Somewhere in the thick forest of Elior, there was a small hunting lodge made of wood and stone with an amazing rear garden filled with flowers that seemed to be unaffected by the cold.

In the middle of all this was Emilia who was talking to the spirits as usual, while the slight breeze from her hit Emilia and made her hair sway slowly.

Without realizing it, someone was watching her from the door that led to the garden, wearing a black jacket with red edges and the symbol of an oriental dragon on the back, black pants, black boots, and black hair tied in a ponytail. to this really beautiful person.

Adding to this that after a period of growth now her figure looks more adult, this young man was Kaito who had lived with Emilia for more than 4 months.

Yes, 4 months, this was possible thanks to the good intentions shown by Kaito and that Emilia also liked his company and that finally someone treated her like a normal person, not like a demon.

Of course, at first it was complicated, although Kaito had taken Emilia and Puck to his pocket space and Emilia would like it, she still missed her home, to which after spending a week inside her pocket space Kaito proposed to take her back to your home.

Although Emilia was embarrassed and sad because she believed that Kaito thought that she did not like being in this place and was going to abandon her which made her in an extremely depressing mood.

Of course, Kaito knew about this and immediately had to calm Emilia down by explaining that it is better to be outside and that she would be able to talk to the spirits.

This made Emilia happy again and she insisted with some sorrow to Kaito to take her out of it, so Kaito took her to where she had the figures of her parents made of snow.

Seeing this, a sadness and anger filled Kaitos heart since the truth could not do anything for Emilias parents, although it controls death it would be too complicated to find the souls of the two if it still exists.

What I was angry about is Pandora who did all this just because of the seal of Elior Forest which should simply contain Minervas remains, the reason for thinking this is that Capella Emerada Lugunica one of the archbishops of the witch cult in the Web novel he said in his attack on Priestella that he was looking for the remains of Typhon.

The witch of pride, although she only appears in the web novel, that gives Kaito a clue that Pandora was looking for the remains of the Witches to turn them into puppets and then take away the authorities from the archbishops to give them back to the Witches.

Finally break the seal of the Pleiades watchtower and thus free the witch from envy to ultimately turn her into a puppet or perhaps to ally with her and destroy the world.

But those thoughts were fleeting at that moment so Kaito put them aside to focus on Emilia, thus giving her a better life while he enjoys spending the days with her.

Remembering all this Kaito smiled slightly. Casting her gaze on Emilia, he realized that she was walking towards his with a smile on her beautiful face.

”What were you doing out here? ”

Emilia asked with curiosity since before she could see Kaito distracted.

”Hehehe… I was just thinking about all the things weve lived through and I was also seeing how you were talking to the spirits ”

Saying that Kaito patted him on the head, feeling Kaitos touch Emilia only smiled. And seeing that he was returning to the cabin, Emilia followed behind him.

She also knows one of Kaitos purposes in seeing her as he always does when she has food ready, and Emilia is delighted with Kaitos food. So every time he calls her to eat, she rushes to follow him.

Kaito was already familiar with Emilias actions so he could only smile to see that she had already overtaken him and entered the cabin.

As Kaito watched Emilias back move away, he began to think about her feelings towards Emilia.

The simplest answer he could come up with to this question is yes and no. He does have some feelings towards Emilia but what holds him back is Emilias knowledge of these issues.

Although he knows that with a little guidance that aspect can improve, he still plans to wait for her to recover her memories of her, he has been talking to Puck about it a couple of times but he always makes excuses and procrastinates.

Realizing that he came to the table where there was a Puck and Emilia eating, Kaito didn think about those things anymore, he will leave the issue of his relationship with Emilia for the near future and whatever happens happens.

Even if he is rejected he will still help Emilia, this is thought by Kaito since he knows that relationships/partners in animes depend on the script so now that he is in the real world these kinds of things are different.

Because in this world all people have their own feelings and attitudes, so Kaito although he hopes that things follow the original story he thinks that peoples relationships can be different.

Or maybe Kaito is thinking too much and all the attitudes/feelings of the people in the 2D world are as shown and being in this plane nothing changes.

But in the end he didn come to an end to his current doubt and he just focused on eating together with Emilia and Puck, so he could continue enjoying time with them.

As time passed, the 3 finished eating respectively. Emilia and Puck looked extremely satisfied with the food that shortly after Emilia settled down she fell asleep.

Seeing her in that state, Kaito sighed at her and, carrying her like a princess, took her to a room to rest.

When Kaito returned to the place where they were eating before, he fixed his gaze on a Puck that at first glance was asleep but Kaito knew perfectly well that he was just acting.

”Don you think its time to talk about this topic and finish it once and for all? ”

Kaito asked with a reproachful tone to Puck, who pretended to be asleep at first but after feeling that Kaito was serious this time he got up from where he was, floating to a height where he and Kaito stared at each other. eyes.

”You know that this topic is not easy for me… and more Emilia she… she is not yet ready to remember her past ”

Said a Puck in a melancholic and heavy tone.

”I understand what you mean but Emilia must know the truth… no matter how painful it is, I have also told you several times that I can make her adoptive mother return to normal ”

”If you
e capable of doing that, why haven you done it yet? ”

Puck asked in a rhetorical tone.

”Im waiting since I want to eliminate the witch cult once and for all even though its not the time… ”

”So, what are you waiting for? ”

Puck asked with obvious doubt on his face.

”Hehehe…someone interesting… ”

Kaito replied in a mysterious tone, seeing him Puck knew that Kaito was not going to say anything else so he gave up.

”But getting back on topic, rest assured that when Emilia regains her memories she won be affected by it… ”

Leaving those words in place, Kaito began to walk out of the cabin.

”Okay, I trust you… since you really care about Emilia, you
e even willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. Oh am I wrong? ”

Although he said those words he knew that he was not going to have an answer since Kaitos back was moving away until he left the cabin, however he knows that it is true because in his perception Kaitos feelings for Emilia are really deep.

With Kaito he knew Pucks thoughts, and he did not see the need to answer his question since he let him feel his emotions for them and Emilia. It can be said that it is like an action of trust that Kaito gives to Puck.

But anyway, he himself is now more interested in the person who caught his eye and was the reason he left the cabin.

A man with clown makeup and dress can be easily recognized, even more so if it is nothing more and nothing less than Roswaal Mathers, the first antagonist of the series.

When Kaito could see it in his perception he was slightly astonished, then changed his expression from one of astonishment to one of interest since he has a vague idea of ​​what he brings to this place.

Emilia… wants to use it like in the original story although Kaito is more interested in how he is going to do Roswaal this time since he wasn there in the original story.

Thus, wanting to see the first conspirator that appeared in the series, Kaito did not continue walking, but he only traveled 4 kilometers from the cabin, since it was at that distance that Roswaal had been flying.

In the dense forest there was a man flying over at high speed, this person was Roswaal who had been watching Emilia for a long time since recently the calamity of the Kingdom occurred and the entire royal family died.

Now they are looking for candidates to make the pact with the dragon again, this whole situation made Roswaal feel energetic since it is a perfect opportunity for him to take revenge on Volcanic for what he did to his teacher .

However, his plans were delayed because the half-elf girl was with a boy and a little cat, both of whom radiated a dangerous feeling.

But he could not delay any longer and he risked going with the girl to invite her to be a real candidate. As long as the boy doesn care if its necessary he will kill him for his plans.

He already did it once when he annihilated the Oni people and obtained the two sisters, although one found out and decided not to do anything against him for saving them, she has a deep hatred for him and Roswaal can see it with the naked eye.

This fact made Roswaals plan, which consisted of using the older sister to control the younger one, go to waste. So with the conviction of doing things right this time Roswaal came prepared for any situation.

While he had all those thoughts in his mind he suddenly stopped his flight in his tracks as in front of him a young man with black hair, golden eyes and casual black and white clothes was in front of him looking at him with a flat gaze.

Seeing well who was the person who crossed his path, Roswaal knew who he was, he is the young man who accompanies the young half-elf, as well as being the leader of the largest chamber of commerce in the Kingdom… Kaito.


If indeed Kaito has not been idle these months and he built a chamber of commerce, although at the beginning it cost him a bit to find qualified personnel throughout the kingdom in the end he was able to do it.

Although it is clear that at first some people wanted to take advantage of him and decided to steal money from him, but in the end they ceased to exist in this world.

Since in addition to stealing from Kaito they also did unpleasant things which made Kaito kill them, he did not know about this until he decided to use his ability to see peoples emotions and the truth is that at first he wanted to deactivate it but he had to put up with it.

There was too much sadness, hate, greed, selfishness among other things. But he didn surprise Kaito too much since its normal for a human being to have all kinds of emotions so he couldn judge those people….although he is an exception with the bad ones.

Something to add is that the Kaito Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the trade of food, clothing, utensils among other things of basic needs.

This he did with the help of some Golems that he created for his work and they keep doing it in Kaitos pocket space which they can enter and exit at will.

It should be noted that they are extremely strong, a comparison would be to Roswaal in terms of magic and in physical terms because they have the ability to change the terrain.

Although they do not have their own conscience since Kaito does not want to be entangled in the creation of a life. Even with the ability to create life he is not willing to get into such matters at the moment.

Thinking about his business while looking at Roswaal lightly Kaito descended to the ground slowly, with some hesitation Roswaal had no other way to follow Kaito to the ground.

When the two fell neither began to speak and they remained silent for a long time.

Not taking the moment of silence any longer, Roswaal broke the silence.

”What do you seek by stopping me in the middle of my path? ”

”Isn it obvious? I want to know why you came here specifically ”

Kaito replied in a rhetorical tone. Knowing that his question was stupid, Roswaal changed his words to one of absolute order and command.

”Im here because I want the young woman with you to be a candidate to be the queen of the Kingdom of Lugunica, so… ”

”Stop, its better that you save yourself unnecessary talk and say once and for all that you
e only looking for Emilia so you can find Volcanic and avenge your teacher… Echidna the Witch of Greed ”

When Roswaal heard Kaitos first words his face had no fluctuations at all but when he heard the final part of Kaitos words they made his expression change 180 degrees becoming a look of resentment, hatred and other emotions not very nice.

”Y-you… how do you know that!? ”

Roswaal looked at Kaito asking in a hoarse tone but full of anger and hate.

However Kaito didn change his bored expression and just looked at Roswaal with a bit of pity and contempt.

On the one hand Kaito can understand how it feels to lose a person who affected him a lot, an example would be the time he lost his parents because if … before crossing his parents died in an accident of traffic.

So because of his sense of loss at that moment, Kaito could understand how Roswaal felt when he lost his teacher, who was the only person who helped him.

He also looks at him with contempt because of the anger and love he felt he didn care about others and he decided to manipulate people to use him, that makes Kaito want to beat Roswaal until he is almost dead.

Seeing the obvious contempt and pity in Kaito Roswaals eyes he was immediately furious. Without thinking twice he quickly condensed a strong fireball in his right hand and forcefully hurled it at Kaito.

Intent on burning him to death, Roswaal waited with obvious expectation for it to happen.

He was going to be disappointed though, when the fireball reached Kaitos forehead he simply blew it out like blowing out a candle flame causing it to stop. To then change his course towards the sky so that later he would disappear into particles of light.

Seeing that his attack had no effect Roswaal got more and more angry and this time two more powerful fireballs condensed in his hands. also small spheres of different colors lay floating behind him with a strong destructive power.

Without delay Roswaal launched all of his attacks at once. When they got to Kaito, he had no intention of blocking him and seeing that his attack was going to work, a smile of madness and satisfaction appeared on Roswaals face.

With a loud crash all of Roswaals magic hit Kaito. Seeing the shock wave, Roswaal quickly flew into the sky to avoid being affected by his own attack.

A loud explosion resounded throughout the forest and caused almost a kilometer radius to be completely destroyed and engulfed in flames.

Panting from all the effort, a triumphant smile appeared on Roswaals face, preparing to leave. He realized something.

In the smoke and flames you could see the silhouette of a person, it moved a few steps until it revealed its appearance. It was Kaito who did not have any injuries. Even his clothes were intact.

With immense disbelief imprinted on his face, Roswaal saw Kaito being intact without any injuries. He began to think if his work in all these years has been useless, if he is still too weak just like 400 years ago.

Trembling all over Roswaal saw Kaito once more and seeing his state again made the little sanity that Roswaal had completely lost. With anger he lunged at Kaito and started a close combat.

Seeing Roswaals actions, Kaito sighed and who knows that Roswaal is desperate right now and although he has some regret Kaito knows that in order to talk to Roswaal he needs to hit him a few times for me to come to my senses.

Thus the two engaged in a hand-to-hand battle in which Roswaal was losing ground little by little. Not because Kaito wanted to play with him or anything like that, its more that the latter was simply blocking and deflecting Roswaals attacks.

The real problem is that Roswaal can stand the collision of his fists with Kaitos body, he feels that every time Kaito blocks his attacks or deflects them he is about to break his bones. He even has a feeling that his arm might fly off at any moment.

Of course, this would have happened if Kaito had not diverted the force impacts of Roswaals blows to the ground, otherwise Roswaal would no longer exist just by hitting him with his arm.

Kaito achieved this great resistance in his body thanks to the restructuring that he did with the laws and with his own power these 4 months which he did not do lazy.

As the two of them fought Kaito was already getting bored with the situation, so he didn deflect the impact of Roswaals blow again and let Roswaal hit him squarely.

When Roswaal hit Kaitos palm he felt the bone of his hand break like nothing and even his arm also broke instantly.

He was in disbelief because even covering his arms with mana they were still broken.

Without having time to scream or express himself in pain, Kaito approached him. In one swift motion he placed Roswaals left hand on his shoulder, lifting him into the air and smashing him to the ground.

Feeling pain throughout his body, Roswaal could only open his eyes as wide as he could without being able to make a sound. Lying weakly on the ground Roswaal began to think about his whole life, and how it is that his teacher gave his life for someone like him… someone so pathetic.

Looking at Roswaal in such a pathetic state Kaito thought its time to speak.

”You know the truth, it doesn bother me that you want to avenge your teacher but… it does bother me that you want to use Emilia for it… ”

Kaito said in a tone that was half murderous and half pitiful for Roswaal.

Rosewaal: ”… ”

However, he did not respond to Kaitos words, rather he simply looked at him out of the corner of his eye and then continued looking up at the sky.

”But I know that Emilia will like to participate in this candidacy with all her heart… so if you help Emilia with all my heart, I promise that I will resurrect your teacher so that you can see her again ”

Roswaal was in a trance and didn care about Kaitos words until he got to the part of his teacher, at that moment Roswaal turned to look at Kaito and with the strength he had left he spoke.

”Y… y-you… are you really capable of doing that? ”

Seeing Roswaals tone of hope and longing, Kaito knew that this real man was madly in love with Echidna.

”Yes, its not too much of a problem for me. But keep in mind that you have to help Emilia and I could do it but maybe Ill do something to make her sad so thats why I ask you for this deal ”

”Understand…. ”

Roswaal responded with visible emotion in his tone of voice.

”But remember that even if you love Echidna maybe she only sees you as a disciple and nothing more than her. So even knowing that you are willing to see her again ”

Without waiting long, Kaito received an immediate answer.

”I don care….even if she doesn love anyone or falls in love with someone else I still want to see her again no matter what…. ”

Hearing Roswaals words, Kaito only nodded, although Roswaals part saying that he doesn care if he loves someone else really made Kaito laugh since he knows that if that happens, Roswaal will go crazy.

However that does not concern him, so with a light movement of his hand a blue light covered Roswaal and the entire forest causing the flames that surrounded the place to vanish and the forest to return to how it was before.

As for Roswaal, he recovered from all his injuries and even his mana was fully recovered. Seeing that Kaito just by moving his hands slightly can do everything, he looked at him again and his doubts about what Kaito said lowered a little.

Seeing that Roswaal was looking at him, Kaito took the opportunity to speak again.

”Roswaal let it be clear to you, I don trust you as a manipulative person. So don try to do anything more since I wouldn mind eliminating you and with that you will never see your teacher again… ”

Leaving those words in place, Kaito rose into the sky and slowly went in one direction. Understanding Kaitos actions Roswaal followed behind him with a wry smile on his face.

Since he knows that he can do anything against Kaito, also with his years of experience I can see that Kaito made no effort in dealing with him even the Katana that he had on his waist he didn use.

That already tells him many things, but still he must put up with it because the young man in front of him is the only person who can make him see her teacher again, Echidna, and apologize for not being able to help her 400 years ago.

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