Elite Host System

What\'s This Strange System?

The best night in the world would be starting soon for David Santos, the most eligible bachelor in California. Two years it took him to get the attention of the woman he wanted to be with more than anyone else. Two years of playing the role of the desirable, rich bachelor before she really noticed him.

Sure, there were many beautiful women who threw themselves at his feet, willing to give anything in return for a few hours of his attention. The kind of girls who were nice for a quick fix but nothing more than that. Daniella Washington was her name and tonight she would become his. At least… that had been the plan. For David, the universe seemed to be conspiring against him. Work ran later than expected. Then to make matters worse, black clouds rolled in to cover the moon. An indication a thunderstorm would be starting soon.

”Of course… The one time Im about to get something I really want; the world decides to conspire against me. ” Fumbling with his tie, he glances down at his phone. It would be cutting close to making it for the reservation time if he didn hurry up. Danielle agreed to meet him taking one stress off him.

”Im leaving! You guys know everything else that needs to be finished up. I expect it to be done by Monday. ” David slammed the door of the building before descending the stairs two steps at a time. He trusted his employees enough to lock everything up after they finished. He wouldn have hired them otherwise. Good, loyal, and reliable people were what helped keep the money rolling in. One important point for success. Another was willing to work oneself down to the bone even if it seemed impossible to succeed.

Using the car key, David unlocked his Mercedes. Hopping into the drivers seat and buckling up. For four years he worked himself to death just to be able to achieve this goal. The two years that followed were nothing compared to all of that. Four years just to be able to get the one girl he really wanted. No way would her parents have ever accepted him if he didn get rich.

It wasn just for her though. David always dreamed of living a rich lifestyle. Not having to worry about making money last or having enough for anything he wanted. Once he finally accomplished it, he allowed himself to indulge for a while. Not just in materialistic things but in women as well. What woman doesn appreciate a man with prior experience in how to pleasure the female body? It justified his actions at least in his mind.

”Fifteen minutes. Just fifteen more minutes and everything will be all worth it. ” He thumped his first against the steering wheel in excitement. The pouring rain made it difficult to see each time a stoplight came up. David wasn too worried about this. The fairly light traffic meant the risk of him getting in a crash was low. He only needed to speed just enough to reach his destination, so Daniella didn have to wait more than five minutes for him.

The moment that the stop light turned green; the world flipped upside down for David. Having the right of way, began to take off through the light. He could see the restaurant, no more than a mile ahead of his car. He would be able to make it in time! His attention became diverted however by the sound of a semi-truck blaring its horn on his left. He slammed on his breaks and whipped his head to look in the direction of the sound. His response was too slow as the oversized vehicle plowed into the drivers side of the car. The driver of said vehicle, unable to clearly see the stoplight believed he could go.

Is this really how my life ends? Davids last thought. The pain from the crash was fleeting as his vision began to dim until began overtaken by a white light as his mind went completely blank.

”Hey, you idiot! What are you doing? You know that you can be slacking on the job! The bottle didn hit you that hard, so you better get up bum before the boss fires you! ”

David groaned, the voice sounded floating and distant at first before it slowly got louder and more masculine followed by a sharp pain in his side. Did someone just kick him? How could that be possible, didn he just die?

”James. I swear to god Im not going to cover for you again so you can play hooky. ” Another sharp kick caused David to audible groan. His name wasn James. Did the man get him confused with someone else?

Suddenly, a sharp pain radiated through Davids head as his brain became filled with memories and images. None were of his own, he knew for a fact that he wouldn have forgotten such vivid memories.

”Earth to James! Get your ass up! ” A third kick hit his legs.

”I swear if you kick me one more time, you
e not going to like my response. ” David groaned; his voice sounded hoarse compared to normal. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was a rather pissed-off-looking man dressed in formal attire.

”When did you get enough of an attitude to be threatening someone like that? Did bottle really hit you that hard? ” The stylish man frowned as he reached a hand out to help the other out.

”I can take you to the doctor if you need though it might cause you to get written up again. Can you stand? ” rather than verbally replying, David groaned again as he took hold of the hand extended to him to stand up.

”You going to be okay buddy? ” The man put his hand behind the others back to support him.

”… ” Blinking a few times, David tried to come to terms with the sight before him. His memories told him the man standing before him was called Atlas. He couldn have been taller than 510 yet David needed to tilt his head up to look the other in the eye. Did he shrink?

”Wheres the mirror? Is there one here? ” David asked, wincing at how bad his voice sounded.

”Uh, yeah. Its right behind you, are you sure you
e okay. ” Atlas indicated to the mirror.

The room they were in didn look familiar to David beyond being some sort of breakroom or other. Evidentially, not a hospital or any kind of room that a hospital would have. At least not the kind David wouldve been taken to. He could worry about all of that later. Right now, he needed to see himself to confirm his identity.

The moment he stood in front of the full-length mirror; his world began to spin again. Barely able to hold back the scream wanting to break out, David couldn believe the sight before his eyes.

It wasn his body that stared back at him! How in the hell was this even possible?!

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