bring him from another world, so with just this there is no need to explain much.

As Kaito thought about all this he could feel that he reached the place where everything was happening. Looking carefully he realized that the situation was different from what he remembered, since now Puck is in his full power state like a tiger and Melakuera is laughing like crazy.

The reason? Apparently he hated it from him because Emilia went so far that he thinks to self-destruct and finish Emilia and Puck at the same time.

Seeing this, Kaitos eyelids twitched and he wondered if he can avoid the fate of saving Emilia and starting his relationship with this clichéd situation.

But realizing that everything was going to go wrong if he didn do something, Kaito just sighed and decided to act.

Meanwhile at the scene of the confrontation.

”Now tell me what you
e going to do to protect that half-demon… HAHAHA! ”

Melakuera said in an arrogant and maddened tone to Puck who long ago left his carefree attitude and now he has only a look of murderous intent directed at Melakuera.

When all this happened, Emilia, who was being protected by Puck, felt guilty, since she knows that all this happened because of her, even though their relationship had advanced and she had been aware that Puck protects her because he really cares, she cannot bear the fact. of do anything.

Knowing Emilia Pucks thoughts with a sweet and loving tone, she spoke.

”Lía, you don need to worry, since I told you that I will protect you no matter what happened, its more, did you forget that this is also in our contract? ”

Hearing Pucks words, Emilias eyes couldn help but get wet but with a firm attitude he prevented the tears from coming out of her eyes. At the same time he rose from the snow to Pucks side and faced Melakuera with an unhesitating gaze.

Seeing Emilias actions, a smile appeared on Pucks face since he knows how much Emilia has suffered and seeing that he can face problems with courage, even though he is having to do it, is enough for him to be happy.

Witnessing all this, Melakueras mood worsened and with a cold look at the two beings in front of him he self-destructed. Seeing that there was no time, Puck stood in front of Emilia and was somewhat afraid but with a firmness like he had never before prepared to cast magic.

Everything was ready for it to end until suddenly Melakueras actions stopped, but his thoughts continued to advance and realizing her state an inexplicable sense of crisis and fear filled his heart.

Puck for his part also realized what happened to Melakuera and seeing that Melakuera was staring at him in one direction, he also turned to see what Melakuera was looking at.

What surprised him was that a young man with black hair tied in a ponytail, golden eyes with a white cape and scarf, wearing blue and black clothes was extending a finger towards Melakuera.

Puck immediately knew that this young man was the one who stopped Melakuera, what made him be on maximum alert was that this young man can stop the time of beings at will.

Since he saw that he didn show annoyance on his face and he stopped pointing at Melakuera but the latter still couldn make a move.

What made Puck more alert was the camouflaged pressure that could be felt in the young man, even if he is in that place without making any movement, the suffocating oppression can be felt.

While the two spirits were shocked a small figure came out from behind Puck and stared at Kaito.

Sensing a look on him, he turned to see and realized that it was Emilia who was looking at him curiously.

At the moment that the eyes of the two met, it seemed that time had stalled for a moment and then returned to normal.

So the two were looking at each other, Emilia who was lost in Kaitos eyes which for her seemed like a really beautiful little Sun.

Instead Kaito was looking at Emilia and seeing her carefully he could understand how Subaru fell in love with this girl, she really is beautiful.

Her long silver hair, her purple eyes and the whiteness of her skin make her look like a fairy.

If it weren for the fact that her existence is already on another plane and it is very easy to control her emotions and expressions, perhaps she would have the same face as Subaru when he met Emilia.

Slightly diverting his gaze from Emilia Kaito, he looked at Melakuera and for a moment he stared at him.

He knows that since he came to this kind of world at some point he would have to take someones life, although he does not consider himself a bad person Kaito will not hold his hands and let the enemies go.

Seeing Melakuera for the last time, Kaito made a slight movement with his hand. After that, a barrier sealed Melakuera so that later a small black flame will stick to his body and burn him until his ashes are gone.

Seeing this Puck frowned and Emilia was also surprised since she had not seen someone so powerful being eliminated in such a way.

She was no stranger to death as she had dealt with beasts before however Melakuera was a living being unlike those beasts so she couldn help but look at Kaito with a bit of fear.

Seeing Emilias look, he couldn help but feel helpless, he also felt uncomfortable since it is the first time that he takes the life of a living being. Although he wanted to make a good impression on Emilia to start getting along, what he just did is inevitable.

So, sighing, Kaito slowly approached Emilia and Puck.

Seeing Kaito approaching and feeling that he had no bad intentions towards them and even had good intentions towards Emilia, Puck returned to his normal form and remained floating at the height of Emilias face.

On Kaitos part, he did not prevent Puck from seeing his thoughts towards them because if he tries to talk to them and does not express himself in a good way, it can be problematic in the end.

Being in front of the two Kaito spoke with a sincere smile.

”Are they alright? Apparently they were in some trouble ”

”Hmmm, yes we were in some trouble but you help us so thank you ”

Puck said sincerely.

”No problem, oh I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Kaito ”

”I am Puck and this is my daughter Emilia ”

”A pleasure…. ”

Although she was still nervous about talking to someone other than Puck, Emilia still answered bravely.

”It was nice to meet you Puck Emilia ”

Hearing Kaitos soft words without disgust or other feelings, Emilia was glad that someone would not reject her for being a half elf.

Sensing Emilias emotions, Puck felt happy and looked at Kaito with a look of gratitude. Knowing the meaning of Pucks look, Kaito just smiled at him.

The truth is that he doesn mind helping Emilia, he really feels empathy for her since being just a girl she had to live one thing after another. He really makes Kaito care for her.

”If its not a bother, he invited them to my house, since its not good to stay outside and even more so if a snow storm could happen at any moment ”

Puck didn answer but agreed inside him, however he looked at Emilia and waited for her answer.

When Emilia saw that the two were looking at her, she was a little anxious since she had not had this type of interaction before, but when she saw that Puck did not refuse and Kaito, who was waiting for her answer, she had no choice but to respond. .

”If its not a bother then Ill accept your invitation, Kaito ”

”It doesn bother you in the least, come Ill guide you ”

Kaito said with a smile and Emilia, seeing that Kaito continued to treat her in the same way, nodded and continued to join Kaito with Puck to the black passage that opened behind him.

She had the confidence to follow him since during this short period of time she realized that Kaito had no malicious ideas about it, although Puck had already realized it.

But it wasn like that, it was the opposite, he helped them when they were in trouble and whats more, he treated her like another person hadn done before, apart from Puck, all these actions made Emilia see Kaito as a good person.

For Kaitos part he doesn know Emilias thoughts and if he knew them he would only be happy since he simply wants to help Emilia. If she considers him a special person later on, he stops him, he is just a bonus for doing what he does without remorse.

Since he does not want to regret anything he does and wants to enjoy this new life that the system or the universe itself gave him, he does not know, but whoever gave him this opportunity is grateful from the bottom of his heart. .

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