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No matter how much he tried, sleep didn come to James. Every bit of his body screamed with the need for sleep yet his brain didn shut down. Laying on the cheap, lumpy, and overused mattress, more thoughts and memories flooded his mind. Some helped to piece together parts of the life before he took over, others were just annoying.

”Can you understand that I need sleep right now? ” He hoped his body would listen since no one else was there to hear his plight. Shifting position, he beat the stiff pillow under his head in an attempt to make it more comfortable. Alas, this person mustve in the lowest of lowest pits to rely on such uncomfortable things. His spoiled brain didn want to accept being stuck with items of such low quality. He would need to quickly find a way to make more money to improve his standard of living.

In order to do that successfully… he needed sleep. The one thing evading him at the current moment. In his old body, James wouldve just pulled his phone out and put on some type of relaxing music. It wasn his phone however that he would be using to do that now. His fear of what he might find on the phone outweighed the itch to listen to something classic or white noiseish to soothe him to sleep. Instead, he would have to force himself to sleep through sheer while power. The sooner he fell asleep, the quicker he could get onto the next steps to improve life!

A massive headache and six hours later found James with barely a few minutes of sleep to his name. Nothing worked to put him to sleep but he was too tired to get up and do anything. Both his body and head protested the lack of sleep when he got up but nothing could be done about it. Sleep didn want to be his friend so hed have to go without it for now.

Sun being up meant that it was time to get to work. James needed to spend his day collecting information. If he worked at night, this would be the only time available to do it. Huffing, he ran his hands over his face. The plan was simple enough but his body wasn ready to move in order to execute it. As horrible as the mattress felt, his battered body found solace in the familiar feeling of it. The kind of comfort that leads to one more minute of laying on it turning into five, then ten, and so on. James couldn afford that though. His life needed to get together sooner rather than later!

Rolling himself to the edge of the bed, he forced himself up off the bed. Dragging himself to the bathroom to get the day started. Warm water and a quick brushing of the teeth would do him wonders. Then if he could find coffee, he might become somewhat human again.

”Stupid thing. You take up space in the corner of my eye yet you won do anything when I ask you to work. What good are you? ” James scowled in the mirror upon noticing that the little line still hovered above his left eye.

[Would you like to run through what all the options are before the start of the workday?] The text flashed in front of his eyes. The bright color causing him to wince.

”I would love to if you would actually decide to work and what you say you can do. ” Grumbling, he quickly brushed his teeth.

[There are a number of items you can access during off-work hours. Should I take you to these options? ” James let out a garbled yes around the toothbrush. Maybe whatever the thing he had with him would be able to do something to help him out. At least in some way or another.

James didn expect that his request would trigger the whole system to open up a strange display. Words and numbers he could quite understand flashed in front of his eyes. The setup being very much like the old games he used to play as a kid. Except, there were a lot more options than he remembered there ever being for video games.

”What exactly am I supposed to be looking at here? ” James crossed his arms trying to make sense of the numbers by squinting at them.

[Overview display. This screen contains all of your stats. At this point, there isn much for you to look at. As you level up everything under here will shift to make your level. The further you go and the more points you spend, the more you can unlock.] The system flashed over different parts, highlighting them as the explanations continued.

”Alright, alright. You can stop all of that already. ” James couldn focus on all the information the thing gave him due to his exhausted mind.

”Is there anything that you could give me now that might help me to get through this day? Hint, skill, cheat, anything? ” A high-pitched beep sound went off inside his head the moment this question passed his lips.

[Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. In the case that any form of cheating is found, the host will lose fifty percent of all previous gained points. ” James almost choked on his mouthwash upon hearing this. Fifty percent? That sounded a little harsh. Hopefully, no points would be deducted over his question.

”No cheating, fine. But what about anything else that I just asked? Isn there something that I can do with you to help me? ”

[You can ask any system questions you desire but hos can only activate the full system during regular work hours.] Hearing this made it feel very much like it would be one step forward and two steps back each time he made progress.

”Fine. Since I obviously don know anything about how you correctly work, just tell me everything I can know then. ” Since the text didn seem to block his ability to do anything, he could still go about his day. His body and mind were terribly exhausted but now wasn the time to be giving up on anything.

James would have to endure one sleepless night and day and hope it would be worth it. The first step would be checking his phone to unveil whatever horrors awaited him behind the dark screen. After that, he could focus on food and other things before work started. If he wanted to be able to go anywhere, he needed to have his phone.

He could deal with it though. He just needed to remind himself that whatever this man had been dealing with, it had very little to do with him. So long as he occupied the body, James would work on becoming a very different person. Hopefully, a new and improved version that people liked better and would get him places.

Two goals in life to reach once again – unlimited money and the girl of his dreams. This would be the first step in that direction.

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