uld cry when they really swing up later. 

There is no other way they had drawn straws fairly and to compete in whatever is drawn, even if you are afraid of heights, you have to go on.

#My family sister Zheng In order to participate in this program, she have been trained by coaches for all 12 items. Her professionalism is the first in the entertainment industry. Ji Muye, don't drag us down.

#Is there any mistake? My brother Mu hasn't diss you yet, but you already diss us?

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#This kind of variety show is not a way to muddle through by being cute and chatting.
Win is win, lose is lose

#Doesn’t understand why the Great Villainess Jiang wants to participate in this kind of show? Are you short of money?

#You guys really underestimate my sister Zheng's style.
She is participating in this show to promote the cause of national sports, she doesn't care about money at all!

#Here comes the science emperor: Swinging is a popular sport among many ethnic groups such as Han, Korean, Hani and Tujia.
The “Star Games” adopted a mixed tournament system with a bell touching method.
It takes skill and guts to swing the swing to a height of about ten meters.

At this time, the sun just avoided the playing field, Jiang Zheng held the rope tightly and raised her eyes to Ji Muye who was walking towards her.

Wow! a model, a walking hormone!

Just as there was such a barrage in her mind, suddenly the soles of her feet sank, Ji Muye stepped on the same swing platform with her, his facial features suddenly enlarged, his beautiful slender hands almost within reached, and the tip of her nose almost touched his chest.
She can smell him…
I'm dead ah, not only swinging, she could even go to the sky and the sun now.

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“Teacher Jiang.” Ji Muye's low, magnetic voice sounded.

Jiang Zheng grabbed the rope and forced herself not to look up. 'Damn Damn Damn, everytime he called me Teacher Jiang, I just want to roll over.'

Ji Muye looked at the indifferent profile of the person in front of him, and felt a little hurt.
Does she hate him so much?

Suddenly Jiang Zheng said coldly and crisply: “Don't talk! Stand firm!”

Ji Muye; “…oh.” 

The next second, the signaling gunshot sounded, and the two squatted down at the same time.


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