there will be food so don go to sleep ”

Without another word, Ram left, leaving Kaito with a smile on his face.

”Even if its hard, Ill earn your trust ”

Muttering in a low voice, Kaito entered the room again, thinking that even if it is one of the few times that he interacts with someone, he does not do it badly.

How much his interaction with people in his past life could not say much about it, he was not the type of person who liked to start a conversation but of course if someone tries to talk to him he will not refuse.

Not wanting to talk or interact often doesn mean Im emo and stuff like that. Thinking about that now, a grimace appeared on Kaitos face, remembering some stories where the female characters, when they see the main character for the first time, fall in love immediately.

Even in some fanfics or theories similar things happen, but in the end he knows that they are stories and everyone tells them as they want. The point is that right now he is in a real world and he has to deal with things in these issues as usual, although in a different way.

As he wandered in his mind Kaito looked around him for a moment, after a few minutes a dim dark blue light completely covered the room. Making it separate from the outside world in a different space.

Nodding in confirmation for what was done Kaito put himself in a lotus position, while he was like that with a thought a ring appeared between his hands.

It was the ring with which he could travel between worlds and Kaitos intention is to understand the spatial law that it contains and that he intends to train his abilities.

For that reason he covered the room with a time-space barrier making 1 year inside the room one hour in the outside world. Lastly he also took the katana from him and placed it on his lap.

Being ready to start his practice Kaito slowly closed his eyes and a faint blue light covered him making his presence feel more harmonious than before.

After 5 hours of training Kaito slowly opened his eyes and his golden eyes shone even brighter for a slight moment.

Getting up from the ground Kaito looked at himself seeing that he was stained with some impurities, with a simple thought a black flame covered him causing that when he disappeared he will wear a new set of clothes besides that now he is clean.

He now had the same black jacket with red trim and the same pants with the exception of the shoes which were no longer boots but simply black shoes.

Feeling comfortable Kaito stretched a couple of times and with a single thought the katana in his hand suddenly disappeared. This happened because in his training, Kaito made a link with his katana, making it possible for him to store it in his sea of ​​consciousness and summon it at any time.

Observing his state for a moment, a smile appeared on Kaitos face. He had a breakthrough right now, he now has great control over his powers, in addition to the laws which he now controls at a high level.

Another detail is that his main energy which is magic evolved to another state and became origin energy. This allows Kaito to use any ability from the animes he sees even though he doesn have chakra, ki, cosmos etc.

All this was possible since while he was interacting with the dimensional travel ring he was able to contact other worlds. From these he could feel the different energies that they gave off.

At that moment Kaito did not want to miss the opportunity, he made those energies enter his body and thus they will be combined with his own energy causing it to evolve to a new state.

This helps Kaito when he goes to other worlds and that the laws of these do not prevent him from using his powers since he has another power system. If he didn have the origin energy he would have to use his own power so that the world accepts him little by little and thus in the end he can use his strength freely.

He already evolved to end his Dragon Blood as well and found a method of utilizing his power in a form of transformation into human form. Of course also all of his attributes as well as his body had a monstrous transformation.

In short, one of the reasons why Kaito stopped his practice was to see how the results of his training were and the other is that a young blue-haired maid comes to him.

Rem, who was sent by his sister to call Roswaals guest, was thinking about what her sister said, that young man is dangerous, so she shouldn have much to do with him.

Meditating on the words of her sister Rem, she realized that she had arrived at the place where the guest was staying. Before she had time to knock on the door, it opened, and a young man with black hair and golden eyes came out.

Surprised for a moment, Rem rejoined the state of surprise and looked at Kaito, looking at him, Rem wondered if her sister was imagining things since she couldn feel any threat from the young man in front of her.

Not thinking much about the matter, Rem remembered her purpose and spoke in a courteous tone.

”Mr. Kaito, the food is already served ”

”Okay, thanks for letting me know and another thing. Don call me Mr. or something like that, just tell me Kaito ”

”I understand ”

Without saying much more, Rem nodded to Kaito one last time and walked down the long corridor.

Seeing Rems back walking away Kaito remembered how he is young he died several times when the witch cult attacked the mansion.

Averting his gaze from him, Kaito saw the starry sky through the corridor window, for a few moments a slight extremely powerful aura covered him but it did not last long.

Closing the door behind him and walking towards the dining room Kaito decided something, if Subaru shows up he will train him. Making him face the witch cult since it is practically his destiny.

However, if Subaru is unable to annihilate the witch cult, he himself will eradicate them from the face of this world, even his souls will cease to exist.

In a short time Kaito arrived at the table where everyone was already there, there was even Beatrice who was caressing Puck. Meanwhile the two sisters were serving the last things that were missing.

Roswaal was sitting with his face resting on his hands and Emilia was watching as Beatrice was interacting with Puck.

When Kaito arrived, everyone saw him and greeted him with a nod except Beatrice, since when she saw Kaito arrive, she felt that he contained a great amount of power and could even feel as if she had a sensation similar to something that happened a long time ago.

However she didn go through with it and instead continued playing with Puck. Thus the meal passed quietly without any apparent change.

Until everyone finished eating they left one by one until only Roswaal and Kaito remained at the table who were slowly having a cup of tea.

When Ram was about to leave after clearing the table, he glanced at Kaito and Roswaal, at that moment a strange light crossed his eyes, fading some time later.

When Ram left, the place was completely silent, neither of them spoke for a while until Roswaal finished his cup of tea and, looking at Kaito, he spoke.

”You seem to get along with Ram ”

”If he got along with her, at least better than you ”

Kaito replied in a rhetorical tone and when he heard it Roswaals face turned black like the bottom of a pot, so to alleviate his embarrassment he decided to change the subject.

”So…do you have any plans next? ”

”Absolutely ”

Kaito said in a flat tone. Not satisfied with that answer, Roswaal asked another question.

”So when are you planning to revive…. ”

Before Roswaals words will end Kaito abruptly interrupted him.

”Stop, I know you
e impatient to see your teacher but first you must help Emilia. Since your teachers resurrection will be in 8 or 9 months so she stops being impatient, Roswaal ”

Finishing the last drop of tea Kaito got up from his seat and left the place leaving a Roswaal with a sense of loss.

When Kaito came out in the middle of the corridor he found Ram who seemed to have heard everything, of course Kaito is not surprised by that since he had known it for a long time.

Waiting for how Ram was going to react, she spoke.

”Perhaps… do you know of any way to revive people? ”

Ram asked in a flat tone trying to hide the obvious emotion from him.

”Yes… its not a problem for me to do it ”

”So… you could…. ”

”Revive your parents? ”

Before Ram finished her sentence, Kaito interrupted her and listening to what she said, Ram stayed in place with his mouth open not knowing what to say.

”Although if you want me to revive your parents it may have taken me a while, as for the reason why I do this you already know ”

”What is that reason….? ”

After recovering Ram replied with obvious doubt.

”We are friends and as a friend I must help you if you are in trouble ”

That said, Kaito smiled at Ram, who, observing Kaitos smile, had a strange feeling of good intentions towards her. Looking at Kaitos eyes, she could see evident emotions, in which no trace of malice could be seen.

”…. Thank you ”

Ram said in a low tone in which no other person would be able to hear her except Kaito.

”Hahaha, you
e not very appreciative of people seeing your expression ”

After hearing Kaitos words and his laugh, Ram looked at him for a second and then snorted angrily and left the place.

Seeing Rams departure, a feeling of accomplishment fills Kaitos heart since apparently his relationship with Ram has improved and is on the right track.

Looking at the stars in the dark sky, Kaito looks forward to the next things that await him in this world.

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