Somewhere in the Kingdom of Lugunica, to be more exact in the capital. In an area that at first glance you can see what it is for people with high status, outside one of the houses there was a carriage.

Near him were two young people, a beautiful young woman with pink hair and a maid outfit, this was Ram and at her side a young man in black clothes and hair tied in a ponytail was arguing with her, this was Kaito.

”So, are you saying that from one moment to another you lost sight of Emilia? ”

”….I already said it was because someone stole her badge and she chased after the thief….and take that smile off your face ”

With obvious anger Ram looked at Kaito which seemed to be fun for what happened to Ram.

”Its fine, however you don have to put on that worried face, I know where Emilia is ”

”Seriously? ”

”Yes, so you don have to worry, leave everything to me ”

”…Thank you very much ”

Speaking in a low but at the same time grateful tone, Ram looked at Kaito and showed him a smile that Kaito would never get bored of seeing.

”It will be better if I leave, if I don who knows what will happen ”

”Be careful ”

”Huh? Thanks for your concern, Ram ”

”Hmph, who cares about someone like you? ”


Having nothing more to say Kaito walked in one direction and after a few steps he disappeared from the place.

Seeing him go, a strange feeling appeared in Rams heart, she has a slight idea what it is about but she really doesn want to think that she feels something like that for this guy, moreover, Ive only known him for a year.

Without knowing Rams thoughts, Kaito jumped from roof to roof to where Emilia was, and if he knew about Rams feelings, he would be happy since this year was not in vain.

A year has passed since Kaito and Emilia arrived at the mansion, at first it was a bit difficult to gain the trust of the two sisters but over time he was able to do it.

In the end they treat each other as friends, although sometimes Ram can get on Kaitos nerves but it doesn really bother him as much as he seems, this was not all that happened.

Also in this year, without Kaito realizing it, he began to fall in love with Ram, he didn even know when it happened even though he was so powerful, but he knows that now he has feelings for Ram.

And its not a matter of liking appearance or something superficial, its really liked for everything that constitutes Ram, from her appearance, her attitude to her way of protecting the people close to her.

So from the moment he realized these emotions he decided that he would make Ram fall in love with him, and although just 1 month ago he felt this feeling for the first time to his surprise Ram also woke up that same feeling recently.

Of course, her relationship with Rem and Beatrice also improved a lot, more with Beatrice, who recently got along better and more since the moment she made some ice cream.

As far as feelings for some of the two, there are still none or it is still very small. But even without having a strong feeling of love, Kaito will not allow anything to happen to them, since he now considers them like family to him.

Thinking of this as he ran across the rooftops, a happy smile spread across his face, but after a while it slowly faded and was replaced by a look of seriousness.

The reason for this was that Kaitos assumptions were correct, Subaru seems to be a descendant of Flugel. This is reinforced by the fact that Kaito used his ability to see peoples past.

This ability allowed him to see into the past of people related to Subaru and found Flugel, who was somehow able to return from the world of Re:Zero to his own world.

What makes Kaito serious about this matter is that Al, Priscillas knight and Hoshin don belong to this world either, just like Subaru and Flugel.

Since while seeing the past he was able to perceive various alterations in space, when inspecting these alterations Kaito found that there were 2 space tunnels in addition to those of Flugel and Subaru.

Observing these and seeing the past, he realized that Al and Hoshin crossed through these spatial holes. This fact does not make it vigilant, what it does is that no being brought Flugel, Hoshin or Al.

Instead Subaru was transported by Satella or the witch of jealousy, and the reason is that he is a descendant of Flugel with whom he had a very good relationship.

So the reason for the transportation of the other 3 Kaito could know the truth in less than nothing. Apparently the world itself has its own conscience, so in order to avoid future disasters and save itself, it will bring beings from another world to save it.

It is not the only reason why it transports other beings, it also does it to change some things or create a new culture in this world.

What makes Kaito not like that the world has some conscience is that he invokes other people without their consent, also that he lends his power to specific evil beings and the beings that live in this world do not care at all. world.

In addition to the fact that recently he felt how he tried to attack him with space law and even once tried to transport him to Subarus world without success.

So from that moment Kaito decided to eliminate the will of this world and let it continue to function through the laws as an ordinary planet.

It is clear that if the world had realized its power before and had not done that stupid act Kaito would let him pass, but since he tried to hurt Kaito unscrupulously, he does not bother him that there is no consciousness of the world.

In the end the seriousness of Kaitos face disappeared and at the same time he stopped walking on one of the roofs of a house in the slums.

The reason is simple, in his vision he could see a little girl with golden hair and red eyes running quickly through the streets. Her appearance was not as striking as her facial expression which reflected clear desperation.

Seeing her Kaito recognized her immediately, that little girl was Felt, why is she like this Kaito gets an idea and apparently Emilia is a bit confused fighting Elsa.

But Kaito is not worried about Emilia, since during this year he also taught her some ice magic and although at first she was reluctant to learn since she does not like the idea of ​​fighting, in the end she had to accept after the insistence of Kaito. Claro Puck also helped in this matter.

Looking at Felt so anguished Kaito disappeared from the ceiling and appeared in front of Felt, at that moment Felt collided with Kaito causing her to lose her balance and fall backwards.

When Felt recovered from the shock it was already too late and she was about to fall to the ground, however when she was ready to take the hit it didn come.

Recovering from the shock, she realized that a young man in a black suit, long hair and a beautiful face was holding her up to prevent her from falling.

Felt looked at Kaito in a daze for a while until she remembered her purpose, preparing to get out of Kaitos arms. The little girl noticed that Kaito had a kind of sword tied to his waist.

Seeing her the first thought that crossed Felts mind was that Kaito was some kind of gentleman, this assumption was further reinforced by seeing Kaitos elegant clothing.

Although she had a shred of hope in her heart, Felt wouldn let the opportunity pass, so coming out of Kaitos arms and looking at him with a clear expectation on her face, Felt spoke.

”Hey brother, are you a gentleman? ”

At the moment that Kaito wanted to answer Felt, he stopped the dry, the reason is simple because if he tells Felt that he is not a gentleman as such, she will leave and maybe continue looking for a gentleman, in the end he will end up finding Reinhard.

The problem with this matter lies in the fact that Reinhard is now in the center of the capital and is far from the slums, even if he is coming here now he will be late and who knows what will happen to Felt along the way.

So to be sure Kaito made up a little lie, well its not a lie as such since he is literally Emilias knight.

”Yes I am a gentleman ”

”Really?! thats great…. please come with me quickly, I need your help since two brothers are facing a madwoman and they are in danger…! ”


”Take it easy ”

”B-but… ”

”Okay, nothing will happen to them, besides, I was looking for one of the brothers you mentioned, so all the more reason I won let anything happen to them…. Sebas ”

Finishing speaking, Kaito pronounced a name as if he were calling someone, confused by the name Kaito pronounced, suddenly Felt looked at him curiously, waiting for what was going to happen.

Until from one moment to another, from Kaitos shadow came a silhouette of a person who immediately knelt down when he was in front of Kaito.

”Sir, I answered your call so please tell me your order ”

”Sebas commissioned you to protect this girl so that she doesn have any accidents, understood? ”

”Yes, as you ordered ”

Resting his eyes on the confused Felt, a smile appeared on Kaitos face and while he ruffled Felts hair a little he spoke.

”Don worry about my departure, this brother will take care of you next so while he saved the two brothers you can return with peace of mind, okay? ”

”No! Its dangerous if brother goes alone, let me go with you! ”

”Hahaha, don worry, its better if I go alone, besides, when you arrive, everything will be solved…. and by the way, don call me brother, instead tell me Kaito ”

”Oh…. then be careful brother Kaito ”


The corners of her mouth couldn help but twitch a few times at Felts words. Maybe he didn just tell him that hell just call him Kaito, so what was that about brother Kaito.

Still having an idea why Felt said that, Kaito didn get too confused, he simply messed her up one last time and got ready to go to Rons cabin. When Felt was ready to fire Kaito without her realizing what had happened, Kaito had already disappeared without a trace.

The stunned Felt could only turn around and see if she could find Kaitos figure, she did so until she gave up and what made her more irritated was the small laugh of Sebas next to her.

Hearing Sebass undisguised laughter, Felt immediately glared at him and without turning to see him, he headed towards the cabin, for his part, Sebas just smiled slightly and followed Felt as Kaito told him.

To all this, who is Sebas? That is very easy to answer since Sebas is someone who created Kaito. If Kaito has already decided to create life, he decided to start by giving life to his Golems and one of those is Sebas who is the strongest of them and by the way who also manages his chamber of commerce.

While Felt and Sebas were on their way to the cabin, Kaito had already reached this one. And the situation was becoming a little bad since Subaru barely endures Elsas attacks and was injured in some parts of her body.

With Emilia she was a little better but she still had some scratches on her clothes and she looked a little tired from using ice magic for so long, which by the way from using it so much the surroundings almost formed an icy field.

Looking around Kaito was glad to have complete immunity to the elements since if he didn have it he would have to endure the cold that springs from the ice crystals that are everywhere, after contemplating his surroundings Kaito was ready to intervene in the fight but stopped atdo it.

Since this is a good opportunity for Emilia to practice and on the one hand leave that kindness when facing enemies who want to kill her, on the other hand now she is thinking about the reason why Elsa is attacking Emilia.

In the original story it is known that Elsa attacked Emilia since Roswaal asked for it in the assassins guild but now it is different since Roswaal has no need to do such a thing, well if it were Kaito would think he is a complete idiot and He doesn value his life at all.

So the only option left is, Pandora wants Emilia again to open the seal. This assumption may be true since the head of the assassins guild is an archbishop of the Witch Cult and the leader of the witch cult is Pandora.

Putting the pieces together and assembling the puzzle, this assumption fits perfectly, of course right now Kaito is not interested in the Witch Cult since if he wants he can destroy it at any time, what he is interested in now is to intervene in the combat now that if Emilia doesn do it, she couldto be in danger.

Not wasting time thinking about the conspiracies that Pandora is planning, with a blink Kaito disappeared from the place where they were to later appear in front of Subaru who was about to be cut in two by Elsa.

When Kaito appeared he immediately stretched out his right arm and caught Elsas blade with two fingers, after doing so Kaito simply moved his fingers and the blade shattered as if it were glass.

Everyone was surprised by Kaitos appearance, Subaru because he saved him from certain death, Elsa because Kaito easily broke his weapon, and Emilia because she recognized who had appeared.

”Kaito! ”

”Oh Emilia, sorry for being late, but now that Im here you don have to keep releasing your magic ”

Turning to see Emilia with a smile, Kaito spoke to her and the moment Emilia heard Kaitos words she stopped releasing magic from her hands and breathed a sigh of relief since she couldn take much longer if the confrontation continued.

Seeing Emilias state, an apologetic look appeared on Kaitos face for a moment, I didn want to see Emilia that way but I thought it was necessary for her to grow in strength and mentality.

”Who are you…? ”

As Kaito thought, a somewhat seductive voice filled with a sense of danger reached his ears. Turning his head forward, Kaito could see that Elsa had already distanced herself from him to a certain distance and had a fully prepared attitude to defend herself against any attack.

”Who am I?… Hmmmm, well let me introduce myself Elsa Granhiert, Im Kaito the knight of the girl you want to kill, with that being said I don have to explain the reason for my intervention right? ”

e right, you don need to say more and neither do I anymore… Ill kill them all in this place ”

”Tsk, Tsk… big words for someone so weak… Emilia leave this place with this boy and the old man over there ”

Saying that Kaito pointed at Subaru who was still in a daze and at Ron who seemed to be recently healed.

”Eh? …. well Ill go out immediately but be careful with that Kaito woman ”

”Don worry Ill be fine, Emilia ”

Emilia just listened to Kaitos words and felt relieved, but she didn want to waste time and be a burden for Kaito, she quickly created an Ice Golem that carried Ron out of the place and Emilia herself took Subaru that even if it had happened For a long time I was still in a daze.

”Oh they want to leave but… did I let them? ”

With the intention of stopping Emilia, Elsa took out a new dagger from her clothes and was ready to throw it, but from one moment to another the figure of Kaito appeared in front of her, interrupting her actions.

Being a little angry because Kaito was stopping her over and over again since Elsa arrived, she decided to kill him first so that he stops being a hindrance, being ready to cut Kaito, she saw him in the eyes and when she saw him she could feel a sense of danger even extreme to death.

Deciding to listen to her senses, Elsa prepared herself to distance herself from Kaito once again, but before she did, she could only see a hand in his eyes and then a strong pressure coming from his face.

Wanting to know what had happened, Elsa recovered from the sudden pain, she realized that Kaito was grabbing her face with a simple grab of his hand, but that simple grab made Elsa feel a pain never known before.

Trying to get away from Kaitos grasp, Elsa quickly sent a cut with her dagger with the intention of cutting off Kaitos arm, but the expected source of blood did not appear and instead she only saw that her dagger made contact with Kaitos arm. shattered like glass.

Being shocked by disbelief of this fact, she was only awakened by Kaitos voice and the pain on his face that grew more and more.

”You know Elsa Granhiert people always have a bottom line that no one should cross…and do you know what one of my bottom lines is? ”


”One of my bottom lines is the girl you tried to kill earlier, ELSA! ”

exerting more force in his grip Kaito looked at Elsa with a flat look but that same look made Elsa scared even more, she didn know why this young man scared her so much, he is even scarier than mother the leader of the guild.

Thinking of ways to escape from this situation Elsa was enduring the pain she felt in her head which seemed like it was going to explode at any moment.

And obviously being aware of Elsas thoughts, an emotionless smile appeared on Kaitos face and he, without giving any warning, stretched out his left hand and crossed Elsas chest with it.

Removing his hand and now Kaito had a small purple sphere in it, seeing what he had Kaito simply threw Elsa on the floor as if she were garbage and paid no attention to her.

”I will tell you something very interesting and it is that there is a pain that is worse than a wound in the flesh, it is the pain of the soul and so that you do not stay with the intrigue of how it feels, I will let you know ”

Continuing with his flat expression, Kaito squeezed the sphere in his left hand. At the moment of doing so, Elsas expression was completely distorted and she even couldn resist the urge and screamed from the intense pain.

”Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh….. ”

While all this was happening outside the house, Emilia was talking to Felt who had just returned with Sebas and suddenly the group heard an agonized scream coming from the house that disappeared after a few seconds.

Worried that something happened to Kaito without thinking about it, Emilia went back into the house but before she entered, she collided with Kaito who was leaving.

When she recovered from the blow, she only met Kaitos face, which was smiling at her.

”Hey Kaito, are you alright? You just heard a scream so I thought something had happened to you… ”

”Don worry, nothing is happening to me, Im in excellent condition, by the way, you shouldn worry about that woman either, I already took care of her ”

Comforting Emilia so that she won worry, Kaito slowly caressed her head, causing her to calm the tension in her heart.

A harmonious atmosphere spread between the two for a few moments until it was broken by the voice of an annoyed little girl.

”Hey brother Kaito instead of flirting with the sister tell me what you did with that woman ”

Saying those words the place fell silent, Emilia on the one hand her cheeks turned a little red and took a few steps back distancing herself from Kaito, Subaru and Ron were simply eating dog food after witnessing all this.

As for the protagonist of this, who is Kaito, already had a face as dark as the bottom of a pot, the reason is too simple and that is that this little brat who sometimes acts in a wild way or like a girl has just interrupted her moment with Emily.

Which not every time there are opportunities as good as this to deepen your relationship, so how can you not be angry when you are interrupted.

So Kaito just looked at Felt with his eyes narrowed in a half moon with a smile on his face, he slowly approached Felt.

”Hey, you told me that he will tell you what happened to that woman, right? Then come and get closer so I can tell you ”

”E-eh, brother, you
e a bit scary with that face, also because you have that dark aura ”

”Am I scary? Your brother is not a good person at all and as a good person he will tell you how he dealt with that woman ”

”Who will believe you!? Sister, tell your boyfriend that he didn come near me!? ”

Emily: ….

Kaitō: ….

Subaru: ….

Ron: ….

Sebas: ….

The place fell into a deathly silence in which even a pin could be heard falling.

”Hey brat, don you know that sometimes you have to know what to say and what not to say? ”

”Eh? Don come closer…! Hey sister tell him something…. Hey why don you say anything?! And why is your face red like a tomato!? ”

With an atmosphere of absolute harmony began the history of this world that Kaito expected so much and that will bring him many pleasant surprises later on.

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