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Track Record: Imperfect

James decided to ignore the thing in favor of his beautiful friend. Pity he never happened to have such beautiful friends in his previous life. If he did, he mightve settled down sooner and never ended up getting rich. Perhaps if that happened, he wouldn have died.

”Cat got your tongue? You
e much more quiet than usual today Jamie. ” His friend appeared a little worried about him.

”Aha, sorry Im just a little tired today, Jasmine. You know after that little accident at work yesterday. ”

”Accident at work yesterday? You didn mention anything about that to me! Are you okay? Thats the second time something has happened in the last week. ” She didn know? Was that the kind of information he wasn supposed to tell her? The speck of panic that he felt building up inside told him he messed up.

”Well, you know. It wasn anything that serious. Just a little unexpected run-in with a bottle. Nothing that I can bounce back from. ” He quickly assured Jasmine whose hazel eyes shone back with deep concern.

”Honestly, nothing for you to make such a face about. I can assure you, I actually feel ten times better now that I get to see you. If I didn know better, I would say you
e magic. ” James knew it came out as lame as it sounded. He didn know what else to say though to stop Jasmine from looking so worried. He never did well with girls who cried.

”Really? You
e not just saying that to make me feel better? ” She fixed him with a scrutinizing look, leaning across the table to give him a better look over. Wrong move to aid the young who quickly found himself trying to swallow around the thick lump in his throat. The way she moved caused her breasts to nearly pop out of her shirt as they were crushed between her body and the table.

James knew the right thing to do would be to look at her eyes. He struggled to focus though with the precious treasures squished against the table. So close he could reach out and touch them if he so desired.

”Honestly, theres absolutely nothing wrong with me. I will be back to one hundred percent before my shift starts tonight at work. ” He forced his eyes to meet Jasmines just in time for the waitress to come over to take their order. The last thing James needed was for a stranger to see him ogling his friend. Not that anyone would know they were just friends. Something about it just felt wrong to him. The kind of wrong he wanted to avoid for now.

Too flustered to know what he was doing, Jasmine ended up ordering for both of them. By the way she handled it, it almost seemed as though it was a common occurrence between them. Based on memories, it seemed they often came to this place together. He couldn discern though if the reason lay in sentiment or decent food. He certainly hoped it was the latter though.

”I don mind then as long as you
e okay. I don know what I would do if I ended up having to take you to the doctor again. Your aunt would certainly make you quit your job this time around. ” This guy had an aunt? How come he couldn remember her?!

”You really think so? ” James laughed before taking a sip of his water. How come he held no recollection of such a woman? Shouldn he be able to recall who all of his family members were?

”Of course she would! You know that she has been trying to get you to give up for the last few months. Another injury would just be more evidence to her that you
e in the wrong job. ” Jasmines eyes narrowed, a fire sudden light within them. A look that made her even more attractive to her friend if possible.

”You know though that you can let her take this away from you. Its the one dream youve had for yourself. Even if you
e not that good at it now, youll improve in the future. I know you will if you put your heart into it. ” Did this guys ambition really only extend to being a host? Even being the top host at such a place seemed like a low-hanging fruit to reach for.

”Don worry, I won give up that easily. This is probably just something that I need to go and talk with her about again. ” Jasmine shook her head strongly, he hair whipping around her face from the force.

”We both know you can do that. If you do, shell try to get you to take lessons from her again. Lessons that would stop you from being able to focus on your job. ” What lessons? James couldn ask this question though as the waitress came back with the food.

”All you really need to focus on right now is taking care of yourself. Work slowly on getting better. Once you
e in a higher position, your aunt is certain to recognize your success. ” Somehow, Jasmine sounded more passionate about this whole thing than he did. Was this really his dream or hers?

e right. That might be the best way to go about this matter. Just take my time getting higher up then maybe deal with those things. How long do you think it would take me? ” His friend shot him an odd look. James missed it though, his attention taken over by the food in front of him. For low-class food, it smelled better than expected.

”Last time we talked about this, you told me it would take you at least four months. Thats just to climb up from your current rank to one thats measured. After that, itll be more competitive. First, though, you need to actually be able to do a consistently good job. No more hurting yourself otherwise youll be in real trouble. ” James shouldve felt delighted when the other reached over the table to touch his hand. Instead, it felt as though the whole world around him had slowed down. Everything else became muted background noise. The words he could hear clearly were four months and they kept bouncing around in his head like a never-ending echo.

He needed to somehow survive four months before he could get anywhere?! What kind of hell was this?!

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