on’t we go out and talk about business?”

Jiang Zheng winked at him.
Han Yi frowned.

How could she act like this? Like a married woman? I’m bothered! Today, my brain is pumping, and I always keep on thinking like this.

Finally, no one was around but them.

Jiang Zheng lowered his eyelids slightly, her expression very cold.
She didn’t dare to look at Ji Muye.
The ghost knew how much concentration she needed now to stand firm in front of him.

Ji Muye’s whole heart had fallen to the bottom of the valley at her rejection, but now it spiraled up and down.

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He took the time to laugh and said, “Teacher Jiang, what are your orders, please tell me straight!”

Jiang Zheng lowered her eyes and said lightly, “It’s not a big deal.
It’s just…you won the award this time.
It’s good.
Come on.
I hope more of your good works will be produced in the future.
Don’t let down the fans’ expectations of you.”

Ji Muye: “…”

Compared with the last time she said congratulations, she said a total of 39 words this time.
It was just that there was a strange feeling between the lines.

The tone was like his own mother was talking to him??

How could he know that Jiang Zheng was his career fan? The only hope of career fans was that their idols focused less on love and more on business, so that they produced more and more works, received more and more awards, and gained more and more popularity.

Jiang Zheng hummed, “That’s it.

Looking at Jiang Zheng’s back, Ji Muye’s heart couldn’t help but go up or down.

Why didn’t he find an ancient temple in the deep mountains to live for half a month?

When she got home, Jiang Zheng’s WeChat, which had been silent for half a month, finally rang.

He Xiao pulled her into a group called #Star Games#.

She was stunned for a moment, when she clicked to see all the group members, she found that it consisted of all the guests who participated in the “Star Games”.

The name of the first person was all too familiar, Ji Muye.

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His profile picture was a casual landscape painting.
It was said on the Internet that people who had landscape paintings as profile pictures wrapped themselves tightly and did not want others to probe into their inner world? That was natural.
Ji Muye was stared at by too many people, and if he showed his sincere thoughts and didn’t pay attention, he might be maliciously maligned by others, and would be criticized.

She stared at the big characters “Add to Address Book”, her fingers stretched out and retracted, but she didn’t dare to add him voluntarily.

At this time, He Xiao sent over a frantic apology on WeChat.
He accidentally chose the wrong name and pulled her into this group.
Jiang Zheng was not angry but felt a little sad.
She really was an unsocial person.
Except for work, there was only work in her life.

She let He Xiao relax.
Besides, the group leader of this group was Ji Muye, if she came in and then quit, wouldn’t it be a shame for him.

Seeing that Jiang Zheng was not angry, He Xiao turned his head in great relief and said, “Mr.
Ji, I think it was a good idea for you to propose us to form a group.” After the last recording of the show, everyone attended the dinner party, only Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were absent.
The others thought that these two bosses were too lazy to socialize with them, but who knew that Teacher Jiang Zheng was cold but kind-hearted, and Teacher Ji Muye would take the initiative to organize everyone to join a group.
In the words of Mr.
Ji, things like fate should be cherished when they come, and should not be missed carelessly.

He thought to himself, sighing and feeling gratified.

Ji Muye listened with one ear and stared at his new friends on WeChat, but no red dot appeared after staring for a long time.

Jing Meini watched He Xiao, who had eaten, drunk and chatted, and she couldn’t help but turn around and tease him: “Your hard work to save her number… It’s too tortuous.”

Ji Muye twitched the corners of his lips, “I’m willing.”

Jing Meini was speechless.
Jiang Zheng declined him politely, so he invited He Xiao to dinner, and made Jiang Zheng appear in his circle of friends in the disguise of that bunch of people.
It seemed that meditation was useless.
Was he ready to break the jar and do whatever he wanted?!

“You made a mistake before.” Ji Muye lowered his eyes.


Ji Muye laughed lightly, “the two of them have nothing.”

Jing Meini had a black line on her face.
Nonsense! He Xiao said everything he needed to say tonight, and it showed his admiration for Jiang Zheng between the lines, and there was no so-called ambiguity at all.
Ji Muye was so cunning, he talked this little kid around! Ah.

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