Endless Journey Through The Universe [English]

Chapter 5 - The Power of a Deity

After a long time Kaito stopped bothering Felt, the reason is very simple. Its just that if he kept stretching her cheeks he knew that maybe later Felt wouldn be able to feel her face at all.

Of course there is also the point that Kaito doesn want to gain negative points with Felt, although that right now is hard to tell from Felts resentful look while Emilia is easing his pain with healing magic.

Ignoring the girls complaints for the moment, Kaito turned his gaze to Subaru who, feeling his gaze, tensed like a statue, while looking at Subaru a somewhat complicated look crossed Kaitos eyes.

The reason is that after observing Subaru, he remembered that this boy had to endure many situations that are enough for any other person to lose his mind, of course, although Subaru almost went crazy in the end, he overcame that difficulty and moved on.

But Kaito not only sees him with eyes of pity but of admiration, since a young man survived in a dangerous world only trusting in dying, his intelligence and a bit of luck, and even without any power he continued on.

While looking at Subaru, he was already flustered by Kaitos inquisitive look, of course Kaito noticed this so Kaito stopped looking at him that way and spoke after a while.

”Hey boy thanks for being brave a while ago and covering for Emilia, I appreciate it ”

”E-eh?, n-you don have to thank me for anything, I just offered to help you so I did ”

”But still for risking your life for Emilia I need to repay you in some way, so tell me what do you need? ”

Stunned by Kaitos words for a moment Subaru did not know what to answer, but then he pulled himself together as he thought it was not polite to remain silent several times in a row, so meditating on the matter after a while he gave an answer.

”So Mr. Kaito, its my first time in the city so I don have a place to live… ”

”So, you
e looking for a place to stay, right? ”

”Yes effectively ”

With a tone of embarrassment, Subaru spoke to Kaito, he knows that this seems strange but he has no choice since what he says is totally true, he has just arrived in this unknown world and has nowhere to go, so the only thing left is waiting for the young man in front of him to accept his request.

”If its just lodging, theres no problem, isn it, Emilia? ”

Dropping his words, Kaito turned to see Emilia who was approaching with Felt. Listening to Kaitos words for a moment Emilia pondered but then she only nodded in confirmation to Kaito and Subaru.

After Emilias affirmation with a slight movement Kaito turned to see Subaru again but seeing his expression Kaito almost hit him on the spot, since in Subarus face he simply looked like a typical high school student seeing a beautiful young woman .

Obviously Kaito knows that Subaru is just a young man, but seeing his expression made him remember an unpleasant character, Hyoudou Issei, a character that in Kaitos opinion is extremely disgusting, even if in the future he goes to his world when he first arrives. what he will do is take away hisLonginus so that it has no intersection with history.

Well, of course, just because of the feeling of fanaticism that Subaru can feel, Kaito was able to remember Issei, and at this point there is the fact that if Kaito feels guilty for taking Emilia away from Subaru, the answer is no.

Why should he feel guilty in the first place? Now he has known Emilia for a long time and their relationship has already advanced to a certain degree, even Emilia who sometimes ignores these things knows perfectly well what she feels, the question of not ranking up their relationship is that Kaito was waiting forreturn her memories to Emilia.

After that, he will be able to advance in his relationship with Emilia, since at that moment he will have more confidence and less torment for past things.

As Subaru looked at Emilia suddenly a shiver ran down his back causing him to wake up from his fantasy, looking everywhere he noticed that Kaito who a moment ago was looking at him in a friendly way now has a look of death, as if warning him that if he kept seeing EmiliaI could die.

”So you heard, by the way, after all this time I don know what your name is? ”

”Oh… sorry for not introducing myself either, my name is Subaru Natsuki, nice to meet you ”

”Its also a pleasure… by the way brat I don know your name either ”

”Hmph, who are you calling brat, my name is Felt!? ”

”Oh Felt, nice to meet you ”

Felt couldn help but clench his fists and look fiercely at Kaito, of course Kaito didn care about Felts actions instead he was amused by the actions she was doing.

It is evident that Felt noticed Kaitos undisguised mockery, with it filling his heart Felt couldn help but want to hit Kaito to teach him a lesson, but he knows perfectly well that it won work so he simply snorted coldly and diverted his Kaitōs look.

While being amused by Felts attitude, Kaito suddenly looked in a direction and fixing his gaze he realized who was coming here, Reinhard Van Astrea, the first knight of the kingdom and supposedly the strongest in the world of Re: Zero.

Well that is relative to the beings of this world, for Reinhard it is only a little strong, at least it helps him stretch his muscles. As Reinhard pondered he had already reached in front of them and with a respectful attitude he spoke.

”It was nice to meet you, Miss Emilia ”

”Its also a pleasure, Reinhard ”

”Oh, you
e here too, Kaito ”

”Hahaha, how long Reinhard, tell me what brings you to the slums? ”

With a smile of not seeing his friends for a long time, Kaito approached Reinhard and greeted him.

”Well I sensed magical fluctuations in growth so I rushed here, so what happened? ”

Saying the words Reinhard looked around seeing the traces of ice magic and the icy atmosphere that was still in place.

”Well, youll see… ”

After hearing Reinhards question, not wanting to hide anything, Kaito spoke about everything that happened, he has no problem doing so since Reinhard is a good friend of his, he has been since he became a knight of the kingdom and their relationship is very good.

”Hmmm, so thats how things happened… by the way, Kaito, where is that woman? ”

”Well just take a look inside and youll know ”

After listening to Kaitos words with curiosity Reinhard approached the ruined house, taking a look inside he found the scene of Elsa dead on the floor, seeing this Reinhard was not very surprised since he is aware of the Kaitōs strength.

Observing Elsa for a moment, a doubt flashed in Reinhards head, the reason was Elsas terrified expression as she died from the blood hole in her chest.

But all this did not surprise him much, he knows that Kaito is very concerned about Emilia since it shows in his eyes, also with the things that Kaito told him that happened, Reinhard does not doubt that Kaito was upset at that moment.

Seeing Elsas body one last time with pity, Reinhard left the site, after leaving he looked at Kaito who was smiling when talking to Emilia, seeing him this way the corners of Reinhards mouth twitched.

For who would think that a persons emotions abruptly change from feeling murdered to a quality smile. In the end, Reinhard didn think much about the matter, already knowing how he was his friend.

As he walked towards Kaito out of the corner of his eye Reinhard saw Felt pass Emilia a badge, this didn catch his attention as much as what happened when Felt held the badge.

It changed color which only means one thing, Felt meets the qualifications of being a candidate to be the new king of Lugunica.

Immediately Reinhard approached Felt without warning and with a quick movement grabbed her wrist.

”Hey you have to come with me ”

”Huh? …. what are you saying that I go with you? Also remove your hand, if you don I will make brother Kaito take care of you stupid knight ”

Kaitō: ”… ”

Reinhart: ”… ”

”(Since when did I become the person who bullies others when they annoy you?) ”

While thinking this Kaito glanced at Felt, she instantly noticed Kaitos look and when she saw his eyes she immediately shrugged her neck like an ostrich.

However after looking at Felt for a few moments Kaito didn do much more, he simply approached Reinhard and put a hand on his shoulder.

”Hey, first calm down, first you must explain the reason why you want to take her, if you don , maybe youll regret it later ”

Hearing Kaitos words, Reinhard loosened his grip, then he looked at Felt with a guilty face written on his face but not wasting any time Reinhard began to comment to Felt about everything that has to do with the royal candidacy.

Time passed until Reinhard finished speaking, then a look of expectation appeared in Reinhards eyes waiting for Felts response, Felt only thought for a few seconds and responded to Reinhard.

”Well I will accept your proposal, but if I don like things later I will leave it and you have no right to say anything ”

Reinhart ”… ”

A drop of sweat appeared on Reinhards head, until this moment he understood the girls rebellious attitude, so he did not refute her because if he does, I firmly believe that Felt will flatly refuse to go with him and then he will not be able to fulfill his mission. .

Then after receiving Felts answer immediately Reinhard nodded in confirmation, having nothing to do anymore Reinhard said goodbye to Kaito and the others, he slowly walked away with Felt and Ron until his figure disappeared from the sight of a normal person. .

Looking at Reinhards back for a while, a somewhat regretful look appeared on Kaitos face, right now he is thinking if he had arrived in the world of Re Zero before, Reinhards grandmother would still be alive.

Of course, he himself knows that he does not get anything out of regretting, that is the same reason why he is looking for more strength every moment since he does not want to regret anything in the future, well in how much Reinhard Kaitos grandmother found a way to bring her to life, he will await the attack on Priestellafor the witch cult.

After that, through the body that Pandora controls, he can easily free Reinhards grandmother from control and then revive her, of course if he wants he can do it right now but hes not in a hurry, what he is curious about is that how Pandora attacked Emilia maybe the attack ofPriestella does not happen but directly attack the capital.

Although this assumption seems absurd but Kaito does not doubt it, since the witch cult is full of pure psychopaths who do not mind dying and just like to make a ruckus everywhere.

Meditating on this matter, Kaito suddenly felt a touch on his left hand, snapping back to reality. Kaito turned to see Emilia holding his hand with concern.

”Is something wrong Emily? ”

Emilia did not immediately answer Kaitos question, she simply fell silent with a puzzled expression on her face. Not wanting Emilia to be like that, Kaito slowly turned around and squeezed Emilias hand making her relax a bit.

”Hey Sebas, take him to where Ram is, well go in a moment ”

”It is understood ”

Not contradicting Kaitos words, Sebas walked in one direction, Subaru who was looking at the couple woke up and immediately followed Sebas, in doing so he did not know the reason but he felt as if someone had taken what belonged to him.

Of course Kaito did not know what feeling Subaru had at this moment and he did not care either, seeing the departure of the two Kaito fixed his eyes on Emilia and spoke to her.

”Tell me whats wrong with you? Do you have something to ask me? ”

Looking at Kaito after hearing his words, Emilia knew that he was not going to give up until he told her anything, besides now she realizes Kaitos concern and not wanting him to worry anymore, in the end she spoke.

”Kaito…. did you kill that woman? ”

Kaito was stunned by Emilias sudden question, not because she was afraid that Emilia was afraid of her, but because she has known for a long time, she knows that Kaito will do anything for her. He is not as ignorant as in the original story and he knows these things.

But even knowing this Emilia asked this question to Kaito which surprised him a bit, well Kaito didn get stunned by this topic for a long time either and gave Emilia an answer.

”Yes, I do ”

Listening to Kaitos answer, Emilia unconsciously increased her grip on her hand, noticing such a thing Kaito looked at Emilia and at the moment what he wanted to speak to reassure her was interrupted by her words.

”You know… I don want… I don want you to become a person you aren because of me. ”

Emilia looked at Kaito with a sad expression on her face, even her eyes began to crystallize and it seemed that she was going to cry, this action made Kaito move. Actually, he doesn mind doing these things for Emilia, besides, he already promised her that he would always take care of her, so how can he break his promise?

While Emilia continued in her anguish and trying to say more words so that Kaito would not do something like that again, she only felt a soft touch on her lips, after being stunned by the contact she realized the reason for the touch on her lips.

It was Kaito who for one reason or another thought that the most feasible thing at this moment is to kiss Emilia and confess, although it seems sudden he is not like those harem anime protagonists who remain silent until further notice and do not express their feelings.

It is also another reason for her to defend Emilia in the way she does, so Kaito simply kissed her and enjoyed Emilias lips, which had a really intoxicating softness and flavor.

For her part, Emilia at first was stunned by Kaitos actions, but then over time she let herself be carried away by Kaito and continued the kiss, of course Emilia was a bit clumsy since it is the first time she has done this kind of thing. That same awkwardness, innocence and tenderness is what captivated Kaito.

After Kaito separated his lips from Emilias, a smile appeared on his face when he saw Emilia, now his face is completely dyed with a red dye, even that dye reached his ears and this only increased when Emilia saw Kaito look at her with sweetness

”Now you know why I do this, don you? ”

While Kaito spoke, he intertwined his hands and Emilias, she simply remained silent for the reason that she did not want to interrupt Kaito, the other is that now she still felt ashamed for what he did.

”Im doing it because I like you Emilia, so how can I allow the person I like to spend something with her, I also promised you… Ill be your shield, Ill protect you from the wind and the rain and well move forward together even if there are difficulties, the we will overcome together ”

Although Kaito feels that it is too cheesy at the moment, he knows that it is for the best. Well he doesn dislike the fact of saying such words either since it is what he wants to convey. And as Kaito expected, Emilias reaction was as she imagined.

She who doesn have much contact with these things just hugged Kaito and started to cry in his arms, Kaito just hugged Emilia and didn say much, he knew that she needed to vent and he won interrupt her.

After Emilia calms down Kaito decided to fix Emilias things once and for all.

”Hey Emilia, do you remember that I told you that I would help you recover your memory? ”

”Hmmm….if I still remember ”

”Then Ill do that right now ”

”Really? ”

”Yes ”

Seeing Emilias enthusiasm and her beautiful face, Kaito couldn help but place his hand on her cheek, at the same time he responded affirmatively to Emilia.

Feeling Kaitos hand on her cheek, Emilia became flustered for a moment, but then she drew courage from the bottom of her heart and kept her composure.

”Well then close your eyes and remember… you must face your past to live your future, you must not stay in the past, you can cry, you can regret but do not blame yourself for anything… and remember you are not here. alone since Im here ”

Listening to Kaitos words, a smile as bright as the sun appeared on his face, looking at Emilia and her smile, Kaito swore that he must protect her at any cost, still wanting to continue with this environment, Kaito did not delay and got down to work.

Changing the position of the hand that was on Emilias cheek, Kaito moved it to her forehead. Then a dim white light covered Emilias head for a few seconds, after the light dissipated Emilias eyes opened abruptly but then she closed them little by little until she lost consciousness.

Grabbing Emilia so she wouldn fall Kaito held her in his arms, looking at Emilias sleeping face Kaito sighed, then with a name called from within him a small silhouette came out of his shadow.

When the figure of the being that came out was revealed, it could be seen that it was a small white fox with three tails, when it saw Kaito it immediately lowered its head and spoke.

”Sir, answer your call, please give your order ”

”Kurama, I need you to take care of Emilia on the way back, I need to do some things ”

”As you ordered, I will fulfill your order and be worthy of your expectations ”

Without saying more, Kuramas size grew until he was at the same height as Kaito, after Kurama increased his size Kaito left Emilia on his back, Kurama immediately wrapped Emilia in his tails.

After taking one last look at Emilia, Kaito made a sign for Kurama to leave, upon receiving Kaitos order a magic circle appeared under Kurama and the next second his figure disappeared with Emilia.

Seeing how Kurama disappeared Kaito focused on the things he should do, first there is an issue with Elsa and second there is something related to the parallel worlds of Re: Zero or well the other timelines, for all this Kaito sent Emilia with kurama .

Walking slowly Kaito entered the ruined house and at first sight he saw Elsas body, next to her a little girl with blue hair and black clothes was crying silently. And indeed the girl next to Elsas body is Meili.

How he got here is easy to say, a clone of Kaito told him everything that happened. Later he brought her when only Emilia and Kaito were left in the place, since then Meili has been crying for Elsa.

Looking to the side Kaito looked at his clone and when he saw his arrival he simply disappeared in a curtain of dark blue flames, although all this happened near Meili, she could not care less, right now she is only afflicted by the death of Elsa and nothing else matters to him.

Knowing that nothing would change if he continued like this, Kaito approached Meili and spoke in a flat tone.

”Hey, stop crying… even though shes dead, that doesn mean shes completely dead ”

The moment he heard those words it is as if his soul passed from hell to heaven in a moment, turning his head, his eyes with tears looked at Kaitos face as if he was waiting for his affirmation.

”Im not lying, but if she is revived, she must follow my orders… and well, you also take care of removing that sadistic attitude ”

Without waiting for Meilis reaction or words, with a quick movement Kaito approached Elsa, doing so in Kaitos right hand a purple crystal appeared that shone slightly.

With just a thought the crystal in Kaitos hand was repaired to the state of a complete sphere, once this was done Kaito brought the sphere closer to Elsa and inserted it into her chest. At the moment that the sphere entered Elsas chest, the body without body heat and skin color was recovering rapidly.

All the wounds she had were healing little by little until they closed completely, on the other hand Elsas breathing returned as usual for a living being, and although she was unconscious the first few seconds after a while she opened her eyes.

Being in a dazed state from the sudden resurrection Elsa didn know what was happening, however her state of lethargy left when she felt someone hugging her.

Annoyed that she didn know who dared to do such a thing, Elsa prepared to attack the culprit, but her actions were stopped when she saw a familiar girl.

”Meili, what are you doing? ”

Confused by what was happening, she could only ask Meili, but she waited for a long time and received no answer, helplessly she could only look to her sides and when she noticed a familiar figure her heart stopped.

A few steps from her the young man who killed her in an unknown way and with unimaginable pain was in the place, seeing him Elsa immediately prepared to defend Meili, she does not care how she is still alive or what happened, right now She is worried about Meilis safety over anystuff.

”Calm down I won do anything, if I had the intention of doing it I wouldn do such a boring thing like resurrect tea….. Well Ill just say a few things now you work for me and you will follow my orders in the future, second, now you are no longer a cursed doll but a high-class vampire, third, you no longer have to be afraid of the guild leader simply if it bothers you Ill kill her and lastly don think aboutbetray me since I put a seal on your soul that acts the moment you think about it, this will make your soul disappear from the face of this world ”

In a state of confusion, Elsa stopped and listened to each of Kaitos words, being doubtful about what he said, she had to look at Meili for confirmation and seeing that she was nodding her head, she had to believe in the words. of Kaito.

”Well thats it, now you have a magic that can change your appearance… use it and go with it to the village that is near Roswaal Matherss territory, then stand there like an ordinary person and wait for my order ”

Having nothing more to say, Kaito turned around and left the house, seeing the young mans back, he didn know why, but Elsa felt strange. With curiosity Elsa closed her eyes Elsa felt her body and realized that she could feel something that warned her of a danger, which is that if she thinks something bad about Kaito she could die.

Smiling ironically, Elsa got up from the ground leaning on Meili, thinking for a moment she could only wait for things to happen in the future, now she doesn have the physical strength to do anything and just wants to rest to recover.

”Meili lets go ”

”Well, sister Elsa ”

So a woman and a girl left the house and walked in an unknown direction. Meanwhile in a place with dim light and giant spheres of lights at a certain distance was Kaito, looking around he knew that he was in the universe where he is now.

It is not more precise to say that he is outside the world of Re: Zero, looking around him and the spheres in the distance. Kaito knew that those spheres were other worlds but Kaito is not interested at the moment, now all his attention is concentrated on the sphere below it.

Slowly descending Kaito entered the sphere and the scene changed, now it seemed like a smaller space with some spheres and below them you could see some crystals. Seeing all this Kaito knew that the spheres were other parallel worlds of Re: Zero and the crystals are their different timelines.

The reason why Kaito came here is simple, he wants to destroy all these parallel worlds of Re: Zero.

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