In the Waiting area. 

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Ji Muye stared at Jiang Zheng on the big screen, his eyes lingered on the other side for a while, although his hand was clapping, but his expression looked quite a bit worried. 

She is really an iron lady ah, just the day before yesterday she fell unconscious on set, and today she can still appear on time at the game site. 

He asked Jing Meini to inquire the situation privately, but the other side guarded the news like an iron wall, nothing came out.
But to see her standing here well, he thought her body should not have any serious injury.

Jing Meini hung up the phone and looked back to see the screen, but she didn't said anything.

Today Qiao Xi issued an apology statement on Weibo.
Word by word of regret, line by line of sorry, just short of kneeling down and begging for forgiveness, begging Jiang Zheng to forgive her.
Although the apology statement did not mention the fact that Jiang Zheng was injured because of her, but basically everyone knew about it, and the crime was added to her crime list, how could she have a good life?

She didn't like Jiang Zheng, but as far as the matter was concerned, Qiao Xi's superior was really anxious this time, it was Qiao Xi who didn't have the brains to poke fun at Great Villainess Jiang's temper.
The bigwigs in the industry recognized Jiang Zheng's value and will definitely not offend her for a small newcomer.
As long as Jiang Zheng is still popular, Qiao Xi will not have a day to turn around the situation.

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But, what did this have to do with Ji Muye? He was a little distracted since the day before yesterday until now.

“Why did you go to the neighboring set that day?” Jing Meini couldn't help but ask.

“To learn from my good peers,” Ji Muye shrugged, “you should praise me.”

Jing Meini: “……” like i would believe your crappy excuse.

At this moment, the host shouted: “Athlete No.
9, Ji Muye, please go to the swing competition area.”

Jing Meini looked worried, “Be careful make sure to protect yourself! Don't be rilled up by Jiang Zheng to get airtime.”

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Ji Muye gave a hum, waved to everyone with a smile, and went into the arena.

The guests wore different national costumes and greeted each other and walked towards the swing. Jiang Zheng's face was cold, and she was intimidating.
When she saw someone, she could barely pull the corners of her lips

Fortunately, everyone has a very deep understanding of Jiang Zheng's cold demeanor, so they didn't take it to heart. As long as they can be in the same frame as Jiang Zheng and get her traffic, it is already an earning.
There is no need to entangle these details, because there are too many people who are ignored by her anyway.

Jiang Zheng walked to the swing stand and looked up.
Two giant poles were firmly inserted on the ground.
Two ropes were hanging down.
The hanging swing swayed slightly in the air.
A golden bell was hanging high on the opposite side. Players in each group have six chances to touch it, and the first person to touch the bell wins.

(I think the swing looks like this)


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The people around her greeted Ji Muye enthusiastically. When Jiang Zheng heard the familiar voice behind her, her whole heart was screaming.
She wanted to turn around and take a look at him.
But fortunately, her brain still controlled her feet and made them stuck to the ground, so she was not allowed to turn her head or look.

Ji Muye glanced at Jiang Zheng's back and pretended to pass her accidentally.

Jiang Zheng immediately turned around and looked to the other side.
In short, she didn't want to show him her face.

Ji Muye: “…” Is it because he hugged her? or is this an annoyance that turned into anger or embarrassment? emmmmmm it is a bit hard to tell.

A total of ten guests participated in the swing competition, five men and five women. The referee asked everyone to match each other in the form of a man and a woman, and each would find a partner to participate together. Originally, this type of swing competition only allowed women to participate, but in order to enhance the interaction between the guests, the program group designed such a mixed male and female competition.

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So here comes the problem.

The other eight guests were either good friends in private, or they were looking for other with same level of fame.
Naturally, no one dared to approach Ji Muye or Jiang Zheng.

As a result, the others quickly paired and successfully went to the corresponding swing stand, leaving them alone on the field…
with each other.


Han Yi covered his face; sh*t, rotten luck!

Jing Meini was dumbfounded: Why did I forget this? !


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