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System Activate!

The rest of the meal became sullied after hearing this disparaging news. Even the beautiful girl sitting across from him couldn make it better. Four months sounded like an eternity to a man who not too long ago was living on top of the world.

”Come, it isn that bad. Didn you just tell me the other day that four months would go by super fast? ” Jasmine playfully punched his shoulder.

”Youve been really different today. Are you sure that there isn something else going on you
e not telling me about? ” Aside from the fact that the James she knew no longer existed? Of course not.

”I really think that its just the exhausting getting to me. You
e right though, Im sure the months will go by in no time. Then I can prove to my aunt everything that Im doing is totally worth it. ” James tried really hard to make the fake enthusiasm sound… less fake. He didn know what else to do.

”Thats the spirit! Why don you order something else to eat to cheer you up? You
e going to need a big dinner to get through tonight. ” Get through the night? The words somehow triggered another memory in his mind. Oh Joy, James could only thank his brain for reminding him about tonight. The busiest night of the week. What a time for him to be taking over this stupid humans body.

”I think you
e right. Do you want something else also? ” He picked up the menu to scan it over. His wallet could suffer a little to help settle his dismayed state of mind. He would just skip a meal somewhere else along the line.

”Why not some bacon? They do it really well here. Just the right amount of crispy and smoked flavor. Don worry about paying for it. I can cover it this time. ” Jasmine offered as she tried to flag down one of the waitresses. If only bacon could cure all the evils of the world. What a blissful thought that would be.

While his friend put the order of bacon in, James turned his attention back to the system. Having been an avid gamer in his younger years, hed been so certain it would be easy to crack the thing. Even if one couldn use straightforward cheats, a hidden workaround always existed somewhere. Just took stubbornness and time to locate them. For this stupid thing though, one might as well have been hitting their head on a rock over and over. No matter the request or command, it gave the same broken response. Nothing can be done until work starts.. Did it expect James to just learn everything on the fly? He didn have that special skill in his arsenal. In fact, He was horrible at that overall.

”There has to be at least one good thing you can tell me about work. Maybe a new favorite customer or coworker you
e getting along with? ” Jasmine leaned on the table staring at him expectantly.

”… ” James stared back, his mouth too stuffed full of sandwich to reply. What could he say though? Being honest didn seem like the best bet. The man was a loser. There was no way around it. Swallowing the mouthful, he cleared his throat before taking a sip of water.

”Not really. Just the same old, same old people. Few interesting ones but no one Ive been paired with. That might change tonight though. ” He fiddled with the crumbs on his plate, not looking up at the other.

”If things are too busy tonight, theyll probably give me more customers to work with. ” He could at least hope that would be the case, right?

”If you keep working on improving your track record, Im sure youll be able to start meeting a lot of interesting people. Maybe youll even be able to your own assigned customers soon! ” Jasmine didn even try to hide her excitement. Crumbs slipped out of her mouth as she didn bother finishing chewing before speaking.

”Once that happens, well definitely need to go out and celebrate again. ” James nodded his head. Sounded like a great idea. Maybe something to look forward in a year from now.

The record thing bothered him though. Did this guy also suck at making it work on time? Wouldn be such a surprise on top of everything else. James really needed to get his whole life remodeled if he wanted to get anywhere. The correct order though needed to be figured out first.

”Sure, well put a date on the calendar once I know for sure when itll be. ” For now, hed just have to keep holding onto his optimism. Though, it would probably get shattered another ten times over before he figured everything out. Hed just have to keep bouncing back each time.

While waiting for the bacon, he pulled his phone out to take a look at it. Somewhere, an app or record for work had to exist on his phone. Somewhere he could look to see how horrible his track record was. James wanted to brace himself for it before he got back to work. Better to know what to expect if he ended up coming in on time. The answer however was worse than he could imagine. Zero days on time.

No app showed up to tell him this, just a list on his phone to keep track of it in the form of an email. His boss it seemed was in a habit of sending the thing to him. A living record of how horrible he was at getting to work on time. Thankfully, only half the month had passed. He could work hard on the second half to fix his record.

James grimaced before sticking the phone back in his pocket. This man held a perfectly imperfect track record it seemed. He didn even think that such a thing could be possible. Seems the universe existed to prove him wrong on everything he used to think.

”Stop sulking over everything and pay attention to your food. The bacon is here! You want to start eating it before it gets cold. ” Jasmine huffed at her friend, shoving the plant under his nose.

”Plus, if you don quickly take your half, I might just snatch it all away from you. ” James frowned at her comment. He quickly took his half on the plate. No one ever stole bacon from him. Least of all friends and family. James at least held some sort of good taste when it came to food.

Bacon should have been allowed to stand on a pillar of its own as one of the best foods in the world.

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