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Tragic Ending Yet... It\'s Not Over?

James mimicked what everyone else did and lined up by the door. In mere moments customers would be starting to come in. Hopefully, the women would be something worth looking at. The night would certainly go by much faster that way.

”Mind your manners. Don do anything you
e not asked to or anything you wouldn want someone doing to you. ” Jesse gave another warning before unlocking the doors and flipping the signs around.

Glancing back and forth, the young host couldn help feeling out of place alongside everyone else. Seeing what everyone else wore, his low-class outfit stuck out like a sore thumb. Hed just have to work on outshining everyone with his personality. Big smiles and gracious manners could cover a multitude of flaws.

”James, you know that you don have to stand there waiting with everyone else. You
e still on drink duty for the next week. At least until we get short-handed again. ” James blinked a few times. He didn get to serve anyone? Rummaging through his thoughts, he managed to find that memory. A rather painful one it was. Note to self to not drop any drinks on anyone this time around.

”Thats right water boy. You might as well head to the back and get started. Once the customers start coming, you won have time for anything else. ” He glanced over his shoulder but couldn see who made the comment. Rude human. How dare he be compared to a water boy. No way could they be compared. He held a position far superior to that of a water boy.

”Welcome my lady. How nice of you to stop by tonight. ” James heard the words on his way towards the back. Stopping suddenly when a light flashed in front of his eyes right as he went through the door.

[System activated. First customer detected.] The woman who came in somehow caused the system to become active.

”Now you
e wanting to do your job? ” James scoffed as text suddenly began to scroll in front of his face. Almost too quick for him to keep up with.

[System activated until the end of work day.

Time remaining: Seven hours and Fifty minutes.

Tasks left to complete: 6

Time frame: Until end of work day

Penalty: If tasks are left unfinished or failed more than three times, fifty percent of points will be ducted.]

”Hold on. Why don you start by showing me what exactly these tasks are? ” James shifted away from the door. He didn want to take too long but he needed to figure the damn thing out.

[Tasks to complete:

Serve drinks without spilling : 0/10

Server food to customers: 0/5

Remember customer names: 0/10

Give a kiss on the hand: 0/2

Avoid breaking glasses: Successful if continued until end of work day

Smile at all times: Successful if continued until end of work day ]

Lot of tasks to complete. None of them sounded too horrible though. Except maybe smiling until the end of the work day? That would highly depend on everyone around James.

”Is there anything else I should know? ” The text began to disappear as he began to start gather bottles and glasses together.

[New tasks and skills will be unlocked upon leveling up.

Leveling up occurs upon successful completion of tasks or gaining bonuses.]

Once finishing this explanation, the system once again disappeared. Only the little tab remained in the corner. James sighed. At least this part didn seem totally impossible. This guy mustve been good at some of those things, right?

”Oy James. Stop making people wait on you. We have a few people here who would like some red wine. ” James almost scowled but stopped. Struggling, he somehow managed to keep a smile plastered on his face.

”Will be right there! ” He shouted back through a thin, fake smile. Time to get started. Maybe once he actually got into working it wouldn be so bad. He would just have to be mindful about his smile and not breaking anything.

What task would really be the easiest to do first? Memorizing names? That couldn be too hard. Maybe the best task to get on when they didn have too many customers. It would be a start at least.

”I apologize for keeping you waiting. James brought the bottle over the table that flagged him down.

”You didn by chance end up getting stuck between the bottles did you? ” The man joked, holding the glass out to James.

”Aha, well you know how I can be with alcohol. Not to mention there are so many good bottles down there, it can be hard to choose. ” James finished filling the glass before turning his attention to the woman.

”Nia was it? ” He flashed her a charming smile.

”Im most sorry of to have kept you waiting. ” The woman didn seem very impressed but held her glass out to him. She looked like one of those rich spoiled bratty girls with special tastes. It was doubtful though that the man sitting next to her matched those tastes. More than likely, he just happened to be the best out of the bunch that worked at this host club.

”Aren you the one who got hit in the head the other day with the bottle. ” The unexpected question caused James to almost over fill the cup. Barely catching himself in time to pull the bottle up and keep the smile in place.

”Indeed. You have a very good memory. ” James straightened himself out.

”Should you really be working after something like that? ” James didn get to respond before the other man interjected.

”Nia, darling. That isn something you need to worry about. James here actually has a rather strong head. Isn that right? ”

”Thats quite right. It would take more than a bottle to keep me down and away from serving such a beautiful woman as yourself. ” Nia kept looking at him but didn say anything else. James took it as his cue to leave the table to tend to some of the other customers. A mental note would be made to steer clear of that rude man.

James could deal with it though. Hed heard so much worse in his previous life. If being called hard-headed and difficult were the worst he would deal with, he could handle it. Hopefully, everyone else would be nicer. He needed to keep his smile in place so he could collect as many points as possible.

Speaking of which… He hoped the pinging sound the system made had been an indication his tasks were being recorded correctly as he completed them. The quicker they were completed, the sooner he relax.

What exactly would happen though if he messed up?

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