Elite Host System

A Host System For A Host in A Host Club

David touched the face staring at him. They hands certainly moved as though they belonged to him yet the face staring back looked like a punk. What happened?

”Oy James, you sure you
e alright? ” Atlas came to stand behind the other man. Frown still firmly in face, the taller man reached out and touched the small lump on back of the others head.

”Maybe you really should think about getting this looked at. Might be worse than it seems. ” hissing, David swatted the hand.

”What did you do that for? Any sensible person would know better than to touch an obviously tender lump. ” Cover the bump in a protective manner, David turned and scowled at the other.

”I take that back. You seem much more like your typical self. ” The frown disappeared and the other took on a more indifferent attitude.

”You still might want to think about icing but get back to work first. If you end up getting a concussion or something you might really be out of work. ” What kind of place fires someone over a concussion?

”Whatever. ” David huffed, turning back to the mirror, he went back to fretting over his image. Atlas, seeing that the other seemed perfectly fine decided to leave the room.

”Don take too long staring at yourself. You really should be thinking about getting back to work soon. ” The breakroom door slammed shut as the others voice drifted further away. Back to work? What exactly did this human do for a living? Based on his look, it didn seem like it could be anything decent.

The dress shirt he adorned looked rather tacky and cheap as did the bowtie. Who wore a purple bowtie nowadays? Such a hideous color to be paired with dark blue. The slacks were the only decent part of the outfit. Cheap but form-fitting. The shoes looked like leather knock-offs along and probably saw a fair amount of better days in the past. David sighed as he ran his hands over his face. The pain earlier told him that in no way could he have been dreaming. Whatever happened for better or for worse was real. Still… running his hand through his rather greasy, spiky hair, he touched the oversized bump on the back of his. Wincing as the thing throbbed. Nope, definitely not dreaming.

”dios mío santo, what am I going to do now? ” Getting back to work wouldve been the obvious answer. Could he do that though? This James persons memories were still flittering into his mind like some kind of virtual printer receiving a never-ending fax. Except, David felt fairly certain that faxing never hurt a printer as much as all the foreign memories hurt his head. Painkillers anyone? Regardless of how he felt, he supposed that there really wasn any other option except to get ready to go back to work.

At least that was the plan until something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Something akin to a little flat line stuck out in the upper right-hand corner of his vision. Blinking didn clear it however and swatting it revealed it wasn something hanging in front of his face or stuck in his. What exactly was it?

”Begone you annoying thing, I don need one more thing bothering me on top of everything else going on. ” Instead of listening, something popped in the corner like a little chat box.

[Does the user wish to engage?] David squinted, trying to read what the thing said. Engage? With what exactly?

”Yes? ” he answered hesitantly aloud. Suddenly, a white light flashed in front of his face.

[Response accepted. Elite host system activated. Welcome new host.] The text appeared in front of Davids face as a monotone voice read them aloud. Did the voice come from inside his head?

[New Host: James Oaks.

Level zero: completely undesirable.

No special skills/talents listed

EXP needed: 0/1000

Bonus: Bilingual ]

Bonus for being bilingual? What exactly did that mean?

”What is this level-up thing. ” David tried to swipe in front of his face again to see what would happen. The thing didn seem to respond to his movements. Only his voice.

[Level up by completing various tasks. Learn as you go. Secret missions/accomplishments can reward bonus points].

Secret missions? Did that mean there were regular ones as well?

”What else? ”

[New host needs to regularly check-in and complete tasks in order to level up. Failure to do so will hold consequences. Continual failure will lead to worse consequences.

The host can interact with the system each day to find new tasks for completion. Tasks will reset at the end of each day. Each unfinished or unattempted task will result in a loss of points.] This thing actually would ding him for not doing something? David wanted to ask it a ton more questions but feared that if he kept talking aloud for too much longer, someone would walk-in on him.

If I think that I want you to go away, will you disappear? David sincerely hoped so. It felt weird standing inside of a room talking to himself. The answer to his question came rather quickly when the strange screen in front of his face vanished. The little thing in the corner of his eye, however, didn go away. He could probably forget about it if he didn glance at the corner of his eye. It didn take up that much space in his vision.

What now though? It felt like the whole world suddenly tipped upside down for David. Not only did he somehow end up in a body that wasn his own, but it also came equipped with some strange system thing. Pain told him he wasn a dream, but then what? Did he somehow get a second chance at life? An opportunity born out of regret from missing his one chance with the girl he loved? This line of thought lead to a number of other questions though. Where on earth did this person live? Did he actually die? Rather quick death if he did… How long ago? What happened to his body? Could he go back? He still needed to figure out more about the bodys identity in order to blend in.

Glancing at the mirror again, David grimaced. Something would need to be done about his look. Hed also need to start thinking about himself as James instead of David at least until he found out what was really going on. Anything else would have to wait until later. Right now, He needed to figure out what this guy did for a living. Despite his look, the break room looked rather nice. The color scheme needed help but the chairs and tables appeared to be of decent quality.

Straightening out his outfit, James took a deep breath before heading to the door he believed led out to the main part of wherever he worked. Silently praying, he twisted the door handle and opened the door, bracing himself for whatever sight would greet him on the other side.

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