The reason why Kaito wants to eliminate these parallel worlds with their timelines is because they are no longer useful, well, rather, they are already in an irreparable situation and on the way to destruction.

All these worlds are the What If…? of parallel histories of Re: Zero, and why they are on their way to destruction is very easy to explain, in most of these worlds Subaru is evil or does not exist.

Then, as the character that balances these worlds does not exist or chose another path, the world itself decayed, to the point that the only thing left is to destroy it. And if Kaito minds destroying it, the answer is a resounding no.

He knows that he is somewhat selfish, he only cares about those around him insofar as others have nothing to do with him, but it does not mean that he will see how others hurt people just because when he is present.

In addition, helping in these situations will not be a major problem. While looking at the different worlds at once Kaito sighed at how ruthless the world is, now he understands that without strength you just have to wait for others to decide your fate.

Looking for a brief moment at the different worlds Kaito simply stretched out his hand. A thick darkness covered the worlds and their timelines. Then the thick fog dispersed and in the place only the world where Kaito currently lives remained.

However when Kaito was ready to return to his world a feeling of epiphany attacked his head. And at that very moment a forgotten systematic sound sounded again in his mind.

Being stunned by what happened Kaito simply felt like an experience of different kinds of things filled his mind. From magic, skills, fighting experience and understanding of the universe.

This transmission of information lasted about ten minutes until it came to an abrupt end. Opening his eyes, Kaitos pupils were clearer than ever, as if he already knew the truth of this world.

”Thats the way things are… I understand ”

Muttering under his breath as he stretched out Kaito looked at the world before him. With a thought this world grew more and more until it occupied the entire sphere where it was. Seeing that his action was a success Kaito tried to improve the barrier that covers the world and to his surprise it improved significantly.

”Now that I think about it, I created that better thanks to swallowing those parallel worlds and the will of the world where I live ”

Saying that, Kaito began to think that he was able to unlock Rimurus experience thanks to swallowing all that energy. And by the way while he swallowed those lost universes he also transported all the good people to the world where he lives.

Of course, he made changes to their appearance and others so that they can live without problems. Not only did he do that, Kaito also ate the will of the world, he took advantage of it since later on he doesn want a sudden situation because of this thing.

Its obvious that by doing this the world of Re:Zero nearly collapsed. If it wasn for Kaito acting in time and stabilizing the world now he would have a huge problem on his hands.

Already with nothing to do and ready to return Kaito suddenly stopped. Stepping out of the world of Re:Zero and the universe itself, his sight settled somewhere on the horizon.

From that direction he could feel a being that gives off limitless evil. As if after him he swallows everything and will play with the minds of the beings who see him.

Frowning, Kaito saw the universe behind him. Which contained different worlds and many human lives. After seeing him for a moment Kaito made a decision, he will protect the universe from the being that approaches.

He knows that the being in the distance can easily kill all living beings in that universe, even if there are gods they will not be a match for that monster. In addition, the world of Dragon Ball is not in that universe, since if there were with the great power of Zeno-Sama and the great priest, they would have already noticed him and that being.

In how much the time he could feel the Ki Kaito I think it was because it is in the very essence of the universe. And it has nothing to do with the world of Dragon Ball.

Giving one last look at the universe behind him, Kaito stepped forward into the darkness in front of him. As Kaito advanced he noticed that there were asteroids the size of the moon along the way, there are even planets that are habitable but have no life on them.

A little captivated by the sight he had after advancing a little more Kaito stopped in his tracks. Immediately his eyes narrowed slightly and the place where he was suddenly fell silent.

After a few minutes Kaito opened his eyes and then moved to the side as if avoiding something. It didn take long for a giant hand to pass by in the place where Kaito was previously and destroy all the small asteroids that were in its path.

Looking at the big arm that suddenly appeared and the way it had a feeling of familiarity flashed through Kaitos mind, however he couldn think about it as he felt another attack approaching. Quickly a black Katana appeared in Kaitos hand.

With absurd speed Kaito lightly moved his hand and thousands of traces of sword cuts appeared in space for a second. Then the sound of flesh being cut could be heard and was accompanied by the pained roar of some kind of beast.

”GRRRRR!!!! ”

Hearing where the sound came from, Kaito looked in its direction. Seeing who was the being that made him come here Kaito opened his eyes in surprise and disbelief. The reason for this is because **ing Cthulhu was in front of him.

With a body as big or bigger than a mountain, with an octopus head. Wings and body equal to that of a dragon Kaito recognized it immediately, in addition to that illusionary feeling as if the being in front of him could control the senses of people.

Having all these characteristics, Kaito did not doubt it for a second and confirmed that Cthulhu was in front of him.

”Tsk what is this guy doing here…. besides if hes here isn Lovecrafts other primordials supposed to be here too? ”

With doubts filling his heart Kaito spread his perception and covered this entire world. This is not a major problem for him since with Rimurus experience he is able to show his power perfectly, without doing unnecessary actions as before due to lack of experience.

After searching with his perception for a long time Kaito breathed a sigh of relief as no other being like Cthulhu is found anywhere in this vast world.

And of course Kaito doesn care about these guys, I just look around just in case. Who knows if while he fights with Cthulhu another primordial takes advantage of the Bug and attacks the universe where he now lives.

Knowing that his concerns were in vain, Kaito looked back at Cthulhu. Looking at it for a moment, a look of admiration appeared in Kaitos eyes, since no one had forced him to use normal speed to dodge others attacks.

While Kaito was thinking something caught his attention. It was Cthulhu who for some strange reason stared at him without making any movement, confused by Cthulhus actions Kaito prepared to act but what happened next made his movements stall.

Suddenly Cthulhus body began to twist inward. In addition to the fact that he was shrinking little by little, seeing this scene made Kaito familiar. After thinking for a while he got the answer from him.

In the movie where Gogeta appears for the first time, something similar happens with Janemba, when Goku attacked him while he was fat, causing great damage to Janemba. Then he is suddenly shrunk and as he finished doing so his powers increased.

Of course, knowing that the situation was similar, Kaito did not stop Cthulhu. He is not afraid to face a stronger opponent, he wants it himself since not many can make him put on something serious, so the transformation of Cthulhu is looking forward to it.

Some time after Cthulhus transformation was complete, his new form was revealed. He didn change much that can be said, now his skin has a darker skin tone and his eyes shine like fire, an aspect that for any being could be chilling.

Kaito of course is the exception. Looking at Cthulhu an expectation for the fight suddenly appeared in Kaitos heart. And apparently Cthulhu had that same feeling, with a quick movement he got in front of Kaito and with an ax that he suddenly materialized he attacked Kaito.

Obviously Kaito was a bit surprised by the agility that Cthulhu showed. But with the experience he gained he didn get too flustered and defended Cthulhus offense without any problems.

Sparks from the two weapons colliding could be seen everywhere thanks to the high speed of the battle. Even being so absorbed by the battle Kaito only realized that he was on a planet when Cthulhu sent him crashing into a rock.

Dusting off his clothes Kaito looked at Cthulhu with a bit of seriousness. Since in the course of the combat Cthulhu managed to tear some parts of his clothes, not only that, in the battle he used the illusion ability trying to confuse Kaito. As if that wasn enough, he has the ability to open space holes and move through space like Janemba.

Of course there is also its monstrous strength that can easily crush a city with a light swipe. The more he thought about this, Kaito was glad that he found this guy since he doesn know the consequences that he can cause.

When Kaito meditated Cthulhu did not stop in his offensive. Several portals appeared behind him and energy spheres with great power came out of them. Also the ax in Cthulhus hand cracked and in the cracks a green smoke was present.

”Even if I wanted to continue playing with you, it won be possible… you know, a charming fairy is waiting for me, and I must also keep my promise to another beautiful woman. So I bid you farewell, Cthulhu ”

Cthulhu hearing Kaitos words immediately got angry. How can a simple human despise him so much to the point of telling him the things he is going to do after he takes care of him.

He annoyed until ultimate the spheres that Cthulhu summoned increased his power more. Also the ax in his hand caught fire with a green colored flame that simply had the aura of death.

”Looks like you got serious, so… Ill do the same ”

Placing the Katana on his waist and his right hand on its handle. Kaito put on a serious look for the first time when facing Cthulhu. The reason for doing this is that the power that Cthulhu now shows is capable of destroying several planets, about 5 as the size of the earth or a little smaller.

So Kaito got a bit serious since he didn want these planets to disappear. Since right now all this is his, although what Kaito says sounds arrogant. He already claimed this entire universe as his. So he won let a simple monster cause chaos in it.

Waiting for Cthulhu to attack, Kaito braced himself. Although the wait for him did not last long since in the next second Cthulhu attacked him without any hesitation. Cthulhus movement was like a signal that Kaito received to act.

Kaito just lightly took his Katana out of the sheath and then sheathed it again. After making that slight movement he fixed his clothes that were slightly damaged and left the place without looking back.

As for Cthulhu, he disappeared into ashes just like his attacks did. This happened since Kaitos cut directly cut Cthulhus existence, its similar to when Anos Voldigoad destroyed Diegos root.

Well to explain it more simply Kaito did a Hakai to Cthulhu with the cut of his sword. Destroying his body, then his soul, and ultimately eliminating his existence from the entire world. So people who once knew Cthulhu now don even know who he is.

And although Kaito does not seem to pay attention to the appearance of Cthulhu, it is quite the opposite. Right now he just used half of his base power to take out Cthulhu completely, he knows that Cthulhu has a strong regeneration ability so if he gets tangled up in a fight he can be a bit troublesome if he doesn show strength.

Of course, this is not what Kaito is worried about, but rather it is another subject. Yog-Sothoth. Another primordial that can control space, time, the future and the past. These abilities are not why Kaito is on guard against this guy.

Since the most powerful ability it has is the ability to open portals so that primordials appear in the place where it is. And if Kaito used half of his strength to eliminate Cthulhu, he can imagine if he faced a siege from many primordials.

For the same reason Kaito will not be satisfied with the strength he has and will continue to improve so that he does not lose anything precious to him, he even knows that the most powerful beings lose those they love. So he won let that happen.

Returning to space, Kaito lightly looked at the cube-shaped barrier that covered this entire world. With a thought this barrier shrank little by little until it was in a relatively small position.

Doing this, Kaito also had an idea cross his mind. Using his space ability he created one within the barrier, this is similar to where Great Red lives from High School DxD. It is like a double barrier for beings that come from outside, if they are not able to leave that place they will be devoured by the space gap and their existence will disappear.

”Well Ive finished everything, I think its time to go back ”

Finishing speaking, with a thought Kaito disappeared from the vast universe and then appeared under a mansion. Seeing that it was already very late at night, Kaito knew that time passes in a different way out of this world.

”Next time Ill have to fix this time thing, who knows how long it will be if I go to another world ”

While muttering Kaito slowly fell to the ground. When he fell to the ground he could see that in front of him was a pink-haired Maid looking at the sky, he was hearing that someone was next to him, he looked away and met Kaito.

The latter was not surprised that Ram was on the site, since he arrived he already knew that Ram was here.

”What are you doing at this hour awake? Were you waiting for me? ”

Kaito spoke in a mocking tone, he just wanted to annoy Ram a little. He knew perfectly well that Ram was not going to react much to this. But what he didn expect and what left him stunned happened the next second.

Ram ignored his words and without saying anything she approached him slowly. After being close to him he looked at him for a while until suddenly he opened his eyes slightly. This was because Ram noticed the slight trace of dust on Kaitos face and on his clothes.

She immediately looked at Kaito with a questioning look, at the same time she took out a handkerchief and began to wipe Kaitos face. After receiving this care from Ram, Kaitos heart raced a little, in addition to this he also appreciated Rams beauty more closely.

Claro also knows that he has to say something or else Ram will burn him with that look she has.

”Im fine, do not worry ”

”…..Im glad ”

Although Ram only said one word, Kaito knew that it expressed this girls concern, and this was what Kaito liked about her.

”By the way Ram, do you remember the promise I made to you a year ago? ”

”Promise? ”

With a doubtful voice Ram answered Kaito. And this one who of course knew that Ram had forgotten but doesn mind reminding him.

”Its… about the resurrection of your parents ”

After hearing Kaitos words, Rams actions stopped. Looking at Ram she stopped Kaito looked at her but seeing her he knew what he wanted, those pink eyes were seeing him and their meaning was clear.

He wanted Kaito to confirm that he could see his parents again, that it was not a lie, that he could finally leave one of the burdens that he had in his heart behind.

”Yes, you will be able to see your parents as I promised, but first calm down and if you allow me… ”

After finishing his words Kaito extended his hand with the intention of healing Rams wound. However halfway he walked a hand stopped him, this was Ram who unconsciously stopped Kaito in his actions.

Ram, seeing what he did, quickly wanted to apologize, but seeing Kaitos smile, she didn and simply withdrew her hand without saying anything. Kaito for his part did not continue bothering Ram and continued with what he had to do, he knew perfectly well how anxious Ram was at this moment. So he doesn want me to wait that long.

After placing his hand on Rams forehead, great vitality passed from Kaitos hand to Rams forehead. Ram for his part also felt this. He also felt that feeling brought by his horn that was long forgotten.

However this feeling only lasted for a while and then disappeared as if it had never existed.

”Try to use your horn, Ram ”

Hearing Kaitos words, Ram quickly woke up from her trance and did as Kaito told her. In the next moment he just felt a familiar feeling come from his forehead, then he just felt like he had another part of his body on his forehead.

It was accompanied by the long-lost magical power, she no longer felt so empty as if she regained her lost strength. After feeling this, Ram looked at Kaito with an entangled look, not knowing that saying only a few simple words came out of his mouth.

”Why are you doing this? ”

Kaito did not answer Rams question and instead looked at her for a few moments. After doing so, he replied.

”You know, at first I helped you so that you would stop distrusting me, but over time that changed. We became friends but then… that feeling of friendship changed to something else, for that same reason I help you because. You are important to my Ram ”

Kaito didn say anything else, he knew that he already made his feelings clear with what he just said. And he did not say the same things to Emilia because she is different, Emilia needs someone to help her overcome her past and at the same time that she gives him confidence.

With Ram it is something else, she always carries the guilt of hiding the secret of the attack from her people. She always thinks that she wasn a good sister to Rem, all of this makes Ram overwhelmed even though she doesn actually show it.

”Well, seeing you like this, you don have to answer, I just do this because I want to. Anyway, now its better that you go back to see your parents, and remember, don carry the problems alone. Since Im here, if you need it, Ill help you solve it. ” those problems ”

Finishing speaking Kaito did not wait for Rams reaction. Turning his back to him Kaito simply snapped his fingers and two magic circles appeared in front of him.

In these magic circles the figure of two people began to materialize, when the figure of the two people finished materializing the magic circle below them disappeared. At the same time the light that covered them disappeared.

Then in front of Kaito and Ram appeared two people known to both of them. Quark and Temae were the parents of Ram and Rem. Seeing her parents Ram couldn help but cry, still crying she didn make any noise she just cried silently. And in her eyes you could see that she was finally able to rest from a burden that had been tormenting her for a long time.

Seeing Rams current state, Kaito walked towards her. Being close to her, Kaito carefully dried the tears that fell from her eyes, while he did hers, he spoke to her in a low tone.

”Don hold back anymore I know youve been holding back your feelings for a long time, so don hold back ”

After hearing Kaitos words, Ram no longer suppressed her emotions and started to cry, feeling relieved. For a long time she regretted not being able to save her parents, now she can get rid of that weight.

As Ram cried in her arms, Kaito motioned for Quark and Temae to come closer. These two were clearly already anxious to see Ram, upon receiving the signal they immediately went to where Kaito and Ram were.

When Kaito safo arrived, he hugged Ram and before she said anything someone hugged her and at the same time a familiar voice reached her ears.

”Ram… sorry you had to put up with it so long, your father and I are sorry ”

”Mother? ”

”Yes Ram, he was so sorry that you had to take care of Rem for us, I really apologize ”

”Dad? ”

Ram simply ignored her parents words and unconsciously hugged them. Those on her part could only smile wryly and had no choice but to hug Ram and comfort her.

Kaito for his part was not going to interrupt the family meeting, he simply waved goodbye to Quark and Temae. He then walked away in the direction of the mansion.

However in the middle of his walk he could hear the small voice of Ram which was thanking him. To this Kaito simply smiled but he didn stop walking.

Now he is happy, he has fulfilled his promise with Ram. And she doesn mind making these changes in the story by helping another, you know the transmigrated are sent to other worlds to give them a new chance at life, and then as a new chance at life since they can do what they want.

Kaito does the same thing, he does what he wants and helps others without caring if he changes the plot or something similar. Its his new chance at life for a reason, so Kaito will enjoy it the way he likes the most.

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