was about to send Han Yi a screenshot to let him deal with it, but when she clicked on its again, she found that the webpage was showing an error 404[1].

It happened that this was time when Han Yi called, and his voice was a little messy.
Jiang Zheng called him twice, and then Han Yi shouted; “Oh, it’s alright.
You can rest well.”

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Jiang Zheng: “…”

“It’s nothing, the issue has been resolved.” Han Yi’s tone was relaxed, “Ji Muye didn’t want to be tied to you, so he used some means to shut up the nonsense media.”

Jiang Zheng: “… It did not affect my brother’s career?”

“Your career is not a career anymore?” Han Yi said angrily, “Even if Ji Muye doesn’t make a move, we will make a move.”

He had been preventing Jiang Zheng from becoming a love-minded person, but he never thought she would have a star-chasing brain.
There was no one else who could think this way.

Next time, he must go around Ji Muye.

The next morning.

The family had never been so neatly and punctually sitting at the dining table in the morning as this morning.

Aunt Chen Meiting muttered that keeping her figure and nutrition were not in conflict.
She studied recipes all night and was prepared to show off her skills, and she would never disappoint Jiang Zheng’s stomach.

Jiang Zheng hugged her from behind, calling out affectionately that Auntie is the best.

Chen Jinjiao glanced at Jiang Ran, who was looking down at her phone, “What? Something went wrong with Qianqiu’s great cause?”

Jiang Ran raised her head, “Mom, if an accident with my company makes you happier, it will really disappoint me.”

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Jiang Zheng held her forehead, the two of them would tear into each other as soon as they met, which was really a headache.

“However, this video is expected to make you laugh for a while.” Jiang Ran pushed the phone to the middle of the dining table.

A fiery and passionate qin sound flowed out, then the picture was of Jiang Zheng stepping on the bamboo when she participated in the Duzhu Drift performance yesterday, appeared.
The UP master of the ghost and animal area of station B put a guqin in her arms, and the sound of the qin blared, and when she plucked the strings of the qin with her ten fingers, there emerged exaggerated arcs of light, jumping out of her hands, and the colorful special effects light rushed to Ji Muye who fell into the water… Ji Muye danced up and down in the water, very happy.

Jiang Zheng: “!!!!!!”

The comments in the barrage flew happily!

#[Six-finger Qin Demon] There are too many unreasonable people in this arena, and the big devil Jiang is one of them.

#The qin has to be played, and the people have to dance.
Now people are gathered to see how you run.

#Hahahahahaha Jiang Qinmo left Ji Muye nowhere to run.

#Eight steps pierce the heart and kill the string.

#This thunderstorm effect is worth fifty cents.

The funniest thing was that the master dubbed Jiang Zheng, such that she sang, “Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations…” while playing.
You must know that the word congratulations caused Ji Muye’s fans to be wildly dissatisfied.

Among the sound of congratulations, Ji Muye turned into a water ballet dancer, circled her happily, and added his own voice: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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This scene had as many fans as there were ghosts.

Jiang Ran completely lost the stern look that a big boss should have, and almost laughed his guts out.

Jiang Zheng snorted, “Brother, you will lose me like this.”

Chen Jinjiao didn’t understand what ghosts and animals were, she looked at it for a while, and then said in a unique way: “Ji Muye looks good.”

Jiang Zheng hugged her mother’s face and kissed it, my mother is giving me face.
Brother Mu looked good even in the ghost video.

Jiang Ran laughed, “Ugly…”

He only said one word and received a sharp warning look from his sister sitting opposite him.

When it came to his mouth, he forcibly turned it around, “The ugly words come to the front…”

Jiang Zheng: “What did you say?”

Jiang Ran: “I just hate Ji Muye anyway.”

Jiang Zheng smiled, “It’s okay.
I just like Brother Mu.”

Jiang Ran: “…” Ha.
This brother is really haunted!

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