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How Do I Not Remember My Own Family?

James sighed. Wardrobe remodel would have to go on the list of items to take care of. He wouldn be able to keep wearing such cheap and tacky-looking items. It would slowly kill him inside. Just another one of the reasons on the slowly piling up list that he needed money.

Money that his bank told him amounted to nearly two hundred dollars. Hardly enough to spend on anything except for sustenance. How did the man live off so little money yet think it acceptable to buy beer? How much crueler could the world get?!

James pocketed all the items he need before leaving the apartment again. Grocery shopping then meeting up with this friend. Whatever he bought would just have to last a few weeks. Nothing that he hadn managed to do before. He just needed to remember to keep his head. This might have only been temporary. Once he got his next paycheck, surely he would be able to turn things around.

This optimism quickly came crashing down when James finished his shopping at a little mart not too far from his apartment. Food somehow ended up being more expensive than he remembered. Or maybe his tastes were too expensive. Whatever the case, the checkout lady didn seem amused by his struggle to figure out what needed to go back. The cheese or the smoked bacon? Which could he part with or maybe the steak? Did he even have a right to eat it?

He quickly made a decision when the customers lined up behind him and began to complain. Obviously unaware of his current anguish. It was like asking someone to choose between their favorite children. Which one would they leave behind?

”You can take it back. ” James pushed the beloved, juicy steak towards the woman along with a carton of eggs and cheese. He would just have to give them all up for now. He even handed over one of the bottles of wine to be able to afford his meet-up later. The woman made an annoyed sound but finished ringing him up.

After paying, he ended up with only having forty dollars left to his name. Forty dollars to scrape by on before his next paycheck. At least he wouldn have to worry about going hungry for a little while. The only thing he could give kudos to the man for was not keeping any kind of pet. He didn need any extra unnecessary expenses.

”You wouldn happen to have any kind of ability to help improve my cooking, would you? ” David cooked a lot in his previous life. He still remembered many of the meals he made. Yet somehow in his current body, cooking the way he used to didn work. Almost as though his skills had been downgraded to match the body he currently occupied.

Of course, the dang weird thing didn reply to him. Another obvious indication of how useless it was to him. Exactly what he didn need. If by the time work rolled around, the thing didn prove useful maybe he could somehow exchange it. He didn know exactly how that would work. If it gave him money though, he didn care.

Once James finished putting everything away, it already hit the time he needed to leave again. Why did it feel as though time was moving by so quickly? He hadn even had a chance to mentally prepare himself to meet this woman? Sure, they were already friends. That didn mean he didn want to impress her though. With the right skills, friendship could blossom into something else. Nothing too serious though. Just a little TLC to his appearance to highlight this guys good points. Hopefully enough to take eyes away from his hideous apparel.

The man didn have much to work with. It would have to do for now. A little style to his hair, a cologne that didn smell so bad, and a quick shave. No way would he go anywhere with the strange thing growing on his chin. No wonder this guy didn get much respect. The creature growing on his chin made him look like some cheap pimp. No matter the body, David Santos wouldn allow himself to stoop to such poor looks!

Looking up the place they were to meet up and heading there, James found it to be a dinky little restaurant. Nothing like that he used to go to. That at least meant it would likely be cheap. No need for prior reservations either. Hed just need to find them a table and occupy it until the girl got that.

Except said girl was already there. Thankfully, he remembered what she looked like. James swallowed thickly while staring at her shamelessly. She looked even cuter in person compared to her picture. Girl next door kind of cute, but still cute. How hadn this guy not gotten a chance with her yet? Shed have been an absolute catch!

”Hey! Nice to me- See you again! Feels like it has been ages! ” James laughed nervously, barely able to catch his mistake. The girl didn seem to catch it or mind as she shone a bright smile at him.

”Jamie! Took you long enough to get here! Looks like a finally beat you for once! ” By tone, it sounded like a joke. One James hardly paid attention to his. His eyes were too busy focused further down from her face. Her shirt baby blue shirt seemed one size too large for her. Hanging off one shoulder, it allowed a glimpse of the treasure hidden below. Treasure indeed!

”Are you going to keep standing there and staring at me like that or take your seat? ” The girl stuck her tongue out at him, moving her arm to cover where his eyes stared.

”Ill take my seat. ” James hid his embarrassment behind a fake cough as he sat down. Could he be blamed though? In guy in their right mind wouldve been able to stop themselves from staring at such a lovely creature. He needed to do his best to not blow his chances with this one. Maybe he could get lucky if he played his cards right.

[Insufficient level to proceed.]

The writing flashed in front of his eyes as he continued staring at his friend.


What exactly did that mean?

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