
So she asked You Yin: “Where's Little Fifth, Little Sixth, and others?”

Upon the sight of Third Sister's arrival, You Yin whispered: “Follow Third Aunt to the east wing.”

“Then why aren't you going?” You Jin took the chopsticks in You Yin's hand and placed it on the table.
Then she put Mrs.
Su empty bowl on the table: “Go to the east wing and watch the younger sisters.
Don't let them run wild in Third Aunt's room.”

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